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Law & Order: Trial by Jury was an American television drama about criminal trials set in New York City. It was the third spin-off from the long-running Law & Order. The show's almost exclusive focus was on the criminal trial of the accused, showing both the prosecution's and defense's preparation for trial, as well as the trial itself. Unlike the other Law & Order series, Trial By Jury shows what it is like to prepare for and try a criminal case. The episodes usually start with a witness or victim telling a story about a crime that has already occurred. This story is used to inform the audience on what happened prior to the beginning of the episode. This is a departure from the other three Law & Order shows, which usually start off showing the audience the actual crime. The show progresses on from that point, showing how both sides develop their strategies for winning the case.

Episode Guide

13 episodes

  • 13 episodes
    13 episodes
    • s1e13Eros in the Upper Eighties
      January 21, 2006
    • s1e12Boys Will Be Boys
      May 6, 2005
    • May 3, 2005
    • s1e10Blue Wall
      April 25, 2005
    • s1e9The Line
      April 22, 2005
    • s1e8Skeleton
      April 15, 2005
    • s1e7Bang & Blame
      April 8, 2005
    • s1e6Pattern of Conduct
      April 1, 2005
    • s1e5Baby Boom
      March 25, 2005
    • s1e4Truth or Consequences
      March 18, 2005
    • s1e3Vigilante
      March 11, 2005
    • s1e241 Shots
      March 4, 2005
    • s1e1The Abominable Snowman
      March 3, 2005