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House's Lisa Edelstein Talks Huddy, Baby-Making, and Lap Dancing!

What is House without our Dr. Cuddy? Pretty much House and the entire hospital sans cool mom/boss lady/wife... or something like that. Lisa Edelstein (Cuddy) shares her thoughts on House himself, her baby-making future, and her lap-dancing finale moments! Lisa Edelstein Plays House, Huddy and Lap Dances Photo courtesy of

FOX Announces Fall Premiere Dates

When do your favorite Fox shows return?? When do the new ones premiere? Check out the dates below: Sept. 1: Prison Break (2 hours) Sept. 3: Bones (2 hours) Sept. 4: The Moment of Truth (2 hours) Sept. 5: Are You Smarter Than a 5th Grader (2 hours) Sept. 6: Cops , America's Most Wanted Sept. 8: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles Sept. 9: Fringe (2 hours) Sept. 10: 'Til Death , Do Not Disturb Sept. 11: Kitchen Nightmares Sept. 12: Don't Forget the Lyrics! Sept. 13: Mad TV, Talkshow with Spike Feresten Sept. 16: House Sept. 28: The Simpsons , King of the Hill , Family Guy , American Dad! Source: TV Guide

House's Head: Was being in House's head all it's cracked up to be?

*House's Head Spoilers Included!* "House's Head" brought part 1 of the House season finale! We spent about half the episode in House's head as he tried to work out a crazy accident he was involved in. Now, being in House's head is something most House fans fantasize about, so now that's you've been in the Mad Hatter's hat, are you wowed or no? Photo courtesy of

Sneak Peek: House finale, part one

Well, May 12 begins the two-part season finale for the writers-strike-abridged fourth season of House, and the tension levels stay up for this one. Beginning with House in the midst of a lapdance, "House's Head" breaks from convention in that we aren't given a standard case. Rather than beginning with the patient in their normal life and collapsing, this time we have House realizing what happened in the last several hours after a massive bus accident. source: Full Story:

House Spinoff in the Works!

Apparently spinoffs are the new reality show for networks without new ideas. Though it's been kept quiet, a House spinoff is in the works for next season! According to TV Guide's Michael Ausiello: "As I understand it, producers are introducing a new male character for a multi-episode arc and, assuming the actor they find really pops in the role, he may be spun off into his own show. But there's a twist, and it's a big one: Per multiple sources, this newbie is not a doctor, but rather a private investigator!" Intriguing! As usual with spinoffs, there's a chance for greatness or total disaster - thoughts? Read more: Ausiello on House, NCIS, SVU, CSI, Grey's and More! Photo courtesy of

Rate It: Was House's "Living the Dream" Up to Par?

While it was fun to see Sex and the City 's Jason Lewis on this week's House and the usual craziness of House himself, the case didn't seem to give its usual wow-factor. This one gets a 7/10 for me when they're almost always a 9 or 10! Did you love this episode or think it was just so-so? Photo courtesy of

Jason Lewis Guest Starring on Tonight's House

Jason Lewis, probably best known as Smith Jerrod from Sex and the City will be guest starring on tonight's all new House ! Lewis will play the star of House's favorite soap opera - whom House is convinced is suffering from some sort of medical ailment, based solely on his strange behavior on the soap. Source: BuddyTV

6 Hour House Marathon!!!!

USA is hosting a House marathon tomorrow May 17th 2008 and it will be 6 HOURS LONG!!! Starting at 6pm eastern time. Dont forget to watch it if youre a HouseAddict too!!!!

House's Strangest Aliments

On House , it's never lupus... unless it is. But then it turns out to be something simple like breast cancer of the knee. Duh. In honor of House's return, check out the craziest aliments we've seen so far: House's Strangest Aliments Photo courtesy of

House Returns Tonight!

We've been waiting since the beginning of February, so I am pleased to report that new episodes of House are finally here! Don't forget that House is now on a new day and time - Mondays at 9pm on FOX. In honor of the return of one of our favorite doctors on TV, be sure to check out this list from Entertainment Weekly of the 25 Best TV Doctors .