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Humans Season-Finale Recap: The Cost of Consciousness

Will the synths find freedom or a new kind of subjugation? ...Read More... //

Humans Season 2 Finale Review: Awakening

After an entire season of robot/human drama, we end up at the same place we started. That's progress? On the season finale, Humans Season 2 Episode 7 and Humans Season 2 Episode 8 , there were lots of deep philosophical discussions about what it is to be human, and it turns out the self-aware synths are just as screwed up as we are, except they have super strength. ...Read More...

Humans Recap: Do the Right Thing

The synths may dream of revolution, but Humans is headed for a violent reckoning. ...Read More... //

Humans Recap: Freedom Denied

Has any great change been accomplished, any unjust oppression ever overturned without violence? ...Read More... //

Humans Season 2 Episode 5 Review: Self Preservation

Synths are made to mimic human beings, so why should we be surprised when they have the same instincts we do? On Humans Season 2 Episode 5 , the most hard-wired of all instincts, self preservation, is on full display, both in the synths and the humans. As I predicted in Humans Season 2 Episode 4 , that louse Ed powered down poor Mia, kidnapping her for the purpose of selling her to the highest bidder. ...Read More...

Humans Season 2 Episode 6 Review: Secrets Revealed

So that's Milo's endgame? Robot children for childless couples? How lame is that? This was a huge letdown at the beginning of Humans Season 2 Episode 6 . I was really expecting something MUCH more sinister than that. Granted, it's really creepy to see robot kids, but the whole deal makes ZERO sense. This is just a way for Milo to string consumers along, taking advantage of their grief to sign them up for a constantly upgraded robo kid every year. ...Read More...

Humans Recap: Cheating Death

Athenas endgame is revealed. ...Read More... //

Humans Season 2 Episode 4 Review: Proximity

The synths are coming, the synths are coming! On Humans Season 2 Episode 4 , we see the beginnings of a secret synthinitiative, or are synths being used by humans for their own agenda? Hmm. This should be interesting. What started out as the simple sacking of Joe took a sinister turn. I didn't see that swerve coming, but thank goodness Joe had Mattie to sniff out the conspiracy. ...Read More...

Humans Recap: The Belly of the Beast

Emily Berrington is one of this shows greatest weapons. ...Read More... //

Humans Season 2 Episode 3 Review: What Happens Now?

If perception is reality, at what point will the synths be accepted as equals by the human race, now that more and more of thesynths act just like us? That's where the story is headed, and in Humans Season 2 Episode 3 , all the human characters are grappling with just how to accept the inevitability of synths living side by side with them. ...Read More...