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Snooki from 'Jersey Shore' Never Learns - More Parties!

You'd think after her now famous encounter with the fist while taping Jersey Shore last summer, Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi would lie low on the bar scene for a while. But don't count on a VH1 reality show celebrity to do something so ridiculous. The breakout star on MTV's smash hit Jersey Shore is reportedly being paid in the neighborhood of $10,000 just to show up on parties - although it's almost always certain that pole-dancing is included in the package. And not just Snooki, the seven guidos and guidettes from Jersey Shore are partying it up from coast to coast. Just recently, Snooki was spotted at the Opium Nightclub within the Seminole Hard Rock Hotel and Casino in Hollywood, Florida. The 21-year-old Marlboro, New York native strut it out in the dance floor in a mini-black dress while pole-dancing. As you know, Snooki made headlines after a footage surfaced of some party person punching her in the face. Yet contrary to how Jersey Shore portrays her, she says she's not so outgoing. "I never went further than just making out. I haven't slept with anyone in a really long time." She certainly went a long way from her humble Jersey Shore beginnings. In her MTV bio: Nicole is looking to meet the man of her dreams. When she goes to the gym, she goes in full makeup, hoping to make a splash with all the toned men. Her height has been as much of a strength as it has been an obstacle, and it will color her summer at the Shore in a big way. She did color our summer alright. Source Here

MTV Wants 'Jersey Shore' Back for Second Season

Bruised but not battered, "Jersey Shore" is set to stay firm on MTV. Cast member Vinny Guadagino told several ladies at "Youth in Revolt" after-party on Tuesday, January 5 that the network wants them to be back for a second summer in Seaside Heights. "They want us to do another season," Vinny said to the women at La Pomme in NYC. The girls wanted him to join them to another club but Vinny emphasized that he could not "go out and make unpaid appearances." A rep for the cast ensemble confirmed previously that they get paid for showing up in parties but the management is "very particular" about the venues they get sent to. Group-wise, the entire gang can rake in approximately $30,000 per event with Snooki getting the highest price tag of $7,500. Lovers Ronnie and Sammi, meanwhile, come in a package price at $3,000. Since there is "no ceiling" to the pricing, the cast can get more if they keep displaying eccentricities. Snooki, the most controversial cast so far, has just admitted that she has a sex tape to Life and Style magazine. "I don't want people to watch me doing that," she said. "It's a private thing." Vivid Entertainment founder Steven Hirsch said, "A sex tape starring Snooki could fetch between $1 million and $3 million. It could be considerably more." "Jersey Shore" has been the subject of criticism for depicting a false image of American-Italiano and showing offensive behavior. Many have pushed MTV to cancel the show, including New Jersey Italian American Legislative Caucus that issued an open letter to lay out how the show is "contrary to New Jersey's efforts to reduce hate and bias-related crime." Source Here

Another Jersey Shore Fight Leads to Cast Member's Arrest

First Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi gets jabbed in the face during filming for Jersey Shore, now it turns out that another altercation on the show has resulted in arrest of cast member Ronnie Magro. Magro, 24, was arrested Sept. 4 for aggravated assault for punching a man, Seaside Heights, N.J., Police Chief Thomas Boyd told People. Unlike Polizzi's incident, which was pulled from the episode, footage of Magro's fight will air in an upcoming installment of Jersey Shore. Though Magro, who spent a few hours in jail and paid $600 for bail, told the magazine he received a letter in the mail saying charges were dismissed, an Ocean County prosecutor on the case told that it's still under review, and, as of now, it's unclear what further action will be taken. "I definitely felt out of place," Margo told People about his jail time. "It's definitely a place I never want to go back to again. Definitely a lesson learned." Magro, who said he was provoked while walking home from the bar with co-stars, added: "I regret getting arrested. I don't regret having the fight." Source Here

The Real 'Jersey Shore' Distancing Itself From Reality Show

More opposition is directed toward MTV's latest reality show "Jersey Shore". This time it came from the real Jersey Shore, a beach community called The Borough of Seaside Heights that wants nothing to do with the show. "The governing body wants it to be known that they did not solicit, promote or participate in the filming of this show," said John Camera, borough administrator, in a statement. "Furthermore, the Borough does not condone any discriminatory remarks against Italian Americans, domestic violence or the promiscuous and otherwise bad behavior portrayed on the show." Before the Borough, New Jersey Italian American Legislative Caucus had proclaimed their dislike. In an open letter to Viacom demanding the show to be yanked out of air, the legislators called the show "an offensive, inaccurate portrayal" of Italian Americans and said it's "contrary to New Jersey's efforts to reduce hate and bias-related crime." Advertisers had started pulling off their commitment, but despite the lack of monetary supply and criticism, MTV has stayed firm behind the show. One of "Jersey" cast, Ronnie Ortiz-Magro, even has a future plan for them. He said that it would be "awesome to do The Hills versus Jersey Shore, like Real World/Road Rules Challenge." Source Here

