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'House's' Hugh Laurie on Lisa Edelstein's departure, show's premature swan song

Reports of 'House''s" demise may be wildly exaggerated, says title star Hugh Laurie."Nobody has pounded the table and said, 'Dammit, this is the last, and I'll see you all in court!'" he tells Zap2it of the FOX series, which begins its eighth season on Monday, Oct. 3. "We're all enjoying what we're doing and proud of it. I think that's the main thing. As long as ... it's a worthy endeavor, that's its own reward. I have a feeling that we'll all know come February or so, whether this is something that we should be going on with or not."Of course, the British-born Laurie has become an old hand in the ways of U.S. network TV, and he readily admits that the decision may ultimately be out of the hands of the show's creative team."The network and the studio ... are doing their own sums all the time and they may say, 'Do you mind... //

'House': Watch a clip from the Season 8 premiere

In the world of "House," this probably qualifies as a meet-cute: Our antihero (Hugh Laurie) taking umbrage at a diagnosis made by the prison doctor played by new series regular Odette Annable.In a clip from the Season 8 premiere, "20 Vicodin," a prison-bound house is making his rounds -- as a trusty -- and overhears Annable's Dr. Jessica Adams prescribe something to another inmate. Naturally, he doesn't think much of her diagnosis.And -- spoiler alert -- for one of the few times in the history of the series, the correct diagnosis actually is lupus. (Also: We don't know why Mary Murphy is introducing this clip, the one from "Bones" and other FOX previews either. Just go with it.)"House" premieres at 9 p.m. ET Monday, Oct. 3. What do you think of the scene?... //

Jaleel White (Urkel!) Books 'House' Gig

Dr. House is going to have one very familiar-looking prison mate: None other than 'Family Matters' star Jaleel White. Yes, Steve Urkel. We can only hope White utters "Did I do that?" at least once. According to TVLine, White will guest star in the Mon., Oct. 3 'House' season premiere (9PM ET on Fox). Picking up one year later, House is in prison after driving his car into Cuddy's house. Besides 'House,' the 'Family Matters' veteran has stayed busy popping up on a variety of shows including 'Are We There Yet?' and 'Psych.' //

HOUSE Season 8 Will Pick Up Later. Spoiler Alert!

TV Line   has dropped the exclusive news that  HOUSE , "will start months after Season 7." Revealed by show runner David Shore, "the advantage  of going  forward a year is that everything’s changed, and changed dramatically." House’s Jesse Spencer ( Neighbours ), who plays  Dr. Robert Chase , also agrees with the jump in time when the series  premieres its eighth season. "I think it’s a smart idea [in light of the fact that] Lisa left the show. I think it was kind of necessary to do that. If we picked up right where we left off and Cuddy wasn’t there it [would be strange]." This latest news comes off the heels of House’s recent round of new casting  that has added actressCharlyne Yi  ( Knocked Up ) and Odette Annable  ( Brothers & Sisters ) to make up  House’s medical team. Both performers have been added to season 8 since the departure of Amber Tamblyn ( The Sisterhood of the Traveling  Pants ), and Olivia Wilde ( Cowboys & Aliens ), with Wilde expected to make an appearance in a few episodes of the season. Read More... //

'House M.D.' Season 8 Premiere Promo: The Troubles in Jail

A sneak peek at how Greg  House  serves his time in jail has been made available in a form of promo for " House M.D. " season 8 premiere. The titular character seemingly does not get along well with his fellow inmates since he is seen being involved in fights with some of them.  The brilliant doctor may also cause more troubles when throwing some pills in the air. In another scene from the episode called "Twenty Vicodin", he looks uncomfortable when another prisoner has to use the toilet near his bed in the cell.  Read More... //

Jesse Spencer on the Next Dean of Medicine, Lisa Edelstein and the End of 'House'

During the TCA Press Tour FOX party, I asked Jesse Spencer for a minute of his time and he graciously gave me eight.  We spoke about the future of  Chase , who would be the next Dean of Medicine at PPTH and what Spencer would like to do after the end of  House .   Spencer started the interview by telling me he was basically sworn to secrecy about any plot lines of the show, so I did the best I could trying to get him to slip up.  I first asked him what he'd like to see happen for Chase, especially if this was the last season of  House .  He said he'd love for Chase to get caught for what he did to Dibala (remember when he killed the African dictator?), but then to be a fugitive of the law and drive off to Mexico.  I asked if Thirteen might accompany him across the border, but Spencer said it was "never going to happen." Read More... //

House: Odette Annable Won't Be Playing Cuddy 2.0, Talks Breaking In's Future

As any House fan knows, Dr. Gregory House is not the easiest person to get along with. Well, actually, he's probably one of the most loathed characters on television. But the cynical, self-absorbed, isolated doctor is about to find a kindred spirit -- in the form of a new female doctor played by Odette Annable. "They have a great connection," Annable tells about her character. "Much like House, she loves the puzzle, the clues and the discovery of the diagnosis. I think they can really relate to each other." Annable, as well as fellow new series regular Charlyne Yi, are entering the picture in the wake of Lisa Edelstein's unexpected exit. Although Annable is still learning about her character, she knows one thing for sure: she's not Cuddy 2.0. "She's a completely different character. She's not coming in to replace anybody," Annable says. "She's a prison doctor who meets House at the prison so that's a little bad...  //

Amber Tamblyn and David Cross Are Engaged

Recent  House  resident Amber Tamblyn and Arrested Development 's David Cross are engaged,  People  reports. Tamblyn, 28, and Cross, 47, have been dating since late 2008. Aside from her multi-episode arc as medical student Martha Masters on  House  last season, Tamblyn is best known for starring in  The Sisterhood of the Traveling Pants  and her Golden Globe-nominated role on CBS'  Joan of Arcadia . Cross, who played Tobias on the cult favorite  Arrested Development , most recently recurred on Running Wilde  and currently stars in  The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret  on IFC. //

House Season 8 Scoop: Cuddy Fallout, New Blood, and a Return to the Show's Roots

TV writers know the drill: You paint characters into a corner in the season finale and spend the summer plotting how to get the characters out. If only it had been that simple for House creator David Shore this summer. Besides resolving last year's cliff-hanger — which saw House (Hugh Laurie) drive his car into the living room of ex-girlfriend Cuddy (Lisa Edelstein) before escaping to a tropical locale — Shore also had to deal with Edelstein's sudden decision against returning to the show. //

Interview: 'House' EP David Shore on Season 8, Cuddy Leaving and Series Finale Possibilities

Never did I think I'd be given the opportunity to conduct an interview with House creator, David Shore.  But, if there's one thing the TCA press tour has taught me, it's that a badge can get you just about anything.  Shore and I discussed Charlyne Yi's new role, the problem with ambiguous endings, and Lisa Edelstein's absence.  Throughout the interview, you'll see my afterthoughts in parentheses.   Read More... //