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Huge's Hayley Hasselhoff: There's More Boy Trouble Ahead

Getting your heart broken is no fun, but it may just be what Huge's Amber needed. Last week, Camp Victory's resident pretty girl - though she doesn't think so herself - was dumped by hunky counselor George (Zander Eckhouse) barely two trysts into their secret relationship. She ended the episode in tears - a good wake-up call, says Hayley Hasselhoff, who plays Amber. "She came to camp to lose weight and I think now she realizes she got off-track because she focused all her time and energy on this boy that she shouldn't really be with," Hasselhoff tells TVGuide.com. "Her whole fling with George brings her to a place where she figures out a whole different side to herself. She was secretive and a little insecure about it, but now she knows she needs to be true to herself and not let him dictate her life." To Read More Click here .

HUGE (ABC Family) Episode 9 ''Parent's Weekend - Part 1'' - Preview

Check out a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of ABC Family's HUGE Episode 9 Parent's Weekend-Part 1 which airs on Monday August 23 2010 at 9/8c. Episode Synopsis: The summer finale of Huge is so big that it will air in two one-hour episodes, beginning on Monday, August 23, at (9:00 - 10:00 PM ET/PT). It's parents weekend on the penultimate episode of Huge, and though a number of the campers wait in excitement, others cringe at the idea of having their parents visit camp, while some don't have any coming at all. Whose parents will show up and whose will bring about the most controversy? The episode, entitled Parents Weekend - Part One, was directed by Dan Lerner and written by Gayle Abrams. Source & Preview