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CBS puts 'Wolf Lake,' 'Jericho' and 'Swingtown' online

As part of its Second Look feature, CBS is putting all of the episodes for "Jericho," "Swingtown" and "Wolf Lake" up on for the summer, allowing viewers to experience a trio of dramas they didn't necessarily flock to when they were actually airing. //

NCIS Scoop: Jericho Alum Books November Sweeps Arc

Jericho and Third Watch alum Brad Beyer has booked a two-episode arc on NCIS during November sweeps, has learned.  Beyer will play...  //

'Jericho' grad joins 'Lie to Me'

Would I lie to you? Probably. But I’m telling you the truth when I say that Lie to Me has just cast Shoshannah Stern. The Jericho alum will recur during the show’s upcoming third season as a grad student hired to help Dr. Lightman (Tim Roth) write his new book. Though some of psychologist’s colleagues fret that the newbie’s disability will make her job all but impossible - like the actress, the character is deaf—Lightman takes a shine to her. Source Here

Skeet Ulrich Joins CBS Drama Pilot

Skeet Ulrich has been cast as the lead in John Wells' new medical drama, according to The Hollywood Reporter. The untitled series follows a mobile team that travels the U.S. treating patients. Ulrich, 40, will play a Harvard-educated cardiologist who still pines for his ex-wife. This is Ulrich's third CBS project, following Jericho and last season's pilot Back. Source Here

Jericho's Ashley Scott Headed to NCIS

Former Jericho star Ashley Scott will appear on an upcoming episode of NCIS, has confirmed. Scott, 32, will play a missing ZNN reporter who becomes the subject of an NCIS investigation, according to Entertainment Weekly, which first reported the casting. In the episode, scheduled to air in May, Agent DiNozzo (Michael Weatherly) will take a special interest in the case. After her role on the cult favorite Jericho, Scott most recently guest-starred on an episode of CSI: Miami. Are you excited to see Scott back on the small screen? Source Here

Pilot News: Skeet's Back, Sexy Zoe Plays House, and More

Skeet Ulrich, whose Jericho famously managed a (singular) death-row reprieve, is on his way back to CBS as the lead in Back, a drama pilot about a man who returns home to discover he was reported missing eight years earlier, just after Sept. 11. (No, I don't quite get the premise either.) In other CBS pilot castings, Zoe McLellan ( Dirty Sexy Money ) has landed a role in House Rules (playing one of several newly elected congresswomen and men), while Nickelodeon poster boy Drake Bell is diving into The Fish Tank, a comedy about a teen living alone in his family's home. Also, Chris Parnell ( 30 Rock ) and Missy Pyle (Charlie and the Chocolate Factory) have joined Big D, playing the sister and brother-in-law of a East Coast husband who moves with his wife to Dallas. Source here

''Jericho'' Gets a Big Screen Treatment With Original Cast

CBS drama " Jericho " may not survive the TV world but it may get some luck in its big screen version. Executive producer for the series Jon Turteltaub spoke to iF Magazine, saying that a feature film is en route and that the original cast will be involved. "We're developing a feature for Jericho," Turteltaub said while promoting his horror series Harper's Island . "It would not require you to have seen the TV show, but it get into life after an event like this on a national scale. It would be the bigger, full on American version of what's going on beyond the town in Jericho." "Jericho" the TV series premiered in 2006 and got canceled after only one season due to poor rating but hard core fans of the show managed to encourage the network to bring the show back for another season. After seven episodes, the show was finally canceled and TV Guide reported that it will receive a re-run on The CW . Asked on the potential of the show's continuation if it picks up the pace in the new home, Turteltaub said, "If it was like this remarkable success, they would bring it back." Source here

Supernatural and Jericho producers team up for Showtime's Syns

That zany Cylon god just answered some lucky fanboy's prayers. Showtime is developing Syns, a sci-fi drama about a world in which humans create synthetic life forms for "various purposes." Since Showtime is the pay cable network that gave us Californication, The L Word and Debbie Does Dallas Again, I'm guessing several of those "purposes" might fall under the TV-MA category. All those Battlestar Galactica fans who ever wished to see more than just a sexy cyborg's glowing spine can start anticipating this show .... now! Read more ...

CW Cancels Sunday Slate, Fills Gap with Jericho Repeats

Valentine fans may now suffer broken hearts, but fighters for Jericho can rejoice in reruns. The CW is saying good-bye to its Sunday-night buy-time deal with Media Rights Capital, and welcoming back Jericho to help fill the sudden void. One source says that The CW nixed the agreement after MRC fell behind on payments, while another insider denies the allegation, Variety reports. A spokesman for MRC said that the two companies may bring back the programming block at a later point, once the content, financials and timing are worked out. That the block got the chop already isn't surprising in light of ratings. The MRC slot, which included newbies Valentine and Easy Money , saw on average 1.04 million viewers weekly - a 42 percent drop from the same time last year. The two shows were put on hiatus in October, with plans for In Harm's Way and 4Real unclear. Along with Jericho , The CW plans to plug in series such as Season 1 eps of Everybody Hates Chris , The Drew Carey Show and weekly movies from MGM. The new block will begin November 30. Source: TvGuide

CW + MRC = Failure (+ Jericho Reruns)

The CW has just sent a little Valentine over to Media Rights Capital. Because the relationship brought neither party any Easy Money , the partnership is In Harm's Way . In short: "The CW has terminated its Sunday night time-buy deal with Media Rights Capital." Variety Says The CW: "The MRC shows are simply not working. To that end, we have made a business and programming decision to protect our network and your local interests on Sunday for the remainder of the season." Both Easy Money and Valentine were already canceled and no longer producing new episodes and frankly, I'm not even sure what happened to In Harm's Way . Beginning next Sunday (November 30), no MRC shows will air on the network. The CW will fill their Sunday evenings (beginning at 6PM) with reruns of Everybody Hates Chris , The Game , The Drew Carey Show and get this... Jericho (at 7PM). Movies will air in the 8PM block.