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How I Met Your Mother: Neil Patrick Harris to Direct 101st Episode

It's about time Neil Patrick Harris steps behind the cameras of How I Met Your Mother. The 36-year-old actor, who has plays Barney Stinson on the CBS comedy, is finally getting his chance to direct an episode of the fifth season this week. It's not just any other episode, though. Big pressure is on Harris since his directorial debut will follow the 100th landmark episode of How I Met Your Mother which includes a climactic musical number headlined by Harris. The 100th is also said to be the closest Ted's ever come to discovering who the mother is. Still, I'm confident Harris will pull this one off. The 101st episode, which is likely to air on January 18, features guest star Amanda Peet as one of Marshall's (Jason Segel) co-workers. This episode should also be a refreshing change considering Pamela Fryman, who has helmed nearly all episodes so far, will not be spearheading production this time. "I'm directing the episode, so it's going to be a long week for me," Harris told Eonline.com. "I'm in it and directing, so I get to yell at Jason Segel a lot: 'No! Better! Faster! No! Funnier, be funnier, Jason!'" Source Here

HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER Musical "Girls vs. Suits" (PHOTOS)

Check out photos of the musical episode of HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER "Girls vs. Suits" Season 5 Episode 12 airing Monday January, 11 10:00pm ET/PT. This should be an entertaining episode especially with Barney leading the way in this musical number. Episode Synopsis: When Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) debates giving up wearing suits to land a hot bartender, Karina, (Stacy Keibler), his conflicted feelings lead to an amazingly awesome musical number on the 100th episode ofHOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Monday January, 11 (8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Source & More Photos

'HIMYM' Gives First Look at Rachel Bilson's Guest Star Appearance - Featured

In a " How I Met Your Mother " episode where Ted comes closest to unveiling the big secret, Rachel Bilson will guest star as one of his many love interests. How " The O.C. " star will look like in the episode airing January 11 is revealed when CBS unleashes more stills that have her sharing screen with Josh Radnor. Bilson will play a character named Cindy who supposedly is a student of him. They go out for a dinner and audience are "one step closer to meeting the future mother of his kids." However, it is not yet confirmed whether Bilson will be the Mother. Beside Bilson, Stacy Keibler will guest star as Karina, a girl whom Barney takes interest in but unable to impress with his suits. Tim Gunn also makes a cameo, becoming a personal fashion consultant to Barney and a tailor for him. "Girls vs. Suits" will be a musical to mark the 100th episode. There will be a grand musical number featuring 65 dancers and 50-person orchestra with choreography by Zach Woodlee of "Glee". Source & More Photos

First Look at 'How I Met Your Mother' Musical Episode

The first look into the 100th and the first musical episode of "How I Met Your Mother" has been shared. Beside teasing on the main cast such as Neil Patrick Harris, Cobie Smulders and Josh Radnor in suits, the promotional photos also unveil Stacy Keibler's role as a hot bartender named Karina who is annoyed by Barney's fashion. "Barney needs to nail the hot bartender that works at MacLaren's," Harris told IGN previously. "Oddly, he's never banged a hot bartender before. He has a lot of conquests, but never a hot bartender." Unfortunately, Karina is not a fan of guys in suits leading to a choice for Barney to ditch the suits and bang her or to keep his suits and sing about it. The monumental episode is called "Girls Versus Suits", a homage to Barney's custom of wearing one. It will air on January 11 at 8/7c and present other guest stars such as Rachel Bilson and Tim Gunn. The former is playing the role of Cindy whom Ted wants to get to know of while the mentor of "Project Runway" will play Barney's personal fashion consultant slash tailor. There will be a grand musical number featuring 65 dancers and 50-person orchestra, USA Today reported. Composition was arranged by John Swihart but the words and music were exec producers Carter Bays and Craig Thomas' job. For the choreography, they hired Zach Woodlee who also worked on "Glee". Beside presenting musical numbers and Barney pursuing Karina, the episode will reveal more about the burning question. "It's the closest we've seen Ted get to answering the question: 'Who is the mother?' ," Thomas revealed. Source & More Photos

