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Shawn Ryan Tells the Truth About Reinventing Lie to Me

Lie to Me 's surprise midseason success last year has been attributed to its compelling leading man (Tim Roth) and its unconventional approach to the cop procedural. So when Shawn Ryan (The Shield, The Unit) was brought in to co-executive-produce the show (with Samuel Baum, the show's creator) this season, he wanted to maintain those two elements. "There were a lot of things that worked well about the show last year, primarily Tim Roth," Ryan says. "He's one of the premier actors in the world. The show had a lot of strengths. I have just been trying to refine it, add a little adrenaline, add some deeper character work and dig really deep into who these characters really are." Ryan's higher-octane imprint has already been felt. In the second-season premiere, master lie detector Cal Lightman (Roth) strangled a client (guest star Erika Christensen) to extract information from one of her alternate personalities. Ryan said he loved the way that scene turned out, but promised he wouldn't take away the show's lighter elements. "I'd say visceral is a good word for it," Ryan says of the choking scene. "But the show is still going to have humor. It's not a dark universe we're trying to portray, but a visceral, real world. That's something that Tim Roth really embraces. There's a real blue-collar, rough-around-the-edges nature to Tim, in real life and in the way he plays Cal Lightman. And we want to expand upon that this year." Ryan doesn't think getting inside the head of Lightman & Co. will distract fans who want to tune in for their mystery of the week. "I think there's a way to still remain a procedural while still delving into who your characters are," he says. "Certain kinds of stories allow you to open avenues of who those characters are as it relates to the story. We're choosing stories that allow us to reflect and illustrate who these characters really are. It's a very calculated effort that takes a lot of work to pick the right stories. To Read More Click Here .

'Bones' Creator Explains Why a Crossover with 'Lie to Me' Would Be Worth Watching

For some time now, Fox has been reportedly toying the idea of staging an episode that would find Bones ' Booth and Brennan working on a case with Lie to Me 's Doc Lightman, though a couple of months ago, an insider cautioned that "it's in the very early stages and may not even happen." Sorry to disappoint fans but there's nothing official to report at this point. On the other hand, Bones series creator Hart Hanson maintains that the idea is still on the table and he's is certainly up for it. "We have our own human lie detector in Sweets, so I think that would be a lot of fun," Hanson told Entertainment Weekly's Michael Ausiello. "It would be fun to have Gordon [Stephen Fry] there, too, and watch Stephen and Tim Roth face off." Past crossovers have not been successful for some shows so, understandably, not everyone is keen on watching a Bones and Lie to Me crossover. But Hanson has another interesting reason for bringing in Tom Roth's Lightman--- one that would probably pique viewers' interest as early as now. Apparently, Hanson is thinking that Lightman "could look at Booth and Brennan and know who's lying and who isn't." I bet that would really be a fun episode to watch considering that the fifth season of Bones is all about toying with Booth and Brennan's emotions. Source Here

LIE TO ME "Truth or Consequences" Season 2 Episode 2 - Preview

Watch a preview of Lie to Me season 2 Episode 2 "Truth or Consequences" which airs on Monday October 5 at 9pm on Fox. Episode Synopsis: Zoe enlists the Lightman Group to investigate a star college football player accused of statutory rape. Meanwhile, Foster and Loker travel to a religious compound to find out whether it's actually a nefarious cult. Source & Preview

Garrett Dillahunt on LIE TO ME Season 2 (Photos)

Check out the first photos of Garrett Dillahunt on the Lie to Me season 2 episode 3 which airs on October 12 at 9 pm on Fox. The episode will be titled "Honey". Garrett Dillahunt will play a man suspected of killing his wife who arrives at the Lightman Group and takes drastic measures to prove his innocence to Lightman (Tim Roth). Source & More Photos

Monday's Ratings: Dancing Dominates, "Heroes" Continues to Fall - Featured

Ratings for last night's TV are now available! How did the debut of Trauma and return of Lie to Me fare up against Dancing with the Stars and the CBS comedies? Here's an hour by hour breakdown: 8 p.m. ABC: Dancing with the Stars (16.5 million viewers, 10.8/17 households) Fox: House (14.4 million, 8.4/13) CBS: How I Met Your Mother (8.7 million, 5.5/9)/ Accidentally on Purpose (8.1 million, 5.1/8) NBC: Heroes (5.8 million, 3.6/5) The CW : One Tree Hill (2.6 million, 1.7/3) 9 p.m. ABC: Dancing with the Stars (16.8 million, 11.0/16) CBS: Two and a Half Men (13.6 million, 8.2/12)/ The Big Bang Theory (13 million, 7.8/12) Fox: Lie to Me season premiere (7.7 million, 4.8/7) NBC: Trauma series premiere (6.9 million, 4.4/7) The CW : Gossip Girl (2.3 million, 1.6/2) 10 p.m. CBS: CSI: Miami (13.5 million, 8.8/15) ABC: Castle (9.6 million, 6.4/11) NBC: The Jay Leno Show (5.6 million, 3.7/6) As we warned you last week, Heroes is back in the Cancellation Danger Zone . Last week's season premiere had 6.1 million viewers; this week: a drop yet again to 5.8 million viewers. We feel pretty safe in stating that this season probably will be the show's last. It also appears as though Trauma and Lie to Me were no match for its timeslot competitors. What did you tune into last night? Source

