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TV's Coolest Moments: Barney's Alter Ego, Palin's Sit-down with Oprah and More! - Featured

This week's Coolest Moments (aka Top Moments) messed with our minds. The Prisoner made us feel dumb. Jennifer Morrison's departure from House made us sad. And CBS' random acts of pixelation during The Amazing Race made us wonder what they could possibly be hiding. Welcome to TV's Coolest Moments: Dazed and Confused Edition. 12. Worst Reveal: After five head-scratching hours of AMC 's The Prisoner , we learn that The Village basically exists inside the brain of Two's wife back in the real world. After Two's son, 11-12, kills his mom and hangs himself, a distraught Two (aka Mr. Curtis) convinces Six and the rest of the villagers that Six is the new leader and 313 is the dreamer whose brain will keep the utopia alive. So Six is No. 1? But he's dressed like Two? Who cares? 11. Best Reveal: How does Sons of Anarchy top Gemma's announcement that she's been raped? A guilt-ridden Tig tells Opie how and why Donna was killed. In a satisfying twist, a raging Opie shows mercy on Stahl and vows to keep the secret from the other brothers for the sake of the club. 10. Least Sincere Invitation: After vigorous prompting by Oprah Winfrey, Sarah Palin says she would like to have Levi Johnston, the father of her grandson, over for Thanksgiving. "Levi is a part of the family," she says. "This can all work out for good ... we don't have to keep going down this road of controversy and drama." 9. Worst Judgment: Yes, it's always best to tell the truth, but this week on Glee , was it really smart of Finn (I know, nothing about Finn is smart) to take it upon himself to tell Quinn's parents that she's knocked up... in song? For the blessed event, Finn chooses a heinous cover of Paul Anka's already lukewarm "You're Having My Baby." Needless to say, Quinn's folks throw her out of the house. 8. Best History Lesson: On Fringe , Olivia and Peter find evidence that the Observers have been around for a long time. In fact, familiar bald heads have been present at all kinds of historical events, including Marie-Antoinette's beheading, the Boston Massacre, and the assassination of Archduke Ferdinand, which started World War I. Worse still, the Observers think the next such major event will involve Olivia. To Read More Click Here .

HIMYM 5.9 "Slapsgiving 2" Preview Photos - Featured

Getting excited for this Monday's Thanksgiving-themed, return of the Slap-Bet How I Met Your Mother episode? Here's some preview photos to tide you over: Pictured in the first photo is guest star Chris Elliott, playing the role of Lily's estranged father. Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap is airing Monday, November 23rd at 8PM on CBS. Images courtesy of Entertainment Weekly .

Promo Photos & Synopsis - How I Met Your Mother 5.09 "Slapsgiving 2: Revenge of the Slap"

Living up here in Canada (where we all live in igloos and must snowshoe through 4 feet of snow every day - even in the summer!), I am always confused by the strange American custom of having Thanksgiving in November, instead of October when we have it. I'm guessing that the Canadian and American settlers couldn't keep their schedules coordinated properly or something on this whole "Thanksgiving thing". Or it might have something to do with the fact that we each settled our countries in entirely different years. I don't know. I'm not a historical scholar, damnit! Anyways, I mention this because the November 23rd new episode of How I Met Your Mother is a Thanksgiving episode, complete with slaps. Because the slap is the one Thanksgiving tradition that brings everyone Canadians and Americans alike together. Check out the promo photos and a short synopsis below and enjoy it while you can, because we're facing a rerun for the November 30th episode. Source Here

How I Met Your Mother: Preview of Episode 5.8 "The Playbook" - Preview

Playboy Barney's officially back and this time he's ready to navigate the murky waters of the dating scene. "The Playbook," the eighth episode of How I Met Your Mother's fifth season, takes viewers for a fun ride as it focuses on how Barney works his magic on women, including all the scams and strategies he's ever used and hopes to use to pick up chicks in the near future. Source & Preview

How I Met Your Mother: Preview of Episode 5.7 "The Rough Patch"

Does real love make you real fat? We find out tonight in "The Rough Patch," the seventh episode of How I Met Your Mother 's fifth season. In the episode, we see Barney and Robin getting too comfortable in their relationship to the point that they have let themselves go. Clearly, they are not Barney and Robin anymore, and their friends have now labeled them the fat guy and the old lady. But there's more to this story than Barney adding a couple of pounds. Barney and Robin really hit a rough patch in their relationship, prompting Lily to try and break them up. Will Lily succeed? Something tells me she does but with a little help from guest star Alan Thicke. To watch The preview Click Here . Source Here

