Last Man Standing

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Last Man Standing

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Fridays, 8:00 PM EST on ABC
Tracked 11,359 Times
8 Seasons, 173 Episodes
30 Minutes
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Men may have built civilizations, invented the locomotive, the car, bacon western cheeseburgers, and ESPN, but they're about to find out that it's not a man's world anymore.

Show Reviews

by turtle

Jun 03, 2016 12:46 PM EDT

Home Improvement with a new wife and 3 daughters.

by lascura

Jun 26, 2015 7:25 PM EDT

I like this ... love the political cheap shots always make me laugh.. it's light and funny.

by scotwot

Jun 10, 2016 3:33 PM EDT

Enjoyed this! :)

by ginjar420

Oct 06, 2015 12:55 PM EDT

I love Tim Allen! I just started watching this! I'm flying through episodes! One of the best shows out there today!

by Kristen Cloutier

Nov 28, 2014 6:31 PM EST

LOVE THIS SHOW!!! Very humorous, informational, and at times even educational :) Love the parent vs child drama, as well as the conservative vs liberal !

by moahdeeb777

Jul 02, 2018 5:38 PM EDT

HELL YEAH!!! HELL YEAH!!! they brought back the FUNNIEST, BEST COMEDIC TIMING TALENT EVER. The show returns on SEPTEMBER 28, 2018, That's a FRIDAY by the way. Love this show, It was like having the best tasting desert or meal you ever had week after week. My home was a bit darker after they canned the show. I missed the whole cast each and everyone did such a great job of entertaining us all. Cancelled WHY WHY? Why in the HELL want ABC leave alone the good shows alone like this one Dammit. I love this show "Last Man Standing" it just gets better and better, it's honest to the point and does not mince words. I think Tim Allen should run for POTUS. I could watch it all the time. This show "Last Man Standing" always comes through with great I mean great entertainment, I love this show , and Tim Allen has the best comedic timing. He is a funny funny man. I love this show. Its my favorite show besides AAARRGHHROOO, Tim the Tool man Taylor "Home Improvement" AAARRGHHREEE.
Keep em coming Mr. Tim, you make me laugh and I thank you for that.

by Joseph Lobosco

May 17, 2017 5:29 PM EDT

I am so upset with ABC for canceling this series!!! It’s been suggested by loyal Tim Allen fans that they boycott ABC in protest. That won’t affect me since I only watch two TV series on ABC as it is. ABC does not program shows for my target audience. The other ABC show I watch is Marvel Agents of S.H.E.I.I.D.If there is any series that ABC should have bee canceled it would be M.A.O.S. The shows last story plot arc was nothing more than pandering to the rabid anti-Trump/pro Hillary fan base. It was boring. The only reason M.A.O.S was renewed was that it touted the progressive party line.

by Gerald Grace

May 13, 2017 10:56 AM EDT

Great Show!! not renewed due to political beliefs I am sure. Loved the jabs at the system. Also like to see how opposing viewpoints could coexist. This is a shame it is concluded.

by wolfgirl47

Mar 08, 2016 8:49 AM EST

Tim Allen is a wonderful actor. I feel like this show is just a recycled version of Home Improvement, daughters instead of sons, sporting goods instead of hardware. It's a cute show but not something I want to commit every week to watching.

by Jessica Flynn

Feb 21, 2016 4:37 PM EST

I love this. Even though it's a more updated Home Improvement with a bundle of females, it's still modern and heartwarming. You get many more heartwarming comedic moments with the father - daughter relationships.

by Estella Ortega

Feb 11, 2016 8:22 AM EST

I'm so glad to have Tim Allen on another sitcom. He is really good. I love this show which has great chemistry between the characters. It resembles his previous sitcom and I love when the old cast mates come to play in the new one.

by TelevisionFanboy

Feb 01, 2016 9:41 PM EST

Last Man Standing is a typical sitcom, drawing humor from slightly wacky unlikely situations. Unfortunately, not even Tim Allen can protect this show from it's rather bland and average humor. If you're really looking for a good sitcom, try Home Improvement. It is much funnier!

by HippeeChick

Sep 10, 2015 10:17 AM EDT

I am sick of this show. Has taken a much too political turn, for me. If I want politics, I will watch something other than a half-hour sitcom.. thanks.

by Tweetyandy

Jan 27, 2015 9:05 AM EST

Tim Allen...enough said.

by flyfisher110

Feb 16, 2018 9:36 PM EST

Another good comedy canceled before it's time, why do they keep canceling good shows and leaving the junk on.

by keerthana.ravishankar

Aug 17, 2017 8:53 AM EDT

I do not understand why 2017 was the year they chose to cancel the good shows! This show was hilarious! Just as every show with Tim Allen. Of course there were a few dull moments but it was funny most of the time and did not deserve to be cancelled!

by LOULOU296

Jun 20, 2017 7:10 PM EDT

One of the best shows I've watched on TV - so of course they are cancelling it.

by iguanasaber

Jun 11, 2017 7:58 PM EDT

This was one of those series to chill and watch. A good laugh and quite interesting, Gave me some insight into Americans as well. Still funny and wish it didn't end

by Heather Perry

May 25, 2017 2:35 PM EDT

I loved this show, I hate that the liberals finally got their way! I guess we are not allowed to have opinions anymore!

by Anttan076

May 15, 2017 8:37 PM EDT

Great Show, New Version Of Home Improvement!