High Times Editorial Office is a web show created by College Humor. The show chronicles the lives and times of the staff at the editorial office of the magazine High Times. High Times magazine is the longest running US publication dedicated to marijuana use, cultivation and the culture of marijuana smokers. While the web show has no actual connection to the High Times Magazine, it is a humorous take on what the folks with College Humor fancy the real life situations at the High Times editorial office would be like. The situations depicted include; morning meetings, business telephone calls, snack times and lots of goofing off. High Times Editorial Office is written by; Sam Reich, Ben Joseph, Dan Gurewitch, Amir Blumenfeld, Jake Hurwitz, Sarah Schneider, Streeter Seidell, Jeff Rubin, Patrick Cassels and David Young. It is directed by Sam Reich, Josh Ruben, Matt Pollock and Vincent Peone. This web show is surely a must watch event for anyone interested in marijuana culture or High Times Magazine.

Episode Guide

5 episodes

  • 5 episodes
    5 episodes
    • s1e5Drought
    • s1e4Cops
    • s1e3Mad as Hell
    • s1e2Chicken Nuggets
    • s1e1High Times Editorial Office