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After the launch of Showtime 's Nurse Jackie this week, it seems as if nurses are taking the limelight away from doctors for a change. Joining the throng is Jada Pinkett Smith, the star of TNT 's Hawthorne premiering tonight at 9pm. The medical drama featuring the wife of actor Will Smith revolves around Christina Hawthorne, the Chief Nursing Officer at Richmond Trinity Hospital, whom Pinkett Smith describes as "intense and all over the place" with a case of "God complex." Joining her are Michael Vartan who plays Chief of Surgery Dr. Tom Wakefield; Suleka Matthew, David Julian Hirsh, and Christina Moore as fellow nurses Bobbie Jackson, Ray Stein, and Candy Sullivan, respectively; Hannah Hodson as Christina's biracial daughter Camille, and Joanna Cassidy Christina's mother-in-law and hospital board member Amanda. On the pilot episode, Christina must try and stop David, who is dying of cancer from ending his life, all the while trying to find the time and energy to deal with her husband's death. "She's more than a fighter," says the promo. "She's more than a mother. More than a friend. She's every patient's hero." "I think when you base a show on complex characters, there's always room for great drama," adds Pinkett Smith, 37. "Nurses are the heartbeat of the hospital. Christina Hawthorne is a woman with very strong convictions. She's a woman who's very passionate about her beliefs and right or wrong has the courage to do what she believes in." "HawthoRNe is different from a typical medical drama because it's told from a nurse's perspective," Vartan chips in. "One of the amazing things about Jada is the combination of strength and vulnerability she brings to the part." Catch the premiere HawthoRNe tonight 9pm tonight. Source Here

Scooplets: 'Chuck' star's new gig! Plus: 'Melrose' goes gay! (and more)

Hawthorne: Chuck 's older sis, Sarah Lancaster, is set to moonlight on TNT's new nurse drama, HawthoRNe , as the girlfriend of a patient (My Boys') who's horribly injured in a motorcycle accident. Described as a woman who's never had to face adversity, she finds herself struggling with her newfound fate. So in the name of love (or craziness, you choose) her BF opts to undergo a high-risk surgery that could potentially kill him. Drama! Psych : James Brolin (a.k.a. Mr. Barbra Streisand) has signed on to appear in a season 4 episode entitled, "High Noon-ish." He'll play Hank, a sheriff in Old Sanora, a city which has recently found itself the victim of vandalism. Lassiter (Timothy Omundson) spent a lot of time there growing up and sees Hank as something of a father figure. Psych's fourth season kicks off Aug. 7. Crash : Eric Roberts is joining the STARZ drama as a series regular. He's set to play Seth, a billionaire entrepreneur who plans to give L.A. the one thing keeping it from becoming a real city: a professional football team. Crash's second season premieres Sept. 18. Melrose Place : The CW's upcoming reboot is currently casting the role of Caleb, an extremely masculine gay publicist who works with Katie Cassidy's Ella. Sources confirm that producers are checking availability. Kings : NBC will burn off the seven remaining episodes of its under-appreciated (and now canceled) drama beginning this Saturday and continuing through to its series finale on July 25. All of the show's major storylines will be wrapped up by the end. Source

Clip From Jada Pinkett Smith-Starring Drama 'Hawthorne'

New and coming to TNT this month is Jada Pinkett Smith-starring and -produced drama, " HawthoRNe ". A sneak peek is released to give a clue on how committed nurse Christina Hawthorne is to her work and how hard it is to be entangled in the personal lives of her patients. Hawthorne is a compassionate and headstrong Chief Nursing Officer heading up a group of dedicated nurses at Richmond Trinity Hospital who spend long days and nights on the hospital's front lines. Whether showing humanity to a homeless woman, trying to talk a suicidal cancer patient off a ledge or exposing a doctor's near-fatal error, Hawthorne will do everything in her power to help her patients. But the long days at the hospital and Hawthorne's intense focus on helping others take a toll on her personal life. She is recently widowed - her husband died after a battle with cancer, leaving her to raise a smart, rebellious teen-age daughter on her own. Hawthorne is still coming to terms with losing her husband, finding a way to balance her career with her equally important role as a single parent, and finding the time to take care of someone who always seems to fall through the cracks - herself. Joining Jada Pinkett Smith in the series is Michael Vartan as Dr. Tom Wakefield, the oncologist who treated Hawthorne's husband and serves as Chief of Surgery for the hospital. Other cast include Suleka Mathew, David Julian Hirsh, Christina Moore and Hannah Hodson. "I thought it was interesting to tell the stories from the nurses' point of view because it's the nurses that spend most of the time with the patients," Jada said. "The doctors come in and they're there for about 15 minutes, but really it's the nurses that work the long shifts that are there for the patients for pretty much their stay at the hospital." Source & Clip Here

TNT Rolls Out New Dramas This Summer - Featured

TNT is heating up this summer, rolling out two brand-new dramas alongside new seasons of your favorites. Jada Pinkett Smith's nursing drama, HawthoRNe will debut Tuesday, June 16 at 9 pm/ET, according to Variety. The show, which also stars Michael Vartan, follows Smith as tough but caring nurse manager at a North Carolina hospital. HawthoRNe will be followed by the returning Saving Grace, which will air its third season on Tuesdays at 10 pm all summer. On Monday, June 8, Kyra Sedgwick's The Closer returns at 9 pm. It will be followed by Raising the Bar, which returns for its sophomore run with more courtroom drama - and a close-cropped Mark-Paul Gosselaar. The con-men drama Leverage returns for its second season on July 15 at 9 pm. Leverage will be paired with the Jerry Bruckheimer-produced newcomer Dark Blue , which airs at 10 pm. Blue stars Dylan McDermott and focuses on a group of undercover LAPD cops. Which new (or returning) show are you most excited to watch this summer? Source Here