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Hellcats' Jeremy Wong Shows Off Mad Tumbling Skills

This week we were delighted to see a shirtless Darwin, aka cheerleading extra-turned-series regular Jeremy Wong, make his unexpected debut. Really, we can't believe it took the Hellcats camp this long to reveal those sexy pecs — hello!Naturally, we wasted no time Googling Jeremy in hopes of finding more delicious eye candy. Instead, we found this incredible skills video from the Canadian cheerleader. Um, wow. Toe-touch? More like side-of-the-head-touch! No wonder his guns look like Brad Pitt's... //

'Hellcats'' Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka's Super Bowl PSA

Did you know that this Sunday's (Feb. 6) football game between the Pittsburgh Steelers and Green Bay Packers will be the first Super Bowl in 43 years without cheerleaders?Well, "Hellcats" stars Ashley Tisdale and Aly Michalka did, so they filmed a PSA to help bring awareness to the cause... and to promote their CW show. Prepare for the cutest PSA in the history of PSAs. "Honestly, it is a real shame," Michalka says about the cheerleader-less Super Bowl. Tisdale adds, "You don't know what you're missing," before a sizzle reel of some of the Hellcats routine plays to make sure you now know exactly what you're missing. "So if you're missing cheerleaders on Sunday, come hang with me and my friends on Tuesday," Tisdale offers at the end of the PSA. We're so there. Make sure to catch "Hellcats" every Tuesday at 9 p.m. ET on The CW, where it's never cheerleader-less.... //

Hellcats Music Guide for Season 1, Episode 13: "Worried Baby Blues"

Artist: 3OH!3 feat. Ashley TisdaleAlbum: Streets of Gold (2010)Song: "My First Kiss"Buy Now: iTunesScene and HeardThis energized tune got the calendar launch party pumpin', yo! Filling in for Ke$ha, Ashley Tisdale took the stage as Savannah and gave us quite the coy-yet-naughty performance. Good thing her mother wasn't there to catch Savannah's racy show. Who is 3OH!3?Hailing from Boulder, Colorado, electropop act 3OH!3 was born when Sean Foreman and Nathaniel Motte joined forces. With three... //

Hellcats Behind the Scenes: On-Set Candids

The Hellcats stars are hard at work filming new eppies. These snaps reveal  that Dan is finally coming back to the show, and that Jeremy Wong is getting his starring role underway. Check out pics from behind the scenes here! //

The 'Hellcats' Cast Pities Your Lack of Super Bowl Cheerleaders, Football Fans

When the Green Bay Packers and the Pittsburgh Steelers face off in Super Bowl XLV this Sunday, an unexpected milestone will occur: It'll be the first Super Bowl in 43 years without cheerleaders. Tragic, we know -- and so do Aly Michalka, Ashley Tisdale and the rest of the 'Hellcats' cast. That's why the stars of The CW's college cheerleading drama have filmed this informative PSA. They feel your plight, football fans, and they want you to know they're here for you -- every Tuesday at 9PM. Watch the ladies discuss this very serious issue in our exclusive clip -- they've got the cheerleading action you'll be missing on Sunday. //

HELLCATS “God Must Have My Fortune Laid Away” Episode 15 Photos

Check out photos from HELLCATS Episode 15 titled "God Must Have My Fortune Laid Away" which airs Tuesday February 15 at 9pm on The CW.  Episode Synopsis: HELLCATS "God Must Have My Fortune Laid Away" Season 1 Episode 15 – TOGA! TOGA! TOGA! — Savannah (Ashley Tisdale) and Alice (Heather Hemmens) throw a toga party at Lancer, hoping the festivities will take their minds off the fact that the Hellcats might lose their funding. Marti (Aly Michalka), Vanessa (Sharon Leal) and Julian (Gale Harold) come up with a plan that just may get Travis (guest star Ben Cotton) released from jail and save the Hellcats. Gail O’Grady and Robbie Jones also star. Read More... //

'One Tree Hill' and 'Hellcats' February 8 Episode Previews

On February 8, " One Tree Hill " and " Hellcats " would drive away from the main road to air a special episode. In the former, Brooke, Quinn and Haley decide to use their talents for the greater good, dressing up as superheroes. In the latter, they flashback on how Savannah, Alice, Lewis and Vanessa became Hellcats.   "One Tree Hill" episode "Holding Out for a Hero" also sees Julian taking on a directing job and helping out a friend, and Chase mentors Chuck (guest star Michael May).   Read More... //

TV Tonight: What's On Tuesday 2/1

Happy February! Not sure what to watch tonight? Well, for one, don't forget Brooke & Julian's wedding on a new episode of One Tree Hill, followed by a new episode of Hellcats, in which Ashley Tisdale makes her musical comeback alongside guest stars 3OH!3. If that's not to your liking, @sidereelRachel & @sidereelAdam are big fans of Lights Out, which is on at 10/9c on FX! See what else is new tonight: 8/7c One Tree Hill  on The CW NCIS  on CBS The Biggest Loser  on NBC 9/8c V  on ABC Hellcats  on The CW NCIS: Los Angeles  on CBS Million Dollar Money Drop  on NBC 10/9c Detroit 187  on ABC The Good Wife  on CBS Parenthood  on NBC Lights Out  on FX White Collar  on USA Network Southland  on TNT What will you be watching?

HELLCATS “Worried Baby Blues” Episode 13 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek and check out photos of the upcoming episode of HELLCATS Episode 13 titled "Worried Baby Blues" which airs Tuesday February 1 at 9pm on The CW.  Episode Synopsis: HELLCATS "Worried Baby Blues" Season 1 Episode 13 – In an effort to raise funds for sectionals, the Hellcats shoot a sexy calendar and throw a launch party with the band 3OH!3. Wanda (Gail O’Grady) convinces Savannah (Ashley Tisdale) to tell her mother, Layne (guest star Teryl Rothery), about Charlotte (guest star Emma Lahanna). Unfortunately, Savannah ends up taking the heat after Layne blames Savannah for being a bad influence. Meanwhile, Marti (Aly Michalka) decides to break into Bill Marsh’s (guest star Aaron Douglas) office in hopes of finding evidence that could clear Travis’ (guest star Ben Cotton) name. However, she’s surprised to find Alice (Heather Hemmens) already there with a different motive. Vanessa (Sharon Leal) wonders if she still has feelings for Red (Jeff Hephner). Ashley Tisdale sings with musical guest 3OH!3. Robbie Jones also stars. Ron Underwood directed the episode written by Kevin Murphy & Curtis Kheel. Read More... //

Hellcats' Ashley Tisdale Dishes: Will Savannah Move Past Dan?

Just Jared shared a few more tidbits from his interview with Hellcats star Ashley Tisdale. Looks like Savannah's still pining for Dan... until someone new shows up, anyway. Could there be a new man for the Hellcats captain waiting in the wings? We certainly hope so. In the meantime, here are some highlights from her chat with Just Jared...On Savannah's love life: "I think it will be really hard for her to get over [Dan] so another love interest down the line, it might open up. But for now, she... //