LIE TO ME "The Core of It" Season 2 Premiere - Preview

Watch a preview of Lie to Me season 2 premiere "The Core of It" which returns on September 28 at 9pm on Fox. Check out pictures of the episode here and here. Episode Synopsis: The Lightman Group investigates a murder case where a woman with multiple personalities (guest star Christensen) may either be a witness or the killer. Meanwhile, the U.S. government hires the firm to interrogate a potential Supreme Court nominee in The Core of It season premiere episode of LIE TO ME airing Monday, Sept. 28 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on Fox. Source & Preview

Lie to Me: Tim Roth Talks Season 2 - Featured

Lie to Me became a midseason hit last Spring, offering an intriguing new perspective on crime solving. The Lightman Group specializes in recognizing facial micro-expressions. No matter what the suspect tells them, they know what he or she is really thinking. It's based on the real science of Paul Ekman. Tim Roth plays Cal Lightman on the show, the ultimate human lie detector. Read More: - Tim Roth Discusses Season Two Of 'Lie To Me' Don't miss the Lie to Me Season 2 premiere tonight on Fox at 9/8c!

Tonight's TV Hot List: Monday, Sept. 28, 2009 - Featured

* Trauma (9/8c NBC) If you're into high-octane medical dramas, NBC has a new entry that spotlights paramedics. Perhaps in an homage to ER , which did not shy away from this sort of thing, Trauma blasts onto the screen with a helicopter crash that has a long-lasting personal effect on the show's main cast, which includes Cliff Curtis and Derek Luke. Earnest performances and a glossy look should draw viewers to this pedigreed production, but the accident-of-the-week story lines might get old fast - even with all the pyrotechnics. * The Big Bang Theory (9:31/8:31c CBS) A lot of things bug Lewis Black, so it only makes sense that the cantankerous comic plays an entomologist in this episode. Sheldon and Howard dispute the species of a cricket and make a bet, with their - gasp - most prized comic books at stake, prompting them to ask the expert (Black) to help settle the argument. Meanwhile, Leonard and Penny try to figure out what's next after an awkward first attempt at intimacy. * Lie to Me (9/8c Fox) Human lie-detector machine Cal Lightman (Tim Roth) is back for Season 2. What's new? Mekhi Phifer (FBI agent Ben Reynolds) and Hayley MacFarland (Cal's daughter, Emily) are regulars, and The Shield 's creator, Shawn Ryan, is the new show runner. He plans to beef up character development, which explains why MacFarland is a regular. (Jennifer Beals guest stars again tonight as Cal's ex as well.) Meanwhile, a woman with multiple personalities (Erika Christensen) says she saw a murder. Whodunit? Maybe one of her personalities. * Heroes (8/7c NBC) Now that Claire's plan to blend in at college has failed rather spectacularly after Gretchen spied her walking away from a free fall out of a window, Claire must figure out the best way to handle the unveiling of her secret. But she's not the only one facing consequences from her actions. Matt continues to battle his inner demons at the hands of Sylar, and Peter faces surprise repercussions from his string of heroic acts. * Hoarders (10/9c A&E ) The network's latest docuseries about people with extreme behavioral conditions and those who try to help them concludes its first season. Tonight's two cases: a man whose property is covered with cars, scrap metal and old appliances; and a woman whose 7-year-old son is showing hoarding tendencies. Source Here

James Marsters on LIE TO ME Season 2 Pictures

Check out the first pictures of James Marsters on the Lie To Me season 2 episode 2 which airs on October 5 at 9 pm on Fox. The episode will be titled "Truth or Consequences". James Marsters will play Pollack, an old rival to Zoe (Jennifer Beals) on a case involving a star college football player. Episode Synopsis: Zoe enlists the Lightman Group to investigate a star college football player accused of attacking a girl. Meanwhile, Foster and Loker travel to a religious compound to find out whether it's actually a nefarious cult in the "Truth or Consequences" episode of LIE TO ME airing Monday, Oct. 5 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. Source & Pics

Tim Roth Talks LIE TO ME Season 2

Tim Roth took some time today to answer questions in a conference call about Season 2 of Lie To Me, which premieres on September 28, at 9 pm ET/PT. As a big fan of the show, I am of course very excited to find out what's coming up this season, so here's what Tim Roth had to say. On what's coming up in Season 2 The scripts are going to be much more character based. We will find out more about the characters' lives, and we'll also see more of Lightman's relationship with his ex-wife (Jennifer Beals). The show is also a little more serialized this season. There will be more connections between episodes. On the differences between Season 2 and Season 1 Tim Roth described last season as an experiment, and it was the first time he did something like that. He found it quite difficult at times. However, he enjoys it much more this season. To Read More Click here .