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Recap Guiding Light: Friday, January 16, 2009

Buzz and Coop dropped in at the police station for a visit and overheard Frank practicing asking Natalia out on a date. After some good-humored teasing, Coop suggested that they "fix Frank" and make sure that he was the man Natalia was dreaming about. Later, the guys discussed Frank's love life, or lack thereof. Frank turned the conversation on Coop by discussing his failed relationship with Ashlee. Frank pointed out that Coop could have women hanging all over him. Coop replied that he did not want a million women; he wanted one woman to love like Frank loved Eleni. Understanding, Frank said that for the Coopers, it was love or nothing. Coop insisted that he was happy with where his life was at that moment. Buzz mumbled something about Coop having a death wish but covered when Frank asked what he said. Later, talk turned to food, and Buzz bemoaned the fact that Alan owned Buzz's business. Frank assured Buzz that he would get Company back-Alan was just a temporary solution. Buzz praised both of his sons. When Coop left, Frank mentioned that Coop seemed a little nervous when Frank was discussing his love life. Again, Buzz dismissed the question. Alan called Cyrus and demanded to know where Lizzie was. Alan said that Lizzie never showed up at the airport in New York and told Cyrus to find her fast since he did not have a good feeling. Daisy met with Bill at his request. Bill stated that he needed a favor and told Daisy that if she backed out, he would not hold it against her. Bill gave Lizzie's cell phone to Daisy and asked her to pretend to be Lizzie and call Alan to tell him that she would be late. Daisy saw a white van that looked just like the kidnapper's van and figured out that Bill had Lizzie. Bill confirmed it by saying that it was not a kidnapping; it was an intervention. To Read More Click Here .

Recap Guiding Light: Thursday, January 15, 2009

Alan was unpleasantly surprised to see Bill Lewis working behind a desk at Spaulding-Lewis. Bill refused the buyout because he felt that he needed to protect Lizzie from Alan. Alan planned to take Lizzie to New York to meet with investors. He dissuaded Bill from following them as he'd done before, because Bill had become irrelevant to Lizzie. Bill told Alan to go to hell, and Alan replied, "I'm going to New York City first." Alan said that Bill would become a distant memory, and he knew that Bill understood how easy memories were to forget. Bill felt that if Alan had to manipulate Lizzie with a trip, then Bill still had a chance with her. Lizzie broke a flowerpot as she ran away, mortified to see her mother kissing Coop. Beth heard the crash, and she urged Coop to leave before anyone saw them. As Beth examined the shattered plant, Lizzie appeared. Refusing to tolerate Beth's excuses, Lizzie was appalled that Beth was sleeping with a guy young enough to be her son. To worsen matters, Coop had been Lizzie's first love and former fiancé. Beth reminded Lizzie that Bill was Beth's ex-husband before he was Lizzie's lover. She hoped that Lizzie would understand her need for happiness. Lizzie sardonically suggested that they share Beth's newfound happiness with Alan, but she deduced from Beth's terrified expression that Beth feared Alan's wrath far more than she feared causing Alan pain. As Lizzie marched into the house, Beth begged her not to tell Alan. In the parlor, Beth couldn't believe that Lizzie chose Alan over her. Lizzie claimed that Alan had always wanted the best for Lizzie while Beth had been out for herself. She claimed Beth's boredom had led Beth to take advantage of Alan's money to go to law school. Lizzie asserted that Beth's affair wasn't some romance story; Beth was just a Cougar preying on her tutor. Blindsided by Lizzie's effrontery, Beth said that she was fighting for a better life for her children. She wanted to become a meaningful contributor to the family instead of Alan's puppet. Beth didn't expect Lizzie to support her, but she dared Lizzie to betray her. To Read More Click Here .

