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Jersey Shore's Ronnie Is Nearly Unrecognizable: Check Out His Thick Beard and Moustache (PHOTOS)

First Ronnie moved in with Sammi, then he started to become a pro in the kitchen, and now he's growing out his facial hair? This guido is growing up! Click to the next slide to see the Jersey Shore star's new hairy look. //

Jersey Shore's Pauly D Drops New Single "Back to Love," Featuring Jay Sean

Listen to DJ Pauly D's new single, Back to Love, featuring Jay Sean! //

Guess the Jersey Shore Engagement Ring: Which Girl Rocks This Humongous Diamond? (PHOTOS)

Two of the Jersey Shore guidettes are engaged right now and both of their rings are blindingly impressive. Want to know if this rock belongs to Snooki or JWOWW? Click to the next slide to find out! //

The Big Difference Between Buckwild and Jersey Shore Has Finally Been Revealed

MTV is clearly looking to draw in some crossover from the Jersey Shore faithful into their newest reality venture, Buckwild, but the cast members of the new wild-n-out show say there’s at least one big difference between themselves and the guidos and guidettes of the Jersey Shore. So, what do they claim differentiates them so? Speaking to Celebuzz, Buckwild star Shain Gandee declared, "We’re one of a kind! ... There ain’t nothing like us." "When I’m... //

Jersey Shore's Vinny GTF's For the New Year: Gyms, Tans, Freezes His Butt Off (PHOTO)

As Vinny put it, he was freezin' for a reason this New Year's, spending his should-be-hungover morning plunging into a freezing ocean. What a guy! The Jersey Shore star spent January 1 participating in the Cold-EEZE annual Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge in the Atlantic Ocean, to raise money for the charity Camp Sunshine. According to Vinny's Twitter, he still has water in his ear, so he may need a few more days to recover from the chilly swim! Snooki & JWOWW Season 2 premieres on... //

Which Jersey Shore Cast Member Changed the Most on the Show?

Now that Jersey Shore is over for good, it's time to take a moment to reflect on how much the cast has changed. Every single cast member has undergone some sort of transformation since we first met them, but who's made the biggest 180? We've run down the changes as we see them. Look it over, and then let us know who you think wins the title of Most Changed. Deena Nicole: From single drunk mess to taken, skinnier, and ... OK, still sometimes a drunk mess. JWOWW: JWOWW's had a physical... //

What did JWOWW Get her Fiance Roger for Christmas?

Roger Mathews enjoyed the spoils of some of that Jersey Shore Season 6 dough this Christmas with one heckuva gift from his fiancé JWOWW. So, what did the guidette shower her future husband with this holiday season? //

JWOWW Reveals the Worst Part About Living With Fiance Roger Mathews

When chatting with the Jersey Shore stars at a recent press conference, we couldn’t help but laugh when JWOWW discussed the best and worst parts about living with her fiance Roger Mathews. Let’s start with the good news. JWOWW says that the best part about having her man as her roommate "is that I have my best friend living with me." Snooki piped in, saying, "Cruel," and JWOWW changed her answer: "Except for you! Second best friend, best friend with... //

The Situation on His New Single Status: “I Would Love to Have a Real Girlfriend”

Wetpaint Entertainment recently sat down with The Situation to discuss his post-Jersey Shore plans, how he’s enjoying his new status as a single, sober guy, and whether or not he and Snooki have truly made up since wrapping the series. Are you happy with the way Jersey Shore ended? The Situation: Definitely very bittersweet that this is happening right now but I believe the way that Jersey Shore ended, it ended on a high note. It put so much work and it was so much effort, into this... //

'Jersey Shore' Series Closer Is Least-Watched Finale for Franchise

The final episode of the MTV series drew just 3.1 million viewers Thursday. //