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See the Cast of Hannah Montana Then & Now (PHOTOS)

This is seriously the best of both worlds. Scroll down to see how much the cast of Hannah Montana has changed throughout the years.  ..Read More... //

Disney Channel Schedules Full Hannah Montana Marathon

If a full binge-watch of  Hannah Montana  is the gift you really want this holiday season, get ready to open one of your presents early — the full  Miley Cyrus  series will re-air on Disney Channel starting December 3! The channel  announced the joyous news  on Twitter yesterday, November 17. Apparently the entire series will air between December 3 and December 29, though the exact schedule hasn’t been announced.   ...Read More... //

Hannah Montana Is Returning to Disney Channel: Our 5 Favorite Show Moments

Nobody's perfect, but this news sure is! Disney Channel just made the exciting announcement that Hannah Montana will return for a month-long marathon in December, and let's be... ...Read More... //

Miley Cyrus Calls Out Disney, Says She Was Underpaid on 'Hannah Montana'

The 'Voice' judge talks about her unpleasant experience with Disney, 'I was probably the least paid person on my cast.' ...Read More... //

'Lizzie Maguire,' 'Hannah Montana,' 'That's So Raven' returning to TV

Freeform will air classic Disney Channel original series throughout May...  Read More... //

Lizzie McGuire, Hannah Montana, That's So Raven Returning to TV -

If looking forward to a Disney Channel Original Movie mega-marathon at the end of the month wasn’t enough for you, sister channel Freeform is starting the millennial nostalgia early by airing episodes of old Disney Channel original series every night throughout the month of May. Here’s the sitch: from midnight to 2 a.m. ET every Monday-Thursday in May, Freeform will air a block of four beloved Disney Channel series from the 2000s. Lizzie McGuire will kick off the two-hour block, followed by That’s So Raven , then Hannah Montana , and finally Kim Possible . Coincidentally, all four of those did pretty well on EW’s ranking of the best Disney Channel original series. Read the full article at .

'Hannah Montana' stars celebrate show's 10th anniversary

Emily Osment and MitchelMusso aregetting in on the Hannah Montana love for the shows 10-year anniversary. The actors, who played Miley Stewart/Hannah Montannas best friends Lily and Oliver, Instagrammed old photos of themselves with each other and Miley Cyrus from the time of the show...   Read More... //

Satan, Atheists Still Awaiting Apology From Billy Ray Cyrus

Billy Ray Cyrus says he's focused on "mending my family" after a magazine article last week in which he said the success of "Hannah Montana" tore his family apart and blamed Hollywood, Satan and atheists. Related Articles:  Billy Ray Cyrus Says Family Was Attacked by Satan -- and He Blames 'Hannah Montana' Jeremy Piven & Mike O'Malley Join Miley Cyrus in 'So Undercover' //

Reel TV News: Billy Ray Blames Miley's Troublesome Behavior on Others - 2/15/11

In today's Reel TV News, Kira dishes on the latest Miley Cyrus drama. Dad Billy Ray says he regrets her stressful days of child stardom, as it may have contributed to her troublesome behavior today. Are bad influences to blame, or is she just a problem child? Also, The Rock announces his return to WrestleMania after his acting hiatus, and Tim Gunn speaks candidly about the upcoming season, and who absolutely won't  be appearing as a guest judge! Catch the full news by watching the video below! Reel TV News: 2/15/11

This Week in TV: Scheduling and TV Stars who are Too Old to Play Teens – 01/24/11

It's Monday, which means an all-new edition of This Week in TV! This time around, Kendra and Rachel give us a rundown of the especially-exciting TV schedule lineup this week, including all the CW midseason returns! Also, in honor of all the CW's teen dramas that star actors who aren't actually teens at all, Kendra and Rachel are calling out all the TV stars from our favorite shows that are way too old to play teenagers. Cory Monteith, we're lookin' at you! For the full list of picks (and the TV lineup you don't want to miss this week), click over to the video via the link below! This Week in TV: 1/24/11