Recap Guiding Light: Wednesday, January 14, 2009

In the mansion parlor, Alan gave Lillian an expensive gift to thank her for reminding him to put Beth first. Lillian thought he must have been in a generous mood after helping Buzz. While Alan claimed to be happy to help Buzz, he said he had really done it for Beth. Beth sensed Buzz's dread as she passed him on her way to visit Coop at the boardinghouse. In Coop's room, she beamed with joy that Gerald Brooks had actually recommended her to her school's dean after she had stood up to him. She felt she owed it all to Coop, and she aimed to properly thank him. As they undressed each other, Beth mentioned that Alan had backed off on the wedding. Coop wanted Beth to move out of the mansion, but Beth assured him that they had everything they needed right there in that room. Coop disagreed, saying that it might have been enough for Beth, but not for him. Coop felt that Beth wanted the privileges of being a Spaulding and the invigoration of their affair. He said she soothed her guilty conscience by helping Buzz. Beth denied feeling guilty. She actually thought she was helping Buzz. Beth worried about Alan's reaction to the affair, but Coop insisted that he needed Alan to find out. What Coop said he didn't need was a gratuitous roll in the hay in exchange for a pep talk. Downstairs at Company, Marina wondered what was distracting Buzz. She threatened to go upstairs and get it out of Coop if Buzz didn't tell her. Buzz stopped her, saying that Coop had someone upstairs. He whispered, "Beth Raines." Just then, Alan arrived, looking for Beth. Marina and Buzz behaved nervously, but Beth entered before their consciences kicked in. Upon leaving with Beth, Alan said he wanted to talk to Buzz later about changing the menu. To Read More Click Here .

Recap Guiding Light: Tuesday, January 13, 2009

As Olivia prepared Emma for school on presentation day, Natalia noted that Olivia seemed more nervous about the project than Emma. Olivia wanted to review Emma's work, but as Emma left for school, Emma said she wanted it to be a surprise. Shortly after Emma arrived at school, class presentations began. The laptop flashed Emma's drawing of her two mommies and her, and everyone's eyebrows rose. Once Emma had given her presentation, the teacher reminded the students to be nice because Emma's family was different. She opened the floor for questions, and one child said that Emma's family looked fun. The teacher asked if there were more questions, and every student put a hand in the air. Back at the farmhouse, Olivia instructed Natalia to shelve the dishes within Emma's reach. Natalia told Olivia to sit on the sofa and criticize as Olivia normally did. Olivia touted that Rick had said she was getting stronger, and she lifted their laundry bag to prove it. Natalia wondered if Olivia would start doing laundry. Olivia declined, stating that she could, though, if she wanted. Olivia went to Company, where Frank warned her that he couldn't play another poker game with her after she had wiped him out. When Olivia offered to give their winnings to charity, Frank decided that Natalia was having a positive effect on both Emma and Olivia. Olivia pretended that she was miserable at the farm, but she hated the thought of separating Emma and Natalia. Frank wondered if Olivia's condition had deteriorated, but Olivia said, "It's worse than that, Frank. I'm getting better." She explained to a confused Frank that her health improvements left her little reason to stay on at the farmhouse. Frank thought she ought to stay because she liked it. Olivia had a hard time admitting that she did like living there; however, she eventually opened up. She felt that Emma and she had found a place where they belonged, but it wasn't permanent. Olivia asked Frank to take care of Natalia once Olivia and Emma moved out. Frank said he could do it. Olivia said that Natalia needed challenges in her life. Olivia felt that Natalia had trapped herself in the mold of waitress and mother, but once Olivia had pushed Natalia to assert herself, Natalia became confident and capable. She implored Frank not to merely see Natalia for who she was, but for who she could be. To Read More Click Here .

Recap Guiding Light: Monday, January 12, 2009

Rick paid Olivia a visit to say that she was making significant improvements with her pacemaker. He felt that she could move out of the farmhouse soon. Olivia wondered why she would do that. Rick reminded her that she was only staying there so that Natalia could help her recover. When he said that she and Natalia could soon go their separate ways, Olivia reticently nodded. After Rick gave her a brief checkup in the living room, Olivia explained how much Emma loved the farmhouse, but Rick said he didn't see Olivia as the rustic type. Olivia said she hadn't grown up rich, and she reasoned that everyone deserved to experience a real home at least once in their life. Upon leaving, Rick commented that satin sheets were more Olivia's style. He had a feeling that she shouldn't even unpack her bags. Once he was gone, Olivia glanced thoughtfully around her kitchen and touched one of the plates decorating the wall. Christina sought out Remy to retrieve her financial aid application. She said she had a married friend who could use it. Remy stammered as he lied that he'd put the papers in the recycling bin. She wanted to fetch them from it, but he claimed that the trash had already been picked up. He changed the subject, saying that he intended to mail their divorce papers that afternoon. Christina wondered how soon they would be divorced, but Remy wanted to discuss it later because, at that moment, he needed her to help him help a friend. To Read More Click Here .