How I Met Your Mother: Preview of Episode 5.6 "Bagpipes"

Ever wondered how things would be like if Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) and Lily (Alyson Hannigan) hooked up and got married on How I Met Your Mother ? Curious fans will finally find out tonight at 8pm in the sixth episode of the fifth season entitled "Bagpipes." Barney and Robin (Cobie Smulders) certainly look like the perfect couple but their seemingly rock solid relationship gets shattered as they have their first official major fight. Evidently, Barney's know-it-all attitude gets him in trouble with Robin and they are now forced to ask Marshall (Jason Segel) and Lily for relationship advice. Seeking Marshall and Lily's help, however, isn't that easy for Barney and Robin since Marshall and Lily, who are having a few stereotypical marital problems because Lily is forcing Marshall to do the dishes, don't live up to their idea of the "perfect couple" who doesn't fight. Consequently, Barney describes two different scenarios--- one of which involves a sequence where Barney wonders what will happen if he is Lily's husband instead of Marshall. In his "blissful married life" with Lily, Barney lays down the law on not having to clean and the couple shares a kiss. Source Here

How I Met Your Mother: JoAnna Garcia to Guest Star - Featured

JoAnna Garcia has landed a guest spot on How I Met Your Mother as yet another potential conquest of Ted's. The Privileged alum will play Ted's college buddy, Maggie, in an upcoming episode called "The Window." She's described as the perfect girl next door who every guy wants to marry as soon as he meets her. So sought-after is Maggie that she's always in a relationship, leaving Ted waiting and waiting for his shot at her. When he hears that she's finally single, he rushes to her door in hopes that his "window of opportunity" has not elapsed. Garcia, who has also appeared on Gossip Girl this season, joins Rachel Bilson, Tim Gunn, Chris Elliott and Kenny Rogers as Mother guest stars this season. Garcia is only signed on for one episode. "The Window" airs Dec. 7 at 8/7c on CBS. Source Here

HIMYM: Season 5, Episode 6 "Bagpipes" Preview - Featured

We don't know about you - but we were pretty bummed that there was no new episode of How I Met Your Mother this week. Luckily, the show is back next Monday - November 2nd - with an all new episode entitled "Bagpipes". In this episode, "Barney's know-it-all attitude gets him in trouble with Robin - despite both of their best efforts to be the perfect couple - and they are forced to ask Marshall and Lily for relationship advice." In these amusing preview photos, Barney ponders what if would be like if he were married to Lily. Bagpipes airs Monday, November 2nd on CBS at 8PM.

Barney in a Fat Suit on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER (Season 5, Episode 7)

Check out photos of Barney (Neil Patrick Harris) in a fat suit on How I Met Your Mother "The Rough Patch" season 5 episode 7 airing Monday, November 9 10:00pm ET/PT. Episode Synopsis: After Barney and Robin hit a rough patch in their relationship, Lily devises the perfect plan to break them up, calling in help from Robin's famous friend, Alan Thicke, on HOW I MET YOUR MOTHER, Monday, Nov. 9 (8:00-8:30 PM, ET/PT) on the CBS Television Network. Source & More Photos

'How I Met Your Mother' to Cast an "Anderson Cooper Type"

Uh oh! How I Met Your Mother is looking for an "Anderson Cooper type" to play Robin's new co-anchor and this doesn't sound good for Barney. Will this break up our favorite couple? Not necessarily but Barney and Robin's relationship isn't exactly fool proof either. According to TV Guide, "Robin has a taste for the silver fox and he thinks it's hot that Scherbatsky is a fan of cigars." Some of the show's most hilariously moments involve Robin and her work as a news reporter so adding a new co-anchor will certainly provide more material for the writers to toy with and spice up Barney and Robin's love life as well. It's too soon to tell if a third party could actually come between Robin and Barney at this point but maybe this is just the show's way of igniting Barney's jealousy, which is something viewers rarely see on How I Met Your Mother unless it involves Robin. On the other hand, if Barney and Robin do break up, it wouldn't be the worse thing in the world. While most fans have gotten a good kick out of the Barney-Robin hookup, some still believe that Barney and Robin are better off when they're not in an official relationship. After all, they are so meant to be with each other that it's only a matter of time before they hookup again. Source Here