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Strike - new show soon hopefully!!

hey there... Can't wait for the next epidisode to come online!! The strike... I though everyone knew about the strike?? It's all over the news.. I'm in Iceland and I know!


I'm in the UK and wasn't aware of a strike. Like many i have been looking out for the next episode on a daily basis and everyday am gutted to see it has not yet arrived. Does anyone know what the strike was about? I'm wondering if its a marketing ploy to generate interest as there have been complaints made against the script writers for this season - totally unjust if you ask me but each to their own. GA is one the best programs i have seen in a long while, with a tight group of characters that any true addict of this show can happily refer to as friends - we know them all so well, yet can not always predict a reaction - definitely like friendships in reality - nothing is predictable.

Iz and George Prediction fiction but entertaining

Seriously. Sex is the highlight of any relatioship. To bad that Iz and George have been having bad Highlights ever since they started dating on a clean slate. I dont think they are ever going to realize that the reason they had only one good highlight in there relationship was because of the booze they had on themselves and the exitement and thrill of the fact that George was married and what they were doing was totally unappropiate thus the more exiting. But thats over and done with. They have to move on. I mean.. Seriously. Being friends is way more awesomer right. Yup. Seriously until they step in to Mer and Der's footsteps. Then they realize that break-up Highlight is the best highlighter there is.

Mer and Der Prediction its fiction but for entertaining

Seriousley. Lets face it for Grey's Anatomy to remain strong and interesting meredith never tells Derek how she feels and Derek will start dating Sarah the nurse. I mean... seriousley. Meredith is gonna be dying of sadness watching the two dating and will only be thinking about Derek, and Derek will be dating Sarah and still look back at Meredith. Meredith eventually will start dating cause Cristina is gonna be on her case about how McDreamy is a McLoser and Meredith should McForget him. And as soon as Meredith starts dating Derek ofcourse becomes extremely jelouse. By then were going to be knowing Sarah the nurse better and as much as we wanna hate her for ruining the whole 'Meredith and Derek Forever and Ever' picture we all know and love, were going to be liking her a bit in the sense that McDreamy is a McBastard that thinks he can go around breaking hearts.(Cristina's words) Meredith and Derek will eventually end up were they began. But by then maybe Meredith will be able to commit to a seriouse relationship and marraige. And the ofcourse something terrible happens and Derek realizes hes in Love with both Meredith and Sarah. Meredith realizes this and starts panicking about how she took to long. Cristina will Tell her for the 100th time the McDreamy is a Mcbastard and not McWorth it. And her life is the one that sucks without Burke and that Meredith should stop wining and fight for Derek if thats whats she wants to do. Meredith then realizes that she is tired of fighting. She gonna let Derek do the choosing this time and is gonna focus more on Lexie and her dad...

No new episode until next year

there won't be any new episode until writer's strike ends, which might be a long time away.


that sucks!! i wonder why they missed a week? ok so on the 6th will some smart cookie upload it on here cos i cant watch it on abc cos i live in the uk? xx

Episode 10

We HAVE TO WAIT until December 6. It is the day whan will be episode 10 published on :-(


i know...thats definitly what im saying...i mean like..i need to know how it goes on lol...please help anyone ?

talk about a cliff hanger!!

i neeed to see what happens in the second part! where is episode 10? i keep checking and its not there yet! :( is there anywhere else i can see it? soooo Desperate!! x


My words...where is episode 10 ?? Can't wait neither...Can someone please put it on here lol ! I need it ^_^ i've been waiting since yesterday...