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Guiding Light takes a lot of flack, but they've got to be doing something right to last as long as it has. The longest running show in broadcast history, Guiding Light has seen and done it all, and for the most part, before anyone else has ever thought of it. As a fan for over 20 years, I've been privy to many wonderful stories that the writers of GL have told and seen some of the greatest actors in daytime bring characters I love to life. From the unstoppable Beverlee McKinsey to the up & coming Marcy Rylan, GL has always had the finest cast. In early 2008, Guiding Light once again took on the daunting task of trying to change the face of soap operas. While its new production model has caused frenzied talk with its fans, no one can deny that daytime will never be the same. To read the rest of this review, visit