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Jersey Shore Cast Reunites for Hurricane Sandy Benefit Concert

The cast of Jersey Shore is reuniting Saturday for a concert to honor volunteers after Hurricane Sandy. //

The Cast of "Jersey Shore" Will Reunite to Thank the 50 Students Who Are Volunteering to Help Rebuild Devastated New York and New Jersey Communities Affected by Hurricane Sandy

They'll join the previously announced Ne-Yo as performers for the "Spring Fix" benefit concert at Six Flags Great Adventure on Saturday, March 23. //

Snooki Admits She’s Embarrassed of Her Jersey Shore Days: “My Child Has to See That One Day!” (VIDEO)

Snooki did a lot of crazy things during her Jersey Shore days, and though she’s a reformed party girl with an adorable son named Lorenzo  to take care of now, constant reruns of the hit MTV show don’t allow her to break away from that image completely. And while she doesn’t have any regrets about doing the show — it’s how she met her bestie, JWOWW, after all! — she is embarrassed of her Seaside Heights days. While playing "The Hashtag... //

Will Snooki Have Another Baby? The Jersey Shore Star Says...

It’s been amazing watching Snooki grow up so much over the past year, putting aside her party girl ways to be the best mom ever for adorable son, Lorenzo. We love seeing pics of them cuddling, but will they soon be making room for another tiny tot? In response to a fan praising her for being so strong through labor, she tweeted, "All worth it & I’ll do it again!" Clearly, Snooks is one tough meatball! While the next thing in store for our favorite Jersey Shore... //

Jersey Shore's Ronnie Is Nearly Unrecognizable: Check Out His Thick Beard and Moustache (PHOTOS)

First Ronnie moved in with Sammi, then he started to become a pro in the kitchen, and now he's growing out his facial hair? This guido is growing up! Click to the next slide to see the Jersey Shore star's new hairy look. //

Jersey Shore's Pauly D Drops New Single "Back to Love," Featuring Jay Sean

Listen to DJ Pauly D's new single, Back to Love, featuring Jay Sean! //

Guess the Jersey Shore Engagement Ring: Which Girl Rocks This Humongous Diamond? (PHOTOS)

Two of the Jersey Shore guidettes are engaged right now and both of their rings are blindingly impressive. Want to know if this rock belongs to Snooki or JWOWW? Click to the next slide to find out! //

The Big Difference Between Buckwild and Jersey Shore Has Finally Been Revealed

MTV is clearly looking to draw in some crossover from the Jersey Shore faithful into their newest reality venture, Buckwild, but the cast members of the new wild-n-out show say there’s at least one big difference between themselves and the guidos and guidettes of the Jersey Shore. So, what do they claim differentiates them so? Speaking to Celebuzz, Buckwild star Shain Gandee declared, "We’re one of a kind! ... There ain’t nothing like us." "When I’m... //

Jersey Shore's Vinny GTF's For the New Year: Gyms, Tans, Freezes His Butt Off (PHOTO)

As Vinny put it, he was freezin' for a reason this New Year's, spending his should-be-hungover morning plunging into a freezing ocean. What a guy! The Jersey Shore star spent January 1 participating in the Cold-EEZE annual Coney Island Polar Bear Plunge in the Atlantic Ocean, to raise money for the charity Camp Sunshine. According to Vinny's Twitter, he still has water in his ear, so he may need a few more days to recover from the chilly swim! Snooki & JWOWW Season 2 premieres on... //

Which Jersey Shore Cast Member Changed the Most on the Show?

Now that Jersey Shore is over for good, it's time to take a moment to reflect on how much the cast has changed. Every single cast member has undergone some sort of transformation since we first met them, but who's made the biggest 180? We've run down the changes as we see them. Look it over, and then let us know who you think wins the title of Most Changed. Deena Nicole: From single drunk mess to taken, skinnier, and ... OK, still sometimes a drunk mess. JWOWW: JWOWW's had a physical... //