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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: "Dennis' Double Life" Review

Always Sunny closes up shop on its twelfth season with a handsomely hilarious episode that left us with, of all things, a couple of cliffhangers. Is Dennis really gone (meaning, more pointedly, is Glenn Howerton taking a break from the show)? What will become of Charlie and the Waitress now that he's finally gotten his wish after so long and almost instantly regretted it? There's a lot more up in the air by the end of "Dennis' Double Life" than you get in your usual Sunny season finale. The cleverest aspects of this season closer involved both Dennis and Charlie regretting their choices. There was a big "grass is always greener" theme running through the episode as Dennis decided, when the dust settled, that he actually wanted to be a dad while Charlie realized that he really wanted no part of being a father, or even being with the idealized love of his life, The Waitress. So we ended things with Dennis somberly leaving the Gang behind while Charlie got stuck being part of a family after utilizing a Dennis-style scheme. It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia: "Dennis' Double Life" Photos 4 IMAGES View Slideshow READ MORE...

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: "A Cricket's Tale" Review

In a chapter focused almost entirely on Matthew "Cricket" Mara (David Hornsby's forever spiraling priest-turned-homeless derelict), Always Sunny began to take us out of its 12th season with an out of the box-style episode akin to Buffy's "The Zeppo." Basically, a side story all about a secondary character (or in Cricket's case, an afterthought/punching bag) off on a peripheral adventure while the main characters continued to live their lead narratives. In this case even, Cricket's story, we'd discover, was going on specifically during the episodes "PTSDee" and "The Gang Tends Bar." This is what that ol' PCP smoker was up to in between MC'ing the male stripper show at Paddy's to - well - smoking PCP on Valentine's Day in Paddy's. READ MORE...

Why Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia Changed Everything

(Spoiler alert: Dont read this if you havent watched the Season 12 finale of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia.) The Season 12 finale of Its Always Sunny in Philadelphia and to some extent the entire 12th season broke some of the FXX shows oldest rules: No one learns anything, and no one changes. But this was the season that plentychanged. Mac (Rob McElhenney) came out of the closet and stayed there. Charlie (Charlie Day) finally slept with The Waitress (Days real-life wife,Mary Elizabeth Ellis). Most shockingly, Dennis (Glenn Howerton) found out he was a dad and decided not to dodge responsibility.  ...Read More... //www.thewrap.com/glenn-howerton-why-its-always-sunny-in-philadelphia-season-finale-changed-everything/

How It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Got Its Mojo Back

Twelve seasons in, the FXX sitcom has a bona fide breakthrough. ...Read More... //www.vulture.com/2017/03/its-always-sunny-in-philadelphia-recap-season-12-episode-10.html?mid=full-rss-vulture

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Recap: A Cricket in a Downward Spiral

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Recap: Just Another Day at the Bar

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It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: "Ptsdee" Review

Having made huge strides with Mac last week in "Hero or Hate Crime?," Always Sunny had a harder time carrying the ball here in "PTSDee" - a satisfyingly dark, yet also clunky, chapter about The Gang's inability to deal with their varying buried traumas. A funny thing here is that this premise would have also made for a great Mac "coming out" episode, but he seemed fine and more or less adjusted to his new life as a gay, or bi, man. In fact, Mac's new life wasn't even brought up at all by The Gang and the only glimpses of it we caught were the smile on Mac's face when he had a male stripper's ass right in front of his face and the dream he had of dancing Dennis. READ MORE...

It's Always Sunny In Philadelphia: "Hero Or Hate Crime?" Review

Did that finally happen? Was it...? Did it...? Did Mac come out and then stay out? That was awesome. Needless to say, I'll be hugely disappointed if things return to the old status quo next week and Mac goes back to denying all of this, but for right now - man, what a sweet moment. You don't get to say this too often with Always Sunny, or at all really, but this episode delivered a really touching and powerful few seconds. There was even a bit of silence involved. A quiet surrounding his decision to come out and feel free. I loved it. I won't fully go into how this move was long overdue, but it's safe to say that the running gag of everyone else in the Gang thinking Mac was gay -- aided and egged on by all the farcical gay things Mac did and said -- outstayed its welcome several seasons ago. There was simply nowhere new to take it. So for the final push over the edge, the last hurrah, they brought out the anal fisting bike (ahem, "Asspounder 4000") and had Mac crazily explain his way around it. It was the final prop in this "bridge too far." And with that final burst of absurdity, Mac came clean. READ MORE...

It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Recap: Dee Triumphant

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It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia Recap: Out of the Closet

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