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This Humans Season 3 Exclusive Unveils the Dangerous New World Order

  If you thought things couldn't get more dire on Humans , prepare yourselves before diving into Season 3. Now that all Synths have been given consciousness, the world has erupted into deadly chaos. In this exclusive sneak peek of Tuesday's season premiere (10/9c, AMC), we see the fallout of the  ...Read More...

Go Behind the Scenes of Humans Season 3 in This Exclusive First Look

  It has felt like forever since Humans last graced our screens. In reality, it's only been one year, but isn't that kind of like forever in internet time? Then again, for an A.I., one year may seem like nothing at all... Either way, the critically acclaimed AMC drama is finally back for Season 3 on   ...Read More... ...

AMC's Critically-Acclaimed Scripted Drama "Humans" Returns on Tuesday, June 5th at 10:00 PM ET/PT

The network also released a first-look image from the series featuring stars Gemma Chan and Ivanno Jeremiah.   ...Read More...

Humans: Renewed for Season 3 at AMC!!

Synths and humans aren't all that different. At least that's one of the things we learned by watching Humans Season 2 , which ended last week after a shocking cliffhanger. Good news, folks!! Humans Season 3 isn't all that far off. The co-release between Channel 4 in the UK and AMC is written by Sam Vincent and Jonathan Brackley and explores what happens when the line between humans and their synthetic counterparts are no longer well drawn. ...Read More...

AMC's Humans Is Exploring All the Good Robo-Stuff Westworld Ignored

Humans , AMCs scifi drama about a world where robots are as ubiquitous as smart phones, ends its second season tonight. Much like in Westworld , the artificial lives born in Humans have been slaves to humanitys whims, and just like in the finale of Westworld , a rebellion has formed. But Humans has had much better ...Read More... //

Exclusive: New ‘Humans’ Clip Shows Sophie Identifying as Synthetic

AMC’s British co-production Humans may still be flying under the radar for most, but it’s a must-see drama. It’s like a must quieter and more considered version of Westworld, where it doesn’t hinge on twists so much as character revelations. The show takes place in a world where humans are aided by AI called "synths," who look human and are programmed to act human, but only to a point — they are not conscious, so they do not feel. This leads to them being used for a variety of work, from mundane things like household tasks to dangerous jobs and (as Westworld often focused on) sex work. In its first season, Humans focused on an average family, the Hawkins, who owned a synth who helped them around the house. But this synth, Mia (Gemma Chan), then "woke up" and became conscious, and eventually found others like her as the Hawkins had to figure out if they wanted to help her or turn her in. In Season 2, the series spends its time on the idea of synth rights as the newly awake synths explore and "feel" for the first time like humans, but it also — as part of its full consideration of what a world with this kind of AI would be like — takes the time to show how humans are becoming more synth-like. (You can read Chris’ review of Season 2 here). READ MORE...

How Do the Robots of Humans Imitate Real People?

Actors from the television show Humans and their instructor, a choreographer and movement director, on how to make like a machine playing a person.   ... Read More... //

Carrie-Anne Moss and Gemma Chan Talk ‘Humans’ Season 2 and Memories from ‘The Matrix’

The first season of the British tech-drama Humans set the stage for a robot uprising. Set in a futuristic but recognizable world where artificial intelligence-fuelled humanoid robots known as "synths" are as common (and depended on) as smartphones, the series follows Mia (Gemma Chan) and her family of fellow synths on their path to freedom and self-discovery. United at last, the moment has come that they can share their gift for self-awareness with synths the world-over, and Season 2 is set to watch the dominos fall in the aftermath. With Season 2, Humans introduces a number of new faces, human and synth, and one of them is non-other than Sci-Fi royalty Carrie-Anne Moss. Nearly two decade after getting her big break in The Matrix, Moss is headed back to the realm of high-tech as Dr. Athena Morrow, a brilliant scientist and artificial intelligence researcher who is recruited to help understand the synth awakening. READ MORE...

AMC's Humans Is No Westworld, and That's Why It's So Good

The robot discourse has changed dramatically since the first season of Humans was on air in 2015. This is mainly because HBO premiered Westworld last fall, a mindfuck of a show that used robots to dig deep into the nature of consciousness and the metaphysical requirements of a soul. Humans , while also very much about ...Read More... //

Forget Westworld, Humans Is the Robot Show You Should Be Watching

  Last year, HBO debuted Westworld to a lot of fanfare and critical acclaim. A passionate fandom quickly developed, obsessively dissecting episodes, theorizing about future twists and postulating on what it truly means to be human. But as enjoyable as Westworld 's first season was, it failed to live up   ...Read More... ...   //