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Jersey Shore Recap: Blast from the Past in a Glass

I think about Angelina Pivarnick a lot.  ...

Jersey Shore Reunion Recap: Gym, Tan, Laundry, Forever

A surprisingly candid, funny, and touching half-hour of television.  ...Read More... //

Jersey Shore Series Finale Recap: The Gang Says Goodbye to Seaside Heights

It’s all coming to an end. We could wax poetic about the journey, how the face of reality television has forever been changed, the imprint this group has left on society — alright, that one’s arguable — but let’s just focus on tonight’s main event: the series finale, "The Icing on the Cake." Thursday Jerzday is here one last time. "We’re not finished rockin. We’re gonna party one last time and go out like true... //

Jersey Shore Finale: It's Hard to Say Goodbye

It's the end of an era. After three years, six seasons and countless drunken fights later, Jersey Shore has come to an end. So did they, in the words of the ever wise Vinny , "go out like true f---ing champions?" Yes and no. //

'Jersey Shore' series finale: The gang gets together one last time to say good-bye

Seaside Heights was the quintessential New Jersey beach town; a little down at its heels, featuring a boardwalk with old-fashioned rides, fried Oreos and tattooed people in bikinis. Then MTV came along and it became the vortex of the wild world of "Jersey Shore."That all ends Thursday, Dec. 20, when MTV airs the final episode, then a live reunion show.The show was shot long before Sandy devastated the town, shattering the boardwalk and leaving the roller coaster in the Atlantic Ocean.MTV has held a "Restore the Shore" special, featuring the cast, that has raised over $1 million. Donations can still be made.Before Sandy meant more to New Jersey than a Springsteen song, the breakout personalities and executive producer of "Jersey Shore" spoke separately with Zap2it, reflecting on the series.From the beginning, producer SallyAnn Salsano was behind the camera and close to the roommates. She knew the life, having spent her summers at the Jersey Shore.... //

Jersey Shore Recap: I’m Your Private Guido

And then we came to the end, my little Joshua Ferrises. Well, almost. Tis the penultimate episode of Jersey Shore . The self-described "sober, clear-headed, and extremely good looking" Mike ran into trouble when he humped a lady in front of kooky Paula, who had specially dressed like a sexy Duggar Halloween costume to catch his eye. Pauly "got it in" with a woman who really seemed to get him. Snooki and Deena, the Michael Phelps and Ryan Lochte of drunkenly pulling Ugg fur out of hair extensions, held a Meatball Olympics and Convention. Ron and Sam discussed cohabitation. Read More... //

Jersey Shore Season 6, Episode 12 Recap: The Situation Strips, Deena Holds Meatball Tryouts

"I’m on the Jersey Shore, bitch." - Snooki. Sorry, but we only get a few more times to repeat this, and it needs to be repeated. Possibly regularly. Jersey Shore Season 6, Episode 12: "Raining Men & Meatballs" opens with JWOWW on the phone with Roger. She is swearing a lot because she’s gotten herself intertwined in the "Jionni is not around enough" story line. She’s wearing hot pink gym pants and she’s peeved at "the... //

Jersey Shore Recap: Peace in Our T-Shirt Time

Hello, Shorveans. We have only a few episodes left of squeezing narrative blood from this unscripted programming stone. Let's get to it, shall we? Hop into the wire basket of my recap, Rascal. This week, we handed out apologies like so many recovering pill-addicted juice heads. Vinny and Jionni buried the hatchet like two lesbian moms planting a placenta under a mulberry bush. Sitch tried to make amends with Nicole. Paula apologized for making Mike almost hold a drink. Pauly's hair spoke silent volumes . Read More... //

Jersey Shore Recap of Season 6, Episode 11: The Situation Apologizes to Snooki, Jionni Hangs With the Guys

"Yo, can I talk to you outside?" That’s where we ended last week, and that’s where we’re picking up this week on Jersey Shore Season 6, Episode 11: "Awkward!" Vinny would like to step outside of Snooki’s baby shower and have a word with soon to be baby daddy Jionni. That’s right, we’re back at Rivoli’s, and it feels so good. Vinny chooses this moment to affirm his "bigger man" status to Jionni’s smaller one.... //

Jersey Shore Recap: Trash Bag Redux

Hi, guys! It's been a while. How was your Thanksgiving? Good? Any bugs crawl up your "nani" and lay eggs in there? No? Phew! Well, this was actually a pretty eventful-ish week for the guidos and -ettes, which is good, because we're in what I believe is called "the home stretch." Seriously, can you believe that we only have three episodes left of this? And the inevitable spinoffs, specials, repeats, marathons, and reunion shows? I sure as hell can't! This week, the house threw Snooki a "shore shower." I know what you're thinking, but there was actually no powder thrown on anybody and no invasive cavity search. That is for prison. This was of the baby variety. Of course, this provided ample opportunity to bring back last season's most irritating plot (hahaha) point, the "tension" between Mike and Jionni. Seriously? This again? Lord, have mercy on us all. Read More... //