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Camille Sullivan, Nastia Liukin to Appear in HELLCATS

Camille Sullivan has been cast to play the recurring role of Emily in The CW’s cheerleading show HELLCATS , reports. Sullivan will show her villainous character in the drama’s 19th episode, when she will have Vanessa (Sharon Leal) in her sights. As the story goes, Emily is the ex-wife of football coach Red Raymond (Jeff Hephner), who had an affair with Vanessa when he and Emily were married. Emily blames Vanessa for the breakup of their marriage. With her new job at Lancer U., Emily is prepared for a face-off with Vanessa! In other Hellcats news, exclusively reveals that Nastia Liukin, the 2008 Olympic gold medalist, will be a guest star in an upcoming spring episode. Liukin will be playing herself, a 21-year-old Russian-born American gymnast who introduces the Hellcats’ performance at a fundraiser. Liukin has previously appeared on ABC Family’s Make It or Break It , The CW’s Gossip Girl , and the 2008 film Stick It . Hellcats airs Tuesdays at 9/8c on The CW. //

Hellcats to Throw a Toga (Toga! Toga!) Party

The Hellcats might lose their funding next week. So, what is a cheerleader to do? Throw a toga party, of course! Such is the plan of Savannah and Alice on the February 15 installment, "God Must Have My Fortune Laid Away." While Marti, Vanessa and Julian set out to get Travis released from jail, other students go back in time and get into the Roman spirit. Get your first look at the festivities here: //

Hot Factory: Wetpaint's Sauciest Singles

Take a moment to have a look around you. The card stores are decorated in red and pink, the chocolates are on sale, and florists are grinning ear to ear. Yep, Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching. If you're in an awesome relationship and have super romantic plans, well, good for you. But, if you're feeling melancholy about yet another threesome with Ben and Jerry, cheer up! Some of our sexiest Wetpaint  stars just happen to be single, too. Drool through our gallery of unattached hotties... Happy lusting! Watch More... //

HELLCATS Cheerleading PSA [Video]

Check out a fun PSA video featuring your favorite Hellcats cheerleaders. //

Hellcats TV News: AJ Michalka Starts Filming Her Guest Appearance! - 2/2/11

Get your Hellcats scoop! Alex shares the details on AJ Michalka's upcoming guest appearance, which she's recently touched down in Vancouver to start filming. The star is thrilled to be reunited with sister Aly, and even teases of an onscreen musical performance between the two of them that promises to actually make sense within the storyline. In other news, Ashley Tisdale stops by Lopez Tonight to share some semi-embarrassing scoop about her past working in retail while going on auditions! Can you believe she was fired from Abercrombie & Fitch? Get the full hilarious story by watching the news video in the link below! Hellcats TV News: 2/2/11

Hot for Teacher: Wetpaint Gets Educated By TV's Hottest Faculty Members!

Study up on our guide to the hottest teachers on TV, and we guarantee you'll be the smartest kid in class. Pop quiz: Which of these teachers makes  you  want to sit in the front row? Watch More... //

Hellcats' Aly Michalka Rocks the Cover of Zooey Magazine

Look for Hellcats bombshell Aly Michalka on the cover of Zooey Magazine's February/March edition. The actress looks drop-dead sexy posing in her skivvies. You better not be leaving the house dressed like that, young lady!The issue, dubbed New Generation, focuses on up-and-coming stars, and calls Aly the "next big thing." Awesome! In the accompanying article, Aly talks about her transition from Disney to The CW. We can't wait to read it!Also featured in the magazine are Pretty Little Liars' Shay... //

Camille Sullivan Cast as Villain on Hellcats

Look out, Vanessa. Things are about to get dicey for you on Hellcats . Camille Sullivan has landed a recurring role on The CW series, as she'll come on board the 19th episode of the season as Red's ex-wife, Emily. What does this have to do with Vanessa? Sullivan's character blames the Hellcats coach for the dissolution of her marriage. As an important player at Lancer University, Emily will show up with one thing on her mind: payback. Sullivan most recently recurred on the Canadian TV show Shattered . //

HELLCATS “Remember When” Episode 14 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of HELLCATS "Remember When" Episode 14 which airs Tuesday February 8 at 9pm on The CW.  Episode Synopsis: HELLCATS "Remember When" Episode 14 – The Hellcats kidnap Marti (Aly Michalka) for her initiation into the group. They flashback on how Savannah (Ashley Tisdale), Alice (Heather Hemmens), Lewis (Robbie Jones) and Vanessa (Sharon Leal) became Hellcats. After the party, Marti realizes that her interest in Travis (guest star Ben Cotton) and his legal case could bring her friends harm and possibly even cause Bill Marsh (guest star Aaron Douglas) to disband the Hellcats altogether. Matt Barr also stars. Omar Madha directed the episode written by Kevin Murphy & James Eagan. Read More... //

Hellcats Flashback: Sharpay on Campus?

Are the Hellcats doing a routine featuring only  High School Musical  songs? Check out this exclusive shot of  Ashley Tisdale  going back to her blond roots and donning a Sharpay wig in the  Hellcats  flashback episode, titled "Remember When." So why is Savannah wigging out? Don't worry, Ashley's  HSM  character isn't dropping in on the flashback. Executive producer  Kevin Murphy  just has a rad sense of humor. "When we go into Savannah's flashback, she has platinum blond hair, but, in fact, she is wearing the Sharpay wig from  High School Musical,  which she owns," he says. "She thought it was hilariously funny to sort of be commenting on her blond Sharpay image." Read More... //