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'Life Unexpected' 1.06 Preview: Truth Unrevealed

Baze starts to invade Cate's life in the upcoming episode of "Life Unexpected". Pressured by radio station management, Cate and Ryan reluctantly agree to let Baze join them on air for what turns into a public therapy session. Meanwhile, Lux tries to get Jones (guest star Austin Butler) to drop the charges against her boyfriend, Bug (guest star Rafi Gavron). "Truth Unrevealed" airs on Monday, February 22 after "One Tree Hill". On related news, Shiri Appleby who plays Cate, recently revealed that there will be a wedding scene. During Monique Lhuillier's show this Monday, she shared to Just Jared about what she loved from the designer, saying "She's just so feminine and she has an edge to her - later on in the season [on 'Life Unexpected'], I get into a wedding dress and I was just very adamant that I wanted to be wearing Monique Lhuillier." Revealing further, Appleby said that they have shot the scene. "Amazing, the whole show. We finished shooting on Wednesday. I love the glamour of her dress - you walk out and it's strapless and I had one of those long veils - it was very Princess Diana! I just feel really happy that people are watching it and paying attention to things!" she gushed. Source & Preview

LIFE UNEXPECTED "Turtle Undefeated" Episode 5

Watch a sneak peek and photos of the upcoming episode of the new CW show LIFE UNEXPECTED "Turtle Undefeated" Episode 5 which airs Monday February 15 at 9/8c on the CW. Show Synopsis: Off to a rocky start at her new school, Lux (Britt Robertson) offers to throw a party in Baze's (Kristoffer Polaha) loft in an effort to impress the high school quarterback, Jones (guest star Austin Butler), and his friends. Cate (Shiri Appleby) worries that her relationship with Lux will never measure up to the bond Lux has so easily made with Baze. Austin Basis and Kerr Smith also star. Alan Arkush directed the episode written by Adele Lim. Source & Preview

Life Unexpected: Lux Needs to Learn to Be a Child Again

Of Life Unexpected's four core characters, Lux (Britt Robertson) is the youngest, though she was forced to grow fast. As Life wrapped filming its season, TVGuide.com caught up with executive producer Liz Tigelaar to get the scoop on how Lux's years on her own will affect her ability to find her place in this family. Despite Cate (Shiri Appleby) giving Lux an ultimatum in last week's episode, she'll continue to do what she does best: leave. "When we get to Episode 7, things really come to a head for Lux and Cate, and Lux chooses Baze at that point as her parent. She wants to be with Baze and she's closer to him." There will come a point in the season where she leaves them both, wanting "to retreat back to her life with Bug," said Tigelaar. There's also trouble coming for Bug (Rafi Gavron) and Lux with the introduction of Jones (Austin Butler). "There is going to be a Bug-Lux-Jones triangle that starts to brew," she added. "Jones is a mini-Baze [Kristoffer Polaha] ... Baze likes Jones so much better than Bug, though we also see Baze' relationship with Bug develop. Bug's dad is in prison and he is envious of what Lux has. Baze becomes a father figure to Bug even though Baze really wants Lux to date Jones and he tries to make that happen as well." Amid her own relationship problems, "it's Ryan [Kerr Smith] who makes Lux see that nothing is more childlike than wanting your parents together if they're not," Tigelaar said. "In the beginning of the season, Lux would be way too smart and savvy to ever think Cate and Baze belong together, but over the course of the season, one of her arcs is that she does, and that will weigh on Cate and Baze." "Both of them need to come to grips with what their feelings are about each other. It's clear that Lux is the catalyst for them to have to confront their feelings for each other. The last thing Cate wants is to have feelings for Baze, so there's a lot of justifying and explaining away things and trying to understanding things to make her relationship with Ryan OK." And unfortunately, Lux's revelation to their radio listeners that Ryan and Cate are engaged will weigh heavy on them. "It definitely changes their show. It goes from being a show about two single people to a show about a couple, which wasn't necessarily what the station had in mind," said Tigelaar. "There are work and personal repercussions that come out of it. What happens when they're not a couple? Do they break up on air? Do they pretend to be a couple on air? They haven't thought ahead, so there's going to be fallout." Though Life hasn't gotten a second season pickup just yet, Tigelaar said they are planning ahead. "We go out big," said Tigelaar. "It's not going to be like, 'Come back to find out what happened,' but it will be like 'Oh my God, that happened.' It definitely launches us into the next season with a lot of conflict, complications and obstacles." Are you rooting for Life Unexpected to get a second season? Source Here

Life Unexpected Clips, Photos from "Turtle Undefeated"