New Jersey lawmakers don't like Jersey Shore

Perhaps there is such a thing as bad publicity. New Jersey lawmakers are looking to cancel the MTV reality series Jersey Shore via a boycott of its advertisers. Mind you, MTV has been dealing with controversy since its inception (as has Jersey Shore), so this move is unlikely to cancel the series. If anything, given the anti-establishment vibe of the channel, it may even make it more popular. MTV should send the lawmakers a gift basket. While I'm no fan of the show, it shouldn't be canceled in this manner. One can only hope that poor ratings contribute to its demise (although that's not likely at this stage). This sort of end would only give those that support it more fuel for the fire. MTV might be facing less criticism if they had a more ethnically diverse cast for the show. On the other hand, the network might be seeking the criticism out like the attention-whore that it is in an effort to reinforce its reputation. Source Here

'Jersey Shore': Guido Hair 101 with DJ Pauly D

Guido-wannabees, are you ready to be schooled? Sure, you hired that fitness trainer to get you all muscle-headed out. And that tanning bed has become your new home away from home. We know you've hit every sale at Armani Exchange since "Jersey Shore" started airing. But something is still missing... Paul Delvecchio, better known as the "Shore's" Pauly D, laid out the guido formula in last week's episode: "You got to stay fresh. Fresh haircut. Fresh outfit. Fresh tan. Just fresh." That's right. It's the first thing on Pauly's list. What's keeping you from being "guido-fresh"? You're missing Pauly's "blowout," his fresh from the wind tunnel hair! Thankfully, Pauly, is not unlike fellow cast member, Snooki. They're both all about the advancement of Italian-American culture. So, Pauly has put together an instructional video for the "blowout-challenged." Hold on, tiger! Before you hit the video below, you'll need clean wet hair, a styling brush, Joico's Ice Spiker (a water-resistant "styling glue"), Got2b's Glued Spiking Freeze spray and a few hours. Source & Video

The real Jersey Shore doesn't like Jersey Shore

This just in from TV Squad's Department of the Blatantly Obvious: residents of Jersey's Seaside Heights don't like the Jersey Shore gang. Some of the town's natives told The Hollywood Reporter that they feel the popular MTV reality show gives their little corner of the universe a very bad image in the eyes of the viewing public. One woman who described the town as a very quiet and charming place told the publication, "They should call it 'North Jersey Shore.'" So if you're from Seaside Heights, do you agree with her? Source Here

Jersey Shore Cast Members Create Funny or Die Video

The Jersey Shore kids are showing off their acting chops in a new Funny or Die spoof. In the video, featuring Mike ("The Situation,") Nicole ("Snooki") and Pauly D, the cast members start out as their usual crazy selves, when suddenly they stop cold after Mike says, "I cannot bear this any longer," in a very different tone of voice. Before you know it, all three are speaking in full, proper English (Pauly D even tries to swing some form of British accent) and Mike puts on a pair of glasses and whips out a cane. Mike expresses how distraught he is about the act he's forced to put on for Jersey Shore because it's killing him inside. But the other two manage to console him. "Every time you lift your shirt, you're lifting America's spirits," says Pauly D. Source here

Jersey Shore Loses Dell Sponsor

Dell Computers has pulled its ads from MTV's Jersey Shore, making it the third sponsor the show has lost in as many weeks, TMZ reports. The PC company will "block" its ads from appearing during future episodes of the show because it does not "condone or support ethnic bashing in any form," according to TMZ. Earlier this month, Domino's and American Family Insurance both bailed on the series shortly after its premiere. The show, which follows eight hard-partying twentysomethings, sparked outrage from a slew of Italian-American groups, who are offended by the cast's use of the term "guido" and the show's depiction of Italian-Americans. UNICO, the largest Italian-American service organization in the U.S., has called for an advertising boycott. It's not all bad news for the Shore crew. Two weeks ago,, a Web site that does background checks, signed on as a new sponsor, and the show's ratings continue to rise. Calls to Dell and MTV were not immediately returned. Source here

Jersey Shore Ratings Continue to Rise

Things just keep getting better at the Jersey Shore. Ratings for the MTV reality series increased to 2.5 million viewers Thursday night. In the adults ages 18-49 demo, the show rocketed 27 percent to a 1.4 rating. Shore also earned a 2.2 rating among women ages 18-34. Thursday's episode made headlines days before its premiere, specifically after a clip of cast member Nicole "Snooki" Polizzi getting punched at a bar went viral. MTV later decided to black out the scene. Jersey Shore - which follows the tanning, fist-pumping and partying ways of eight Italian Americans - debuted to 1.3 million viewers Dec. 4. Source Here