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Joan of Arcadia Was a Sharp Examination of the Human Condition and TV Still Needs It

Joan of Arcadia ran for two seasons on CBS starting in 2003, in an era when networks were hanging on to the last gasps of dominance. It aired on Friday nights, opposite a sad pile of canceled sitcoms. The show was a tough sell: Teenage girl, played by Amber Tamblyn, talks to God, who appears to her in human form via various avatars. Maybe it sounds a little corny. Sometimes it actually was a little corny. But that's an inevitable by-product when a show's two main sensations are empathy and curiosity: How do any of us become ourselves? Plenty of series wonder that, but none with as open a heart as Joan . Some teen shows pity teen characters, or revel in their daily humiliations from the comforting distance of adulthood. Joan doesn't see its teens all that differently from its adult characters: Identity is malleable, and everyone is trying to "figure things out," frankly, with minimal success.  Read More... //www.vulture.com/2015/10/joan-of-arcadia-tv-still-needs-it.html

Joan of Arcadia on GMC!

Hey Joan of Arcadia Fans! I just wanted to let you know that GMC (Gospel Music Channel) is airing Joan of Arcadia Monday-Thursday at 9pm/8c! For more information, check out www.watchgmctv.com. Enjoy! -Joan Fan