60 minutes

Rising star Moon Chae Won from Shining Inheritance, Lee Dong Hae of Super Junior, Choi Jin Hyuk, and veteran actor Park In Hwan combine forces for a heartwarming drama about a spoiled daddy's girl who must come to terms with her sheltered lifestyle and mature in order to keep her family afloat. Eun Chae-Ryung (Moon Chae Won), is constantly doted upon by her father, Eun Ki-Hwan (Park In Hwan). When she comes back from college, her father collapses after being accused of a crime, making her realize that her father was the one holding her dysfunctional family together. With the help of the Choi brothers - Wook Gi (Lee Dong Hae) and Hyuk Gi (Choi Jin Hyuk) - Chae-Ryung transforms into a responsible individual who learns to take care of others. Meanwhile, Hyuk Gi and wealthy heir Park Jong Suk (played by Jeon Tae Soo) compete for Chae-Ryung's affections.

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