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House Finale Review: Everybody Dies — of Boredom

As happy endings go, Drs. House and Wilson riding off into the sunset on their motorcycles after eight seasons (accompanied by the jaunty tune "Enjoy Yourself: It's Later Than You Think") was an awfully satisfying coda to House 's series finale Monday night.  //

Series finale review: 'House' - 'Everybody Dies'

HitFix's Alan Sepinwall reviews the series finale of FOX's "House," in which House confronts his greatest foe — himself — and solves one final problem. //

'House' Series Finale Recap: Burning Down the House

As a super duper House fan, I can't help but feel a little cheated at not having the two hour finale continue the story. Instead, the first hour was about the making of the show. Sure, there were some interesting and fun moments here and I love Hugh Laurie. But hearing his real accent pushed the character of Dr. Gregory House further from my mind when I couldn't wait to find out the season ending of what becomes of House and Wilson. When that did happen, it turned out to be more than worth it for me. I still wish the House series finale had been a two-hour story, but I'm not disappointed with what we did get. //

House Review: Enjoy Yourself

Enjoy yourself.  This is the very last thing we hear from the series.  Ultimately, Hugh Laurie was right when he gave an interview at the House wrap party.  He was asked about one word to describe the finale and after pondering it for a moment, he suggested that the series finale, even with a title like " Everybody Dies " is actually "uplifting".  I almost don't recognize this feeling I have right now because it's been a rarity.  Satisfaction.  I feel satisfaction at this ending.  Now, that's not to say that this finale was not without its flaws.  But in terms of some of the specific character journeys, I'm left feeling like I can move on from this show without hesitation.  The episode opens with House lying on the ground next to his dead patient.  I still am unclear about how House and this patient arrived at this point, but what difference does it make? Read More... //

House M.D. Makes Big Sacrifice in Series Finale

The brilliant doctor manages to find an unselfish way to spend as much time as he has with his dying friend Wilson. //

House “Swan Song; Everybody Dies” Review

Well, that’s it everybody.  House  is done. It’s gone. Forever. After eight seasons, 177 episodes, and millions of viewers that have grown to love this show over the years, we end the show’s spectacular run with the two-part series finale "Swan Song; Everybody Dies". Did the "Two Hour Series Finale Event" deliver on eight years of build up? Read on for my (very long) review to find out! When I heard that the first hour of the two hour series finale event was going to be an hour long retrospective on the series as a whole, I was a bit disappointed. We had a big cliffhanger last week, so I thought I would have really liked the whole two hours to be focused on resolving the story that we’ve seen building up for eight years. Thankfully, though, I quite liked "Swan Song". We’re welcomed by the dulcet English baritone voice of House himself, Hugh Laurie, as he introduces us to some members of the crew at  House , the television production. I quite liked meeting the cast and being able to put faces to all the names we’ve seen during the credits over the years, but I was concerned that the whole episode would be an excuse to pat themselves on the back for the great work they’ve done. However, that wasn’t the case. "Swan Song" did a great job at balancing behind the scenes looks at the cast and crew, character studies of House and friends, and sure, a little bit of self congratulating. Read More... //  

'House' Recap: The Dangerous Games House Plays

Continuing on from the last episode, Gregory House seems to be becoming more and more unglued. The worse off his cancer-ridden bestie, Dr. Wilson, gets, it seems the more unthinking and reactionary the brilliant medical man becomes. I have to say that nothing or no one can tear me away from the TV these past few weeks during House . The show is just that good now and we've still got the two-hour finale next week! //

House Review: A Flood of Emotions

Last week's House episode, " Post-Mortem ," ended on a cliffhanger: Will Wilson's intensive chemotherapy shrink his tumor? Or is cancer actually going to kill the oncologist?  Within thirty seconds of " Holding On ," we find out that Wilson's disease has not gotten any better and that he's decided not to pursue any further treatment. The episode opens with Wilson's alarm going off. Not only is it time for Wilson to get up, but it also serves as a reminder to him of how little time he actually has left. It's time for Wilson to wake up. Read More... //

'House' - 'Holding On': A prank too far, plus Olivia Wilde returns (barely)

The case of the week has become almost incidental to "House" as the series winds down, but it had big ramifications in Monday's (May 14) next-to-last episode -- not so much for the way the patient was treated but for the way he was mistreated.House inadvertently puts the guy -- Skylar Astin as a college student who's hearing the voice of his dead brother -- in danger in one instance, then deliberately goes after him in a fit of misplaced rage over Wilson's refusal to keep undergoing cancer treatment. The end result is a serious kink in House and Wilson's bucket-list plans.We would have thought choking a patient because he'd lost the will to live would be the thing that gets House in real trouble, but it's not: Instead it's the prank he pulls on Foreman involving hockey season tickets* and the hospital's plumbing system. The prank goes very, very awry when the backed-up pipes... //

House “Holding On” Review

We’re almost there, you guys! There’s only two episodes left of  House , and then…nothing! No more wisecracks, no more miraculous cures, no more…well…HOUSE! Does tonight’s episode set things up nicely for the series finale?! Read on to find out! "Holding On" had quite a cliffhanger to resolve from last week’s episode. I was worried that the results of Wilson’s cat scan would be held onto for a while, and that we would have to guess whether or not their radical treatment had worked. Well we actually found out within 30 seconds  that the treatment, in fact, did not  work. Wilson is going to die from cancer. He shows up at House’s door within the first minute and tells him that he’d like to stop chemo. No slow death, no gradual degradation, no "Holding on" as the title references. He’d rather get it all over with and die on his own terms. I really love the dichotomy between Wilson and House’s philosophies in this episode. House has spent the last eight years on our TV being completely convinced that everything has a simple medical reason. Every problem can be solved. Wilson, on the other hand, has spent the last eight years watching people slowly succumb to their cancer. No way to come up with a last minute miracle diagnosis like House. There’s no solution to the problems he deals with every day. It was great seeing these two play  off each other, especially considering it’s one of the last times we’ll see these two together. Read More... //