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The Justice Friends consist of Major Glory, The Infraggable Krunk, and Val Hallen, who are all roommates who live in an apartment complex. Most of the adventures of The Justice Friends deal with the three trying to balance out their superhero adventures while just trying to keep their composure living in the house. Most of these adventures play out like a sitcom along with a laugh track, used in a satirical manner. The segment's title likely derives from the DC Comics superhero organization The Justice League and its sanitized animated cartoon version, Super Friends, though the team itself is clearly a parody of Marvel's Avengers title. The three main characters are based on Marvel Comics characters, Major Glory being based on Captain America (though his powers roughly mirror those of Superman), the Infraggable Krunk being based on Hulk, and Val Hallen being based on Thor, two of whom belonged to the original Avengers comic team (Captain America joined later). Val Hallen's name is a portmanteau of Valhalla, the spiritual plane of Norse mythology, and Van Halen, an American rock band. Valhallen frequently refers to himself as the "Viking God of Rock", and wields a wing-shaped electric guitar instead of a war hammer.