Recap Guiding Light: Friday, January 9, 2009

Reva ran into Marina, who was waiting for Mallet, at Cedars. After Reva belatedly congratulated Marina on her marriage, talk turned to Reva's condition. Marina stated her belief that Reva was brave going through with her pregnancy while battling cancer. Reva discounted that it was bravery and said that the baby could be helping her battle leukemia. Reva asked if Marina and Mallet were thinking about having children and Marina responded that it was not possible. Reva told Marina not to give up on miracles. The doctor informed Mallet that the mole on his back could be myeloma. Shocked that he could have cancer, Mallet asked a ton of questions and kept repeating that he had a wife and he could not have cancer. Reva overheard Mallet's assertion that it could not be cancer. When the doctor left, Mallet realized that Reva overheard and told her about the mole. When Mallet asked her not to mention it to anyone, Reva realized that he meant Marina, as well, and urged him to tell her. Mallet told Reva that it was pointless to make Marina worry, since he was not even sure that it was cancer. Reva warned him not to rationalize it, because the longer he waited to tell her, the worse it would get. Reva told him that keeping that secret could destroy his marriage. Mallet argued that it was his job to keep Marina happy and Reva replied that his job was to respect Marina and give her credit to stand by him. Just as Reva again urged Mallet to tell Marina, Marina came by and Mallet told her that he needed to tell her something. Mallet told Marina about the possibility of his having myeloma. Marina began asking questions and Mallet told her not to get upset and to take everything one step at a time. Marina began crying and talked about how she wanted to grow old with him. After Mallet calmed her down, Marina thanked him for telling her and commented that he was always the one who kept everything together. Soon, the doctor arrived and informed them that the mole was benign. To Read More Click Here .

Recap Guiding Light: Thursday, January 8, 2009

Olivia showed Emma vacation brochures for Emma's spring break. Natalia entered the kitchen, anxious to share some vacation brochures, saying she had noticed that spring break was approaching. Emma and Olivia looked at each other and laughed at the coincidence. Natalia volunteered to take Emma shopping for art supplies, but she had a nagging feeling that she was forgetting something important. Olivia offered to watch the food in the crock-pot. Olivia assured Emma that she would soon figure out what made her family unique. While running errands with Emma, Natalia realized that she'd forgotten Rafe's prescription. Natalia tried to call Olivia to say that she and Emma were headed to the prison, but Natalia's cell phone was dead. Emma asked if Natalia liked helping Olivia. Natalia said they helped each other like partners. Meanwhile, as Olivia conducted a conference call, she found Rafe's prescription. When she couldn't reach Natalia on her cell phone's other line, she abruptly ended her conference call, saying that something important had come up. Natalia and Emma took Rafe his prescription, and Emma mentioned her spring break. Natalia explained to Rafe how she and Olivia had coincidentally brought up spring break at the same time. Emma said it was weird, but Natalia doubted the women would be in sync like that again. Just then, Olivia showed up with another prescription for Rafe, and everyone laughed that it had happened again. At the farmhouse later, Emma decided that Olivia and Natalia made her family unique. She wanted to base her project on them. Olivia thought that certainly beat writing about Alan. On their laptop, Emma titled her project, "My Two Mommies." While Emma worked, Olivia said that Emma's project had brought to the forefront Olivia's dilemma about Phillip. She knew that sooner or later, she would have to tell Emma about her father. Natalia said Olivia didn't have to worry about it just then. To Read More Click Here .

