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Tuesdays ,12:00 AM EST on Syfy
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1 Seasons, 13 Episodes
60 Minutes
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Hunters is inspired by Whitley Strieber’s best-selling novel, Alien Hunter, in which the disappearance of a decorated FBI agent's wife leads him to a secret government unit assembled to hunt a group of ruthless terrorists - shadowy figures that may or may not be from this world.

User Reviews

by LoveSyFy

Apr 13, 2016 11:42 AM EDT

Hunters, is brought to you by the SyFy Network. You know, the Network that either a.) Really gets it right or b.) Just horribly misses the mark. Hunters is mediocre, well the first episode anyway. Some of the editing was just painful to view. The characters don't seem to be all that appealing at this stage. Lastly, do we really need/want a show with more flash back scenes *cough* Arrow*cough*

On a positive note, the practical effects were spot on and well done. I couldn't really tell you if they were CGI or practical FX but I did like what I saw. Hopefully, a solid story develops to compliment the FX/GCI.

Flashbacks have there place, but perhaps we can give them a rest and actually tell a story. You know, one that has actual relevance in regards to the series/story. Also worth pointing out, how in the world does a cop/agent etc... get one of there team killed by disobeying a direct order and not get put on administrative leave while he/she is being investigated. Sloppy writing, no real introduction to what's can only get better, I hope!

Please don't get me wrong I'm not writing off the series just yet. I'm just not overly impressed with the debut episode. I'm a Sci-Fi fan and being so I will hang in a bit longer to see what will or will not develop in the upcoming episodes. Some items I hope are addressed, editing, the rather large holes in the plot, and perhaps some additional actors that make you root for them instead of the terrorist/unearthly monster-ious humans.

My rating is 3 I cross my fingers hoping the writing and acting catch up to the CGI/FX and for God's sake NO MORE Flash Backs!

by Donutb

Apr 26, 2016 7:38 AM EDT

A completely unengaging series.