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Life Unexpected PILOT: It's here

Will it save the CW? Replace Gossip Girl? OTH? CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE Here is the latest news on the Pilot for Life Unexpected, which officially premieres in a few days. However, they've been airing parts on Facebook and many people have already seen it. CLICK HERE TO READ ARTICLE

Life Unexpected Q&A: Kerr Smith & Kristoffer Polaha - Starpulse - Featured

Though midseason CW series Life UneXpected has been called the new Gilmore Girls , show creator Liz Tigelaar believes the demographic will be broader and will include the male audience as well. This must be due to her male leads, Kerr Smith and Kristoffer Polaha. Find out what these guys' guys had to say about each other, what it's like to play parent to a teenager when you're in your 30s, and why they think their show will be around for a while even after getting a late start. To Read More Click Here .

Peter Horton and Cynthia Stevenson to Guest Star on Life Unexpected

Life Unexpected is yet to premiere, but the buzzed-about CW series has already landed its first impressive set of guest stars. Peter Horton, best known for his extended run on thirtysomething, will play Cate Cassidy's father on the series. The veteran actor was mostly recently seen in In Treatment and Brothers & Sisters. Cate's mother, meanwhile, will be portrayed by Cynthia Stevenson. The actress had a key role on Anne Heche's Men in Trees and actually guest stars on tonight's episode of Grey's Anatomy. She'll debut on the third installment of Life Unexpected. To Read More Click Here .

CW's 'Life Unexpected' Creator Spills About Mid-Season Series - Starpulse - Featured

These days writer and producer Liz Tigelaar is a very busy lady. In fact, with episodes of the new Melrose Place (2009) airing this fall, and a show of her own creation, Life UneXpected (but more on that in a minute), premiering on January 18th on The CW , she may be one of the most sought-after behind-the-scenes talents in Hollywood! Starpulse.com had a chance to steal a few minutes with Tigelaar to chat about the show, her stars, and how finally getting a (mid-season) air date has changed her show's arc and her own life, and why it might actually be better for her show that it didn't premiere in September! To Read more Click Here .

Creator: 'Life Unexpected' is Not Sexy

Life UneXpected is taking a stand. In an effort to perhaps distance itself from its future glossier, more sex-laden neighbors on the CW, Life UneXpected creator Liz Tigelaar says the upcoming series is not sexy at all. "Our show's not sexy, and there's nothing trendy about it," Tigelaar tells the Los Angeles Times. "You could say that's bad. But it's a story about growing up, and I think that makes it something else that's good - universal." En route to its January 18 premiere, expectations are high for Life UneXpected mainly because of the rave reviews its pilot has been getting. And comparisons with WB-era shows seem as commonplace as they are welcome. Tigellar reveals that Life UneXpected took a rather long route prior to its small screen debut. The pilot, for instance, was the first ordered for the CW's 2009-2010 season, but it was the last picked up to become a series. Not only that, it also underwent at least eight title changes, and initially bypassed for much, much trendier Melrose Place and The Beautiful Life, both weren't exactly hitting it up with CW's audiences. The Beautiful Life, in fact, was quickly given the axe. Faced with this little dilemma, Life UneXpected became the inadvertent recipient of the prime 9pm Monday night slot while Gossip Girl is on hiatus. That being said, there's something personal about the show for its creator, who was also adopted and was in the foster care system for a week as a baby. "When you're adopted, no matter how great your adoptive family is, you can't help but think, 'Where's that person just like me? Where's that cool, young birth mom?' " she said. She spins it into reality on the show, as the young protagonist finds herself two cooler, though perhaps emotionally stunted, parents. Catch it when it debuts January 18. Source here

Opening of Life Unexpected: Coming to Facebook

The CW's next big hit premieres on January 18. Life Unexpected continues to generate outstanding reviews, including those from TV Fanatic, as our staff has received and recapped the show's pilot episode. As the network counts down until the upcoming debut, it's taking a unique marking step: the first 10 minutes of the series premiere will be posted on Facebook on January 11. "The network is putting an extended preview across all official CW fan pages," states Hollywood Reporter "The approach marks the first time that Facebook has hosted a screening across multiple pages, with Unexpected available to the network's 5.4 million Facebook fans. The move allows CW to directly target its most dedicated viewers online." Those that view this video within the first 24 will be able to post comments on the site, so take note. This isn't just your first chance to see what all the buzz is about. It's also an opportinity to essentially interact with The CW and alert producers to what you liked most about the online snippets. Source here

Photos - Life Unexpected 1.01 "Pilot"

The CW's new midseason show will be premiering at 9:00 p.m. on Monday, January 18th. The series centers around a 15 year old orphan who finds and bonds with her birth parents. The CW has released promo photos and a synopsis for the pilot episode. You can also view an extended promo that we previously posted. To Read More Click Here .

KRISTOFFER POLAHA (Life Unexpected) Interview

I recently got a chance to interview KRISTOFFER POLAHA who plays Nate 'Baze' Bazile in The CW's new original series, LIFE UNEXPECTED, which premieres on Monday January 18 at 9/8c. In the show, Baze finds out that he has a fifteen year-old daughter, Lux, when she comes knocking on his door to get him to sign her emancipation papers. This leads to Baze reconnecting with Lux's mother, Cate Cassidy, a star on local radio. When a judge decides to grant both of them temporary custody of Lux, