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Recap Jericho: Season 1, Episode 10

On the eve of   Thanksgiving , Jake, Stanley and an unidentified man are hunting for turkeys. Unsuccessful, Stanley and Jake head back to Stanley's truck when they spot two Russian-made jet fighters in the sky. They look up to see several lumbering transport aircraft begin to drop large parcels by parachute. Finding one such parcel in a field, they open it to discover that it is stocked with food. Jake notices the food's packaging is in Chinese, and they uncover a flyer with the message "Do not fight... China is your friend." Several other packages have landed in town and on the Richmond farm. Although Jake and Mayor Green are wary about whether the food is safe to eat, Gray Anderson ridicules the notion that the food could be poisoned. He eats a cookie with no ill effect and tells Mayor Green that the food should be released to the increasingly hungry residents of Jericho. Stanley arrives home to discover not only that Mimi has already helped herself to some chocolate from a food parcel but also that that another airdropped container contains a generator. He sends Mimi off to tell Jake. Meanwhile it is revealed that Gracie had made a deal with Jonah to keep her store shelves stocked. Mayor Green arrives and persuades her to help store the airdropped supplies and to break off the deal with Jonah. Mayor Green has a tense, but non-violent, confrontation with Jonah and Mitchell, whom the mayor demands return an item he stole from Gracie. As retribution, Jonah's men take the two parcels from the Richmond farm, including the badly needed generator, assaulting Stanley in the process. Read More... //

Recap Jericho: Season 1, Episode 9

Emily dreams of the morning of her wedding to Roger, then awakens and realizes that   Roger   is most likely dead. Meanwhile, outside of town, the   Ravenwood   mercenaries, led by Goetz, show up at the Richmond farm and steal gas for their two black   Hummers . Stanley confronts them, and Goetz asks if he knows Eric. Stanley tells him he "can't help them", and then Goetz rounds up his men and leaves. Stanley heads over to the Green house to warn Jake and Eric about them. Anticipating the mercenaries' arrival, Gray, Jake, and Hawkins arrange an armed   checkpoint , using inoperative cars to block the bridge leading out of Jericho in the direction of Rogue River. Soon the mercenaries arrive, and a confrontation takes place. A minor   firefight   erupts when a town citizen nervously fires off a shot. Although no one is hurt, Goetz gives an ultimatum: Clear the bridge in four hours, or theRavenwood   men will force their way through. Heather arrives at Emily's house, determined to take her mind off the fact that she was supposed to be getting married. She has a hike along the river planned, but those plans are canceled after hearing news of the impending standoff at the bridge, and that everyone is being ordered to stay indoors for their safety. Announcing that they are proceeding to "phase two," the girls head over to the bar. Mary pulls out what she refers to as "the last bottle of   single malt scotch   in Kansas," and Emily, Heather, and Mary get drunk to celebrate what would have been Emily's wedding day. Emily begins a flirtatious discourse with Dr. Dhuwalia, who drowns his sorrows at Bailey's after witnessing the death and destruction at Rogue River. He talks about his previous life in   Las Vegas , and how he ended up in Rogue River. Emily continues to daydream about what her wedding day would've been like, visualizing all the doubts she has about her relationship with Roger and her lingering feelings for Jake. Jake, Gray and Hawkins plan to blow up the bridge to prevent Goetz and his men from coming into town. Eric objects strongly, noting that many of Jericho's farms are on the other side of the river, including the Richmonds'. He orders them not to go ahead, but they defy him and rig the bridge with   dynamite   from the mines and   ANFO   improvised explosives. Jake heads out to warn the people on the other side of the bridge to head into town, or risk being cut off. At the Richmond farm, Stanley and Bonnie flatly refuse to leave their home, but Mimi heads for safety. Read More... //

Recap Jericho: Season 1, Episode 8

A caption establishes the episode being set a month after the attacks. Mayor Green 's life hangs in the balance when he goes into septic shock after suffering from severe flu-like symptoms.   Jake   and   Eric   decide to go to another town about 90 miles away to obtain the medicine the mayor desperately needs. While traveling to Rogue River, Jake and Eric discover that the world outside of Jericho has changed immensely since the explosions took place. They pass a wrecked car whose driver is lying dead along the road. Eric wants to stop, but Jake points out skid marks and concludes that the car had been run off the road by bandits who could still be nearby. Jake also insists that they travel mainly on back roads instead of primary highways. When they arrive in Rogue River, they discover that the   Federal Emergency Management Agency   (FEMA) has apparently evacuated the town because of radioactive contamination of the water. The houses are all marked with FEMA codes indicating when the house was evacuated and how many persons in each house were found—dead and alive. Jake knows the code and explains it to Eric. (It is the same code used following   Hurricane Katrina .) The town seems deserted. Read More... //

Recap Jericho: Season 1, Episode 7

While the town prepares to celebrate   Halloween , Gray Anderson returns after traveling outside of town and reports back on the horrific things he saw while he was away. Upon his return, Gray confirms that   Washington D.C.   has been destroyed. He goes on to say that New York City has survived, and mentions that the   New York Police Department   found a nuclear bomb in a van minutes before it was set to explode. He also confirms that Topeka is still intact, although its citizens were dealing with the effects of fallout from an attack on nearby   Lawrence . Gray also says that he encountered a vehicle from the   Federal Emergency Management Agency   (FEMA) that was carrying water to survivors in   Topeka . He hitched a ride with the driver, but they were stopped outside of Topeka at a road block. Several people attacked them and pulled them out of the vehicle. Gray tells them that the driver was killed, but he managed to escape. Having witnessed unspeakable terror, Gray is determined to protect the citizens of Jericho from danger. To this end, he wants to interrogate all the new families who came to town before or after the attacks–including Rob Hawkins. He mentions that 14 new families have moved into the city from days before the attack to current times. Eric defends Hawkins, mentioning that he's been a great help to them so far, and he has two children. Meanwhile,   Jonah Prowse , a man with whom Jake has some history, comes back to town driving Jake's car, and it is revealed that Jonah is Emily's father. He says that he would like to post bail for Mitchell, who had been arrested for stealing the horses from the Greens' stables. Jake tells him that he will release Mitchell into Jonah's custody, but in exchange, Jonah must return the food that his men stole from the barn, and that he promise that he will stay away from Jericho. However, the town breaks the deal when Gray and Eric refuse to give up custody of Mitchell. When meeting Jonah for the exchange, Jonah has upheld his part of the bargain, but Jake is empty-handed. Later that night, Jonah sends two men to Jericho, and they break Mitchell out of the jail. Gray chases after them, until Jake stops Gray from shooting at them. Heather later scrounges up the best vehicle available, a very old pick-up truck, and Jake drives to Jonah's compound to renegotiate. Jonah has one demand: he wants to see Emily. Jake thinks that this is impossible, because Emily would never want to see him again. Read More... //

Recap Jericho: Season 1, Episode 6

The episode picks up with everyone standing outside Bailey's watching the   ballistic missiles   fly outbound. Some residents speculate that the United States is launching a retaliation against the perpetrators of the nuclear attack on American cities. The mayor comments that the nearest missile silos are in   Wyoming , 100 miles away, and that the missiles may not be American. Hawkins goes home, tells his family to enter the basement, and uses his computer to enter a chat presumably with another member of his confederates, who states that he cannot speak freely as he has been compromised. A large explosion is seen in the sky and at that time the lights go out. Hawkins hands his family   chemical lights   and confirms that there was an   electromagnetic pulse . The possibility that officials were beginning to respond to the crisis with the restoration of electricity, the telephone message from   Homeland Security , and the potential television address by a federal official appears to have been a false hope. Eric questions whether or not help is actually coming, but the mayor tells him probably not. The episode then picks up two weeks later. The ability of Jericho's residents to maintain some semblance of "normalcy " with functional modern technology in the first days after the attacks has been almost completely lost. The clocks are all locked on 9:02 and the kids are playing in the street using their now worthless cellphones as baseballs. One flies through the window of the grocery store and Dale confronts the kids who broke the window. He tells Jake the same teenagers have tried to steal from the store twice in the last week. A previously unseen teenager, "Sean", identifies himself as a friend of Dale, who looks uncomfortable but does not dispute him. Hawkins works as a police officer more to help maintain order, as everyone now realizes they are living in a vastly different world. The small police force is overwhelmed with complaints such as trespassing and a broken water main on Ash Street flooding property. Mary is upset about Eric and discussing the situation with Jake when Mitch walks into Bailey's. Mitch and Jake obviously have a bad history with each other, but before the situation can escalate to violence, Hawkins intervenes. Read More... //

Recap Jericho: Season 1, Episode 5

As dawn breaks, Jake, Eric, Mimi, Stanley, and a deputy are gathered in Mary's bar. They have been up all night playing cards. During some light conversation, Mimi notes the stillness of the town and how it unsettles her. Jake sympathizes, confessing that it was one reason for his leaving -- but   J immy   chimes in, offering to reveal the actual reason Jake left. Jake stops him. Confident in her ability to read people, Mimi offers her own speculation of why Jake left -- that he ran from the pressure of being a popular and athletic youth. The guys laugh knowingly and tell her she’s way off the mark, hinting that he was a notorious screw-up. Mary steps aside with Eric to speak privately about the status of their plan. With their hands lingering in a subtle caress, Eric assures her that he'll talk to April that evening about ending their marriage. Mimi and Jake observe their visible chemistry from afar. Suddenly the electricity comes back on and telephones all over town start ringing. They deliver a recorded message from Assistant Secretary Walsh of the   Department of Homeland Security   telling everyone to remain calm and that help is on the way. TheEmergency Alert System   is put into place as televisions display a message ordering citizens to stand by for further instructions. At an internet café, Skylar tries unsuccessfully to check her email for any messages from her parents. Allison assists her and discovers that the government has blocked all   IP addresses   on the internet. Jake, weary from lack of sleep, checks in with his father and Eric. They decide to attempt telephone contact with the National Guard base in Great Bend as soon as the lines free up. With the situation pretty much stable for the time being, Jake decides to head home. Read More... //

Recap Jericho: Season 1, Episode 4

A caption states that the episode takes place "4 days after the bombs, 1 day after the fallout has cleared." The patrons of the bar are watching the weak signal and distorted picture on the satellite television. It plays only a short loop of video showing fires burning and amateur footage of people trying to escape destruction, presumably that of the nuclear attacks. Eric and Jake discuss whether the footage is from the   Midwest , as Hawkins watches on, grimly observing that whoever shot the video is probably dead. Deciding what city it may be, Mary draws a question mark over   Cincinnati   on a map of the United States, just as the generator runs out of gas, shutting down the bar. Eric promises her that he will find more gas. As Jake leaves the bar, he finds Heather in the street outside and offers to walk her home. They hear breaking glass and discover that someone has broken into the pharmacy. Jake sends Heather to get help and then finds a man, presumably the intruder, suffering from third-degree burns and weakened by   radiation poisoning . At the   medical clinic , the man identifies himself as Victor Miller and warns that something or someone is coming before he falls into unconsciousness. Read More... //

Recap Jericho: Season 1, Episode 3

According to a caption, the episode begins 18 hours after the bombs had exploded.   Robert Hawkins   is shown donning a yellow   NBC suit   and gas mask. Stepping out into the rain, he attends to a cache of   M4 Carbines   and other supplies, moving a single barrel from a storage unit to a large   U-Haul   rental truck. The truck bears Kansas license plate KVJ 572. At the Richmond farm, Stanley finally shows up, to his sister's relief. He tells Jake about seeing a group of tanks headed west on Interstate 70 toward   Denver ,   Colorado , but he also reveals that he had to trek for twenty minutes through the rain, potentially exposing himself to a high dose of   radiation   (Treating him with Iodine). Meanwhile, one of the citizens who took refuge in the salt mine begins to act restless: Scott Rennie, a co-worker and friend of Heather, suffers a   claustrophobic   panic attack. Gray and his friend Shep try to calm him down as he pleads to be let outside. The rain clears, and people begin to come out of the shelters. Jake and a team of   firefighters   breach the blocked opening of the mine and bring out the survivors. Heather discovers that Scott is dead from an apparent   heart attack , but begins to suspect foul play and begs Shep for more information. Jake and Bonnie are glad to find that Stanley has apparently suffered no ill effects from being caught in the rain. With news of the tanks heading toward Denver, and new information being scarce, Jake devises a plan to send out parties in all four directions to try establish contact with any survivors. Gray half-jokingly calls the scouts   The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse . Their planning is temporarily interrupted as the satellite television in the local bar receives a weak signal from a   Mandarin Chinese   news program that reveals some of the extent of the nuclear explosions in the United States. A map graphic behind the broadcaster bears red circles marking the cities of Denver, Atlanta, Chicago, Dallas, San Diego, San Francisco, what appears through the static to be Seattle, and either New York City or Philadelphia. After a few seconds, the signal is lost. Read More... //

Recap Jericho: Season 1, Episode 2

The residents of   Jericho   are threatened by an incoming rainstorm carrying   radioactive fallout   that will reach the town in two hours. They take cover in their houses and the town's two   fallout shelters . Meanwhile,Emily , her SUV having broken down the previous night, flags down a police cruiser being driven by   two sheriff's deputies , from whom she learns about the nuclear explosion in   Denver, Colorado . She agrees to help them find a place to get some gas. Emily is unaware that the deputies are really two escaped prisoners – probably from the crashed prison bus – who have stashed the real officers in the trunk; but she is unsettled by their odd demeanor and a prominent tattoo on one's neck. As the shelter underneath the town hall fills up,   Jake   is forced to quickly prepare the dilapidated shelter underneath the medical center for other survivors. When a ventilation fan there malfunctions, he decides to move the survivors to   Gray Anderson 's salt mine. Elsewhere, his brother   Eric Green   flexes his leadership muscle to convince everyone at Mary's bar, many of them out-of-towners, to head to the shelters while Dale Turner, mourning the death of his mother in   Atlanta, Georgia , takes refuge with Skylar, a girl who fears that her parents in   New York City   may have been killed as well. Robert Hawkins , who originally warned the town of the incoming fallout-laden storm, discloses that he had been a police officer in   St. Louis, Missouri   and had learned about the effects of radioactive fallout duringhomeland security   training after the   September 11, 2001, attacks . He finds a weak signal broadcasting   Morse code   over the radio and transcribes the message, which visibly disturbs him, though he tells a passing   Gail   that he could not get the radio to work. Gail finds   her husband   unconscious on the floor of his office. It isn't immediately apparent what has happened to him. Read More... //

Recap Jericho: Season 1, Episode 1

Thirty-two year old   Jake Green   returns for a short visit to his small hometown of   Jericho   in northern Kansas following a mysterious five-year absence. While he was away, Jake had no contact with any of his family or friends, except possibly his mother   Gail . Jake is evasive about his absence; he is asked where he has been by various Jericho residents, and he gives different answers - including claims to have been playing   minor league baseball   and serving in both the   Army   and   Navy . Jake's mother,   Gail , who apparently knows where Jake has been, is very happy and relieved to see him. Jake discusses with his father,   Mayor Johnston Green , the inheritance Jake's grandfather left him. Johnston refuses to release the money to Jake until Jake leads what Johnston calls "a more productive life". Afterwards, Jake goes to visit his grandfather's grave. Despite his mother's objections. Jake leaves Jericho that same day, telling his mother that he must return to   San Diego . As Jake leaves town, the   President   addresses a   joint session of the United States Congress   about a rise in global violence. Simultaneously, all the television and radio stations and telephone communication go dead. At the same time, some residents of the town see a   mushroom cloud   on the horizon, in the direction of   Denver, Colorado   over a mountain range. On the highway, another driver, distracted by the cloud, drifts into the opposing lane, where Jake is driving, also distracted. The cars collide, killing the occupants of the other car and knocking Jake unconscious. Read More... //