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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

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Wednesdays, 9:00 PM EST on NBC
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21 Seasons, 477 Episodes
60 Minutes
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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit (also known as Law & Order: SVU, or SVU) is an American drama television program about the Special Victims Unit in the fictitious 16th Precinct of New York City.



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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit S18E18
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The SVU investigates when a woman claims a charismatic spiritual healer incapacitated her using hypnosis and then assaulted her.

Episode Reviews

by Dario Cucci


All I can say is "Ignorance must be Bliss" for the writers of this episode. Getting someone arrested because he used hypnosis to rape someone. You can not hypnotise someone to do anything, they don't want to do, it's as simple as that. If the Person say's yes twice, whilst they are in a relaxed state of mind, if they were to be in Hypnosis state, they would come out of it and be stopping the sexual activities. With all the Evidence and backup that the Defense had, the entire ending was wishful thinking combined with Ignorance, not understanding what Hypnosis is and what it isn't.