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Helix Season 2 Episode 13 Review: O Brave New World

That wraps up another unique and unpredictable season of Helix! While there were a couple of twists I saw coming on Helix Season 2 Episode 13 , the set up for a potential Season 3 was definitely not one of them. After everything she went through, Sarah's baby didn't make it. That bummed me out big time. Hey, at least Kyle survived and I pegged him as a goner very early on. Overall, I think Helix Season 2 was well thought out and came together much more efficiently than last season. Would I tune in again for another go? Hellz yeah! #RenewHelix   Read More... //

Meet the New Boss on This Weeks Helix

There's a new leader on the island and Julia's reaction on meeting him says it all. Also Peter and Anne step up their relationship, Julia continues to be clever and Sarah finds a target for her anger. Spoilers ahead.   Read More... //

Yup, The Helix Season Finale Just Raises More Questions

The second season of Helix wrapped up this week. We got some answers but like the end of last season someone has an unexpected new job and a new set of questions arise. Spoilers ahead.   Read More... //

Helix's Season 2 Finale: Well, Did Any of It Make Sense?

Helix went out as it came in: making very little sense and not giving a damn.   Read More... //

Helix Season 2 Episode 12 Review: The Ascendant

For some reason, Helix Season 2 seems much more final than last year. I have a feeling Helix Season 2 Episode 12 just set the groundwork for a series finale. The show has not been renewed by Syfy, and it's possible the writers are tying up loose ends. Are these the last episodes of Helix ever ? That's a bummer, because this series is not only entertaining, but it is incredibly unpredictable and unique.   Read More... //

Helix Season 2 Episode 11 Review: Plan B

I remember thinking, as the finale approached last season, that the show had become a bit too wonky. Well, Helix Season 2 Episode 11 started us down that same exact path (see what I did there?). Not that this was a terrible episode. It's just that we've hit the point of rushing to the finish line. Regardless if things make sense or are too far out there. Hey, it's Helix so I'm pretty sure the fans are diggin' it no matter how far-fetched.   Read More... //

Helix Season 2 Episode 10 Review: Mother

Holy insane birthing dungeon! It's safe to say Helix Season 2 Episode 10 just topped any of the madness the writers have given us in the past. "Mother" could not be a more perfect title for this week's episode. From Anne's twisted experiment, to Sarah's fight for her baby, and finally the root from the Bleeding Tree. It's all coming full Helix!   Read More... //

Helix Season 2 Episode 9 Review: Ectogenesis

I'll be honest, I'm not a fan of the Mycotic storyline, but I am rooting for Kyle. Will he survive? Helix Season 2 Episode 9 explained ectogenesis, possibly gave us another immortal and introduced the Bleeding Tree. It was cool to see Jules and Sergio arrive at the island. I'm curious to see what her reunion with Alan will be like.   Read More... //

A moment weve been waiting to see on this weeks Helix

No, not this moment shown though Peter and Anne should just go ahead and get a room. On this week's episode of Helix Kyle finally gets a clue, Amy takes some bold steps but Michael is the one with the big moment. Spoilers ahead.  Read More... //

Helix Season 2 Episode 8 Review: Vade in Pace

Did you see those twists coming? This week's Helix Season 2 Episode 8 certainly had its fair share of surprises, but I found it much slower paced than earlier episodes this season. That's not a complaint, just a quick observation. I admit I wasn't sure how the future storyline would tie in with the past, but leaving Michael buried alive in the pit was a brilliant way to go about it. Shame he lost his head so damn soon. Doesn't it seem the character had more to contribute? Was Sarah's baby dead or alive? Well, we found out in the final moments of the installment.   Read More... //