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Law & Order: SVU Review: Waiting for the Other Shoe

" Valentine's Day " is usually for lovers, but on this week's episode, it's for liars. SVU has a long history of showing the ways in which victims can be undermined by a clever rapist and/or good defense teams. Sometimes, the show plays with the issue of victim's reliability. The episode "Doubt" in season 6 really highlighted the problems of a "he said/she said" crime, and it ended with without giving the audience the jury's decision. Tonight's episode tried to introduce the same element of doubt and uncertainty into the rape victim's claim, but it wasn't nearly as effectively presented. While we got the jury's verdict (or rather lack of a verdict), the case itself was never fully resolved. In fact, the episode's ending felt abrupt, unfulfilling, and frustrating. Read More... //www.tvfanatic.com/2012/04/law-and-order-svu-review-waiting-for-the-other-shoe/

Law and Order: SVU “Valentine’s Day” Review

Nothing is what it seems when a housewife is raped by a masked intruder  while video-chatting with her husband in "Valentine’s Day," this week’s episode of  Law and Order: SVU . Wonderfully played by Chloe Sevigny, Christine seems like a traumatized victim, but her story quickly falls apart leaving detectives wondering just what brand of psycho they’re dealing with this time. Anytime a victim is sent to pick up their own ransom money, suspicions are going to be rightly raised. And when a white woman accuses three black men  of raping her in a van before sending her to pick up the ransom money, again, questions have to be asked. It’s like blaming the boogeyman and hearing it should always encourage police to dig deeper. Fortunately, after all the times they’ve been mislead by victims, SVU has finally, FINALLY learned to do just that. And it only took them thirteen years. Read More... //www.tvequals.com/2012/04/19/law-and-order-svu-valentines-day-review/