On next week's new episode of Life Unexpected, Cate questions why she's always forced to play the role of the bad guy when it comes to Lux. She does this live and on the air, of course. Check out a clip from "Turtle Undefeated." Lux also throws a major bash in Baze's loft on Monday. How does Cate react to this development? She tries to channel her former, beer-ponging party animal. Watch how this goes in yet another clip from the installment, posted after this article's jump. Also below? A trio of photos from the episode, which we'll recap and review soon after it concludes, replete with the latest Life Unexpected music, quotes and more. Source & Previews

Sneak Peeks & Promo - Life Unexpected 1.05 "Turtle Undefeated"

We just posted promo photos for the new episode of Life Unexpected that will be airing on February 15 and now we have a promo, two sneak peeks and episode preview for you below, courtesy of the CW. Enjoy! LUX THROWS A PARTY IN BAZE'S LOFT. To Read More Click Here .

Photos - Life Unexpected 1.05 "Turtle Undefeated"

Life Unexpected will be new on February 15 and the CW has released a few promo photos for the episode, along with a synopsis, which you can view below. LUX THROWS A PARTY IN BAZE'S LOFT. Source & More Photos

Meaty 'Life Unexpected' Spoilers You'd Want to Know

Or not. TV Guide has recently let loose a bunch of spoilers on the CW's Life Unexpected. Most are crucial to the show's storylines, so if you want to continue enjoying your show without these pesky spoilers, you know what to do. However, if you simply can't wait to find out some stuff - such as, will Ryan (Kerri Smith) find out about the little Cate-Baze action in the pilot, will Lux (Britt Robertson) finally accept the whole family dynamic, will Lux break up with Bug, what will happen in the finale, etc. - then everything's under the jump. For starters, "crumble" is the theme of Life Unexpected's inaugural run, says Smith. "It just gets really crazy. Cate's (Shiri Appleby) world breaks down, due to her own making. By Episode 4 [which aired last night] it starts to get a little nuts... [Something happens that makes] Lux leaves, boom, Ryan leaves, boom." When this happens, Cate will start to feel "humbled" by the choices that she made in the past, including and maybe even specially the little drunken reunion with her high school sweetheart. Does this mean that Baze (Kristoffer Polaha) can re-enter the picture? "Cate and Baze have one of those love-hate relationships where you really do like that person, want their approval and want it to be good, but at the same time, it's just so easy to hate them," reveals Polaha himself. "Baze's thing with Cate is 'I just want to pinch your cheeks and kiss you.'" If the adults are messed up, how about Lux and Bug? Unfortunately, somewhere down the line Lux "ends up being in a different place" than Bug (but this is not television/life is something like this didn't happen, on second thought). The question is, whether or not their love can help them weather through this storm. As far as Robertson is concerned, all she knows is that "[Lux and Bug] have been together and they love each other" and "a relationship like that just doesn't dissolve." Source Here

LIFE UNEXPECTED "Bong Intercepted" Episode 4 - Preview

Watch a sneak peek and photos of the upcoming episode of the new CW show LIFE UNEXPECTED "Bong Intercepted" Episode 4 which airs Monday February 8 at 9/8c on the CW. Show Synopsis: When Lux (Britt Robertson) gets suspended from school, Cate (Shiri Appleby) does her best to convince Principal Dugan (guest star Merrilyn Gann, Everwood ) to give Lux a second chance, but, unfortunately, her efforts may have made the situation considerably worse for Lux. Meanwhile, Baze (Kristoffer Polaha) is insulted when he finds out that Cate and Ryan (Kerr Smith) are hosting a radio station event at the bar across the street. Austin Basis also stars. Jeff Melman directed the episode written by Emily Whitesell Source & Preview

Life Unexpected: Preview of Episode 4 "Bong Intercepted"

The (crazy and condescending) families are once again MIA on Life Unexpected, and it's back to the old stuff: Cate (Shiri Appleby) trying to be all maternal and failing, Baze (Kristoffer Polaha) acting like a jerk then realizing it belatedly, and Lux (Britt Robertson) breaking some sort of rule to remind both parents that she's a special kid, which she is. On "Bong Intercepted" Cate tries to get Lux's principal to drop her suspension, but only seems to cause her more problems. Why did she get suspended in the first place? Remember the little paraphernalia she sold on the last episode? To Read More Click Here .

9 Scooplets from the Life Unexpected Cast: Weddings, Blowups and More

Now that Lux (Britt Robertson) and Life Unexpected have found a home on the CW, it's time to dig into what's next for the family that puts the "fun" in dysfunctional. We caught up with the cast, who revealed what's ahead, including a possible wedding, some radio station antics and a huge blowup that will find a character on her own for a while. To Read More Click Here .