Recap Guiding Light: Wednesday, January 7, 2009

After Josh and Jeffrey dismantled the outdoor Christmas decorations at Cross Creek, Jeffrey handed Josh the medal he'd found at the lake. Josh studied it, theorizing that Shayne had trashed it because Shayne hated being a hero. Jeffrey figured it was tough for Shayne, given that his injury had precluded the completion of his overseas mission. Jeffrey told Josh that he'd gotten Shayne a volunteer position on Fifth Street, and Josh thought it could be good for Shayne. They agreed that Josh would keep an eye on Shayne to take the burden off Reva. Reva took a video camera to the lake to tape a message for her unborn son to have in the event of her death. She said he was a miracle child, but she was unsure that she believed in miracles. She relayed how much they loved him, but she asked him to cut Jeffrey some slack because Jeffrey would be raising a child alone for the first time. Reva got emotional and said that she would check back later. Jeffrey met her to take her to their parenting class at Cedars. As the class concluded, they overheard an expectant mother griping that her new child would be a burden. Reva geared up to lecture the woman, but Jeffrey spoke first, telling the mother how precious children were. He believed that they were a lot of work, but well worth any burden. When they arrived home, an excited Jeffrey said he couldn't wait to learn everything Reva knew about child rearing. As he made Reva an appointment with Colin, Reva grabbed the video recorder to tell their unborn son that his daddy would do just fine. At the McAvoy Center, Byron held a knife to Dinah's neck, but Shayne claimed that Dinah wasn't special to him. Dinah begged Shayne to help her, but Shayne told her that she was screwed. Shayne thought that Byron was going out with a big bang by offing the owner of a television station. Shayne found it ironic that the news media would broadcast that his name was Byron Skiddle, since Byron hated his name. Shayne gave Byron permission to hurt Dinah, but he warned that Byron had to go through him first. Shayne said he was a man with nothing to lose after the hellish things he'd witnessed in the war zone. A frazzled Byron said, "You never saw me, you got that! You never saw me!" Byron then took off running. To Read More Click Here .

Recap Guiding Light: Tuesday, January 6, 2009

In Shayne's new room at the hotel where Remy lived, Shayne fiercely did arm curls until his back surged in pain. Dinah let herself in and commented that his lock was broken. She noted that Shayne hadn't called her back the previous night when she'd needed someone to talk to about Bill. Shayne seemed detached, and Dinah wondered what she had done to get the cold treatment from him. Shayne explained that he wasn't another project for her to fix. Dinah had enjoyed confiding in Shayne because she had felt they understood each other. Upon leaving, she concluded that it must have been one-sided. While jogging by the lake, Jeffrey discovered Shayne's washed up medal. He made his way to Company, where Billy and Reva were eating at the counter. Jeffrey wondered if Reva intended to see Shayne soon. Reva worried about crowding Shayne, but she seemed hopeful that her son had "turned a corner." Roc Hoover arrived, and, after exchanging pleasantries with Reva and Billy, Roc asked Jeffrey if they still needed to talk. A curious Reva wondered what the meeting was about, but Jeffrey kissed her goodbye without explanation. After he left with Roc, Reva suspected that Jeffrey was up to something. Alone with Roc, Jeffrey said he needed a second opinion about something before it blew up in his face. Sometime later, Jeffrey took Shayne to the McAvoy Center, a place for troubled youth. He said he could get Shayne a volunteer job there, since he knew that Shayne liked to make a difference. Shayne wondered why he was offering it, and Jeffrey said that, with all Reva had to worry about, he didn't want her worrying about Shayne, too. If the volunteer job was unsuitable for Shayne, Jeffrey intended to keep trying things until something clicked. He thought that Shayne might be able to find himself there, but he warned Shayne that some of the teens were violent and troubled. "I'm in," Shayne readily decided. To Read More Click Here .

Recap Guiding Light: Monday, January 5, 2009

While alone with Lizzie before the press conference at Spaulding-Lewis, Bill explained that he'd awakened from his coma with no memory of the events surrounding the kidnapping. Lizzie claimed he had just been in shock from the accident, and she wondered why he hadn't told her sooner. He expressed how frightening it had been for him to awaken to Lizzie hailing him as a hero and Frank arresting him for kidnapping, but he didn't recollect a rescue or a kidnapping. A confused Bill said he had only the contradicting words of others to rely upon. While Bill prayed that he hadn't kidnapped her, he couldn't hold the press conference without corroborating his own guilt or innocence for himself and for Lizzie. Bill told a visibly shaken Lizzie that he had lied about the memory lapse because he had needed her to believe in him, and he felt that she had needed to believe in him as well. Lizzie attempted to jog his memory, but he couldn't recall anything after the Decker presentation, not even the declaration of love he'd made to Lizzie after he had rescued her. Dismayed, Lizzie said that she had needed someone on her side against all the doubters. She sobbed, realizing that he was telling her that the doubters could have been right about him. She hadn't ever thought that she could have been wrong about him. Bill reached for her, but she shirked him away, insisting that they had to hold the press conference. Bill didn't want her to defend him again, but Lizzie said the press would run a story more damaging to his credibility if they didn't proceed. Bill said he only cared about what Lizzie thought of him. Lizzie dubiously stared at him and then left for the press conference. To Read More Click Here .