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grown-ish Season 1 Finale Recap: Did Zoey Choose the Right Guy?

Wednesdays Season 1 finale of Freeformsgrown-ish left viewers satisfied but only ifthey agreed with Zoeys big decision. The penultimate episode of the pilot season left Zoey in a predicament: Did she want to be with Aaron, Luca or Cash? All professed their love to her in the same night, much to her surprise (and []

Grown-ish Series Premiere: Grade It!

Heres a discovery Zoey Johnson probablywontbe sharing with Dre and Rainbow the next time they call their baby girl: Oh my God, Im a drug addictandthe help! And that was just one of several revelations Yara Shahidis character stumbled upon during the series premiere of Freeformsgrown-ish, the highly anticipated spinoff of ABCsblack-ish, which chronicled Zoeys []

Grown-ish Still Has Some Growing to Do

The Black-ish spinoff has potential, but like most college students, its trying to find itself.   ...Read More...

Grown-ish Review: Black-ish Spinoff Straight-Up Good, No -Ish Required

The new year is kicking off with a flurry of new shows and seasons, but few will be as good in the early part of 2018 as Freeform s January 3-debuting Grown-ish . A spinoff of ABC's Emmy-winning and Golden Globe-nominated Black-ish , the 13-episode college-set series led by Yara Shahidi is both funny and discerning. Executive produced by Kenya Barris and Larry Wilmore, among others, and given lift-off by the original show last year, Grown-ish sees Shahidi's Zoey Johnson   ...Read More...

Black-ish daughter takes clever turn in Freeform spinoff

Zoey Jackson, the eldest daughter on ABCs Black-ish, has enrolled in college and gotten her own series. Its called Grown-ish and her major is dating. While enrolled in a nighttime class at Cal U., called Digital Marketing Services, Zoey (Yara Shahidi) meets Aaron (Trevor Jackson, American Crime) a handsome upperclassman who can text...   ...Read More...