How I Met Your Mother: Preview of Episode 5.11 "Last Cigarette Ever"

Tonight on How I Met Your Mother, we learn all about the benefits and drawbacks of smoking thanks to ex-smokers Marshall, Lily, Ted and Barney who all succumb to the bad habit once again. We also learn more about Marshall's youth when the show features a flashback scene of a 13-year-old Marshall trying to smoke cigarettes in the woods with his friends. But as the title "Last Cigarette Ever" connotes, the gang will attempt to quit smoking throughout the episode. Going cold turkey, though, is easier said than done. It's a good thing Marshall's new boss, who doesn't know Marshall's name, jumps in the canvas to offer Marshall a pivotal third cigarette that will possibly change the way Marshall feels about smoking. Meanwhile, we finally meet Robin's new co-anchor Don Frank, a fairly famous reporter on her ridiculously early morning news program, Come On, New York, Get Up. Though sparks fly immediately between Robin and Don, Robin's high hopes for career advancement are crushed when Don makes it clear that being on her show is a low point for him. Evidently, Don, a veteran of cable news, took a public stance against his program's biased reports, and the only place that will hire him is Robin's show. Now, he resents the fact that no one's watching the early news shows, and he doesn't seem to care how his attitude affects Robin. Source & Preview

How I Met Your Mother: Preview of Episode 5.10 "The Window"

The girl of Ted's dreams is finally available! In "The Window," the 10th episode of How I Met Your Mother's fifth season, Ted runs into his college buddy, Maggie, portrayed by guest star Joanna Garcia (Gossip Girl, Privileged), and finds out that she's single again. Talk about being at the right place at the right time. Ted describes Maggie a super powered man magnet, the perfect girl next door whom every guy wants to marry. In fact, she's so sought-after that she's always in a relationship, leaving Ted hopeless at having a shot at her. But it looks like Ted is finally getting his "window of opportunity" with Maggie and this time, he's enlisting the help of Marshall and Lily to ward off any potential suitors that would come between him and Maggie. But will that be enough to get the girl of his dreams, especially with Barney around? Aside from Ted's quest for love, "The Window" also gives us a peek at Marshall's past when he finds a letter written by his younger self which drives him to take action. Source & Preview

'How I Met Your Mother': Amanda Peet to play Marshall's co-worker

When Neil Patrick Harris has an idea, the powers-that-be at "How I Met Your Mother" apparently pay attention. Early last week, while on-set for the CBS comedy's 100th episode celebration, NPH told reporters that Amanda Peet would be a person he'd love to see on the show. "I really like her," Harris said. "I think that would be fun." Days later, her deal was done. Peet ("Something's Gotta Give," "The Whole Nine Yards") will guest star on an episode titled "Jenkins" early next year. She will play Marshall (Jason Segel)'s co-worker. The actress, last seen on television regularly in NBC's defunct "Studio 60 on The Sunset Strip" has most recently been working on the upcoming "Gulliver's Travels" film, in which Segel will star as well. So, thoughts on the casting? Source Here

How I Met Your Mother: Preview of Episode 5.9 "Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap"

After learning everything about how to hook up with women a la Barney on How I Met Your Mother last week, it's time see Barney live in constant fear as the countdown for the next slap bet begins tonight in "Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap." But before we go into the details of tonight's episode, let me give you a little background on this recurring little gag. The slap bet was made years ago on How I Met Your Mother, specifically in the season 2 episode "Slap Bet" in which a wager between Marshall and Barney was established. Lily, the slap bet commissioner, gave Barney the choice of 10 slaps immediately or five slaps to be dished out at any time from here to eternity since Barney lost the bet. Barney, who opted for the five slaps, has been slapped three times by Marshall since then. Tonight, we wait for the next slap to commence. Barney's agony gets worse though when Marshall bequeaths a slap bet to Ted and Robin. Source & Preview

How I Met Your Mother: Chris Elliott Gets a Life as Lily's Father

Richard Heene is not exactly the first name that comes to mind when thinking of model dads, but the father of Balloon Boy was exactly who Chris Elliott looked to when he joined How I Met Your Mother as Lily's estranged father. "When I was shooting it, the whole Bubble Boy thing was going on, so I was imagining that father. I think if that's what he was into, he would've sent her off in a balloon!" Elliott tells us. "That's the kind of dad he was when she was growing up - a guy obsessed with invention." Lily's pop, Mickey, isn't obsessed with helium balloons or any storm-chasing device, but rather creating the next hip board game. Among his hopeful creations are Car Battery and Diseases!, his latest masterpiece which he unveils on Monday's episode. "He's sort of been obsessed with that his whole life and probably did not have the best relationship with Lily growing up because of that," Elliott says. That rough childhood resulted in an estrangement three years ago and no invite for dear old dad to walk Lily down the aisle at her wedding to Marshall ("She probably didn't want him to bring any games.") But since Thanksgiving is about forgiveness and all, Marshall seeks to make amends between father and daughter, inviting Mickey over for dinner. "She slams the door in my face, but I weasel my way in," Elliott says. "He does love Lily. He still brings the game over, but he realizes his mistakes. He realizes that it's time to make up for lost time." Elliott, who, like Mother creators Carter Bays and Craig Thomas, is a Late Show David Letterman alum, says he has been a fan of the show ever since he saw the "Showdown" episode - in which Barney thinks Bob Barker is his father - on a plane. "I was laughing out loud and I thought it was the funniest I'd ever seen." "Carter and Craig have been able to take that late-night-comedy humor and inject it into sitcom characters that you believe. I get to be in these surreal flashbacks that are really fun for me to do, but at the same time, I also have to act and be the believable dad in a couple of moments, so it's fun to go back and forth," he says. "My show, Get a Life, was, like, all surreal and you never believed the relationships. But on Mother, you believe, but they can also go wherever they want with these flashbacks, which I think is brilliant. I love the concept of this show." And the cast? "Horrible," he deadpans. "No, the cast is really fantastic. They're also incredibly nice people. They're all people you want to hang out with in character and out of character." In character, Mickey certainly seems to have won over the gang. The episode, titled "Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap," will, of course, feature Marshall's fourth Slap Bet with Barney. "I have a hand-slapping at the end," Elliott teases. The comedian, whose last extended TV guest stint was as Peter MacDougall on Everybody Loves Raymond, is only signed on for one episode, but says he's "always available" to return. "They're all so great and so in sync with each other. For that reason alone, I want to go back," he says. In the meantime, he'll play the role of proud papa, watching his daughter, Abby Elliott, on Saturday Night Live, on which he worked during the 1994-95 season. The Elliotts are the first parent-child duo to be SNL cast members. So will dad ever drop by? "I don't think anyone who watches SNL has any idea who I am anymore!" he laughs. "Maybe after [the Mother episode] airs, they'll know. ... I think the only way I'll end up on SNL is if Abby gets sick and can't do the show, so they call me. It'll be like Mommie Dearest, which no one wants to see!" Source Here

'How I Met Your Mother' Officially Hires Amanda Peet

Neil Patrick Harris' dream comes true quite fast as it is announced that Amanda Peet will indeed guest star on "How I Met Your Mother". There is no clue yet what kind of role Peet will play but TV Guide said her cameo will be in a January episode. On Thursday, November 19, Harris who plays Barney in the sitcom said that he has Peet in mind for a guest star. "You know, she's never guest-starred on any shows before and plus, she's already worked with Jason Segel once on 'Gulliver's Travels'," he told E! Online. Segel is Marshall in "HIMYM". Peet is not the only guest star coming to the show this season. This Monday, November 23, Chris Elliot from "Everybody Loves Raymond" is playing Lily's estranged father who comes for family Thanksgiving dinner. Then there will be Rachel Bilson, Tim Gunn and Stacy Keibler in the 100th episode that airs on January 11. Source Here