Kyou Kara Maou Episode Guide

Yuri Shibuya is an average high school student whose passion in life is baseball. That is until he intervenes in the bullying of a classmate, Ken Murata, and gets his head dunked in a toilet. Surprisingly he is sucked into the toilet, and ends up in another world. When he reaches dry land, he sees some people dressed in medieval costume and speaking in some weird vernacular. He assumes that it is a theme park of some sort. The people seem to be fightened by him, pelt him with rocks, and begin to form a small mob. He's rescued by Adalbert von Grantz who uses some form of magic so Yuri understands the local language. Konrad Weller and Gunter von Christ then rescue Yuri and take him to Blood Pledge Castle, the residence of the Maoh, where he soon finds out he is the new Maoh or Demon King, who will rule over the Shin Makoku ("New Demon Kingdom"). The culture in Shin Makoku is very different from the Japanese culture Yuri is accustomed to, and the difference leads for some amusing mishaps with long ranging consequences, such as an accidental proposal of marriage. Throughout the series, Yuri is constantly confronted with the results of even the smallest choices he makes. With a strange power dwelling inside of him, Yuri becomes a deliverer of justice in the world of Shin Makoku.

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160 episodes