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Crap Pants

I had been waiting for this movie for quite a while, and after I heard that it wasn't airing in Australia but instead going straight to DVD (aka the movie was pretty bad so we're just ushering it stylishly out of the big screen) I decided to watch it on the internet. I ashamedly loved the first movie, and was super excited to watch the next one even though i heard that they were squeezing 2,3 and 4 into one movie, still EXCITED!!! Then i watched the movie. And jeeeish, yeah it was pretty bad, at one point I wanted to skip bits and even began returning to my books to finish studying ( I KNOW, DISGRACEFUL). I won't give away too much of the disasterous plot, the lame jokes, the massacre of the books or the triple helping of cheese that we got. What I will say is that D-A-M-N the boys were goodlooking, so for if nothing else but being a devoted sister of the sisterhood, perve on some of the eye-candy oh and you can also ruse boys into watching it too for the chicks.... 1.5 out of 5 berries for me. Agree?