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Exclusive: Jane the Virgin Adds Real-Life Literary Icon as Jane's Idol!

  Jane the Virgin has added some serious literary star power to its fourth season. Isabel Allende will appear as herself in an episode this season, TV Guide can exclusively reveal. Unsurprisingly, the Chilean-American author is one of Jane's ( Gina Rodriguez ) literary idols. Much like Jane's own   ...Read More...   //www.tvguide.com/news/jane-the-virgin-season-4-spoilers-isabel-allende/?rss=breakingnews

Jane the Virgin Is About to Have Its Shortest Season Yet

  The fourth season of The CW's Jane the Virgin will be its shortest yet, according to TVLine . The site reports that the newest season, which has been moved to Friday nights , will run for just 17 episodes, which is shorter than the previous three seasons. The first two seasons ran for 22 episodes each,  ...Read More... //www.tvguide.com/news/jane-the-virgin-season-4-episode-count/?rss=breakingnews

Jane the Virgin Episode Count Revealed (Hint: It's the Shortest Season Yet)

Jane Gloriana Villanuevas story is getting streamlined. Jane the Virgin fourth season (premiering on a new night, Fridays, beginning Oct. 13 at 9/8c) will consist of just 17 episodes, TVLine has learned. Thats down three episodes from Season 3s 20-episode order; Seasons 1 and 2 ran 22 episodes each. So does the new Friday night [] //tvline.com/2017/08/26/jane-the-virgin-season-4-order-17-episodes/

Jane the Virgin Stars Reveal Things Will Be a Little "Rocky" Between Xiomara and Rogelio

  First comes love, then comes marriage, then comes a baby in some other woman's baby carriage. When Jane the Virgin returns, Xiomara ( Andrea Navedo ) and Rogelio ( Jaime Camil ) will have to balance their newlywed bliss with the challenges that arise in the wake of Darci's ( Justina Machado ) baby bombshell   ....Read More... //www.tvguide.com/news/jane-the-virgin-season-4-spoilers-xiomara-rogelio/?rss=breakingnews

Jane the Virgin's Justin Baldoni Ships Jane and Rafael Just as Much as You Do

  Jane the Virgin 's third season put Jane ( Gina Rodriguez ) through the emotional ringer when she suddenly and unexpectedly lost her husband Michael ( Brett Dier ) from complications of a gunshot wound he sustained in the Season 2 finale. In the wake of Michael's death, a grieving Jane came to lean more  ....Read More... //www.tvguide.com/news/jane-the-virgin-jane-rafael-end-game/?rss=breakingnews

Jane the Virgin's Justin Baldoni Developing a Talk Show for Men

Oh boy. Jane the Virgin star Justin Baldoni might be the latest TV stud to join the problematic fave bandwagon. Baldoni, best known for playing Gina Rodriguez 's unfathomably chiseled baby daddy Rafael on The CW soap, is developing a talk show called The Men's Room . He'll moderate the weekly panel   ...Read More... //www.tvguide.com/news/justin-baldoni-mens-talk-show-mens-room/?rss=breakingnews

The CW Sets Fall Premiere Dates for Flash, Supernatural, Dynasty, 7 Others

The CW is the second broadcast net to detail its premiere plan for the 2017-18 TV season (following big sisterCBS), and for the first time the network will let loose with all the pigeons during a single week. After playing host to the iHeartRadio Musical festival on Wednesday, Oct. 4 and Friday, Oct. 6, The [] //tvline.com/2017/06/08/the-cw-premiere-dates-fall-2017-flash-riverdale/

Jane The Virgin Creator & Star On Balance Of Tragedy & Humor In Season 3 The Contenders Emmys Video

Three years ago, Jane The Virgin gave the CW its first hourlong comedy series and its first awards contender. And while she may no longer be a virgin, Jane is still a force to be reckoned with.At last month's all-day Deadline event The Contenders Emmys held at the DGA theater, Jane The Virgin creator/showrunner Jennie Snyder Urman and star, Golden Globe winner Gina Rodriguez , reflected on the shows most recent third season, which saw one of the main characters, Janes  ...Read More... //deadline.com/2017/05/jane-the-virgin-season-3-future-gina-rodriguez-jennie-snyder-urman-interview-emmys-video-1202103490/

Jane the Virgin Boss on the Narrator's Identity and When It Will Be Revealed

Is Jane the Virgins narrator speaking from the great beyond? Since the CW dramedys debut, the animated, often cheeky mystery voice has guided viewers through Janes world. And if fans have been paying attention in that time, then they may have also gleaned some clues about his identity. There are hints throughout the series, saysexecutive [] //tvline.com/2017/05/27/jane-the-virgin-spoilers-narrator-identity-series-finale/

Jane the Virgin EP on Jane's New Love, [Spoiler]'s Baby Shocker and More

Warning: The following contains spoilers for Mondays finale of Jane the Virgin. Jane the Virgin reignited its central love triangle during Mondays Season 3 finale, adding a new player to the mix and even bringing back a former member of the romantic entanglement. To recap: Petra pushed Rafael away after suspecting that he and [] //tvline.com/2017/05/22/jane-the-virgin-recap-season-3-finale-tyler-posey-darci-pregnant/