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From Anime Insider Magazine: "Any Hollywood adaptation of Hell Girl would only confirm our suspicions that the Internet is a protal to Hell. Submitting the name of the one's tormentor the Hell Corresspondence website will guarantee you a visit from Ai Enma, The Hell Girl. She'll avenge you, but you do have to promise her your soul. Talk about paying the piper! Dakota Fanning as Ai Enma - She was a meek little girl in War of The Worlds, but Dakota's got enough scope to play a four-century old demon girl, for sure. She'll steal your heart an cart your soul of to Hell. Richard Gere as Wanyudo - Wanyudo, Ai's companion and means of transportation between worlds, was once the wheel of a princess' carriage which caught fire and fell off a cliff. Gere's unearthly agelessness will lend believability to his role as the mysterious gentleman Catherine Zeta-Jones as Hone Onna - Hone Onna, another companion of Ai, was painfully betrayed by the man she loved. Chicago star Zeta-Jones has already played a woman inprisoned for the murder of her unfaithful husband (She should have called Ai) Jared Leto as Ren Ichimoku - Now a human, but formerly a sword, Ren's hidden eye can see through walls and shoot concentrated bursts of light. Leto's familiar with swords from Alexander and has the good looks to pull off Ren's floppy hairstyle to boot. Keanu Reeves as Hajime Shibata - He's a jornalist who starts investigating the Hell Girl rumors out of curiosity but delves deeper once he belives it is real. Reeves already has pleny of experience investigating hell from his previous role in Constatine." [] Nadia Arcese