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34 episodes

  • 26 episodes
    26 episodes
    • s2010e715Why Do We Yawn?
    • s2010e709How Air Pressure Affects Your Thinking
    • s2010e708Home First Aid Kit Basics
    • s2010e706The Right Way to Stretch Your Muscles
    • s2010e630What Causes Baldness And Hair Loss?
    • s2010e629How Weather Affects Your Mood
    • s2010e628A Technology That Helps Patients Overcome Fears
    • s2010e621How to Find a Personal Trainer
    • s2010e6173 Home First Aid Gadgets That Work
    • s2010e616The Best Way to Get the Calcium Your Bones Need
    • s2010e615How to Relax Your Body to Reduce Your Stress Levels
    • s2010e6143 Gadgets That Can Help You Get Sleep
    • s2010e612How Heart Disease And Depression Are Related
    • s2010e611How to Avoid Lightning Strikes
    • s2010e610Why Some People Are Adrenaline Junkies
    • s2010e517Hard Contact Lens Care and Wearing Tips
    • s2010e422Prenatal Yoga: Cat Cow Pose
    • s2010e317How to Put in and Remove Contact Lenses
    • s2010e308See How a Doctor Examines Moles
    • s2010e219Focaccia-Style Flax Bread
    • s2010e205What to Expect at a Contact Lens Exam
    • s2010e204What Happens at an Eye Exam
    • s2010e125Pilates Chest Lift Ball Exercise
    • s2010e114How to do a Pilates Ball Extension Exercise
    • s2010e113Pilates Footwork on the Reformer
    • s2010e107Pilates Bridge Ball Exercise
  • 8 episodes
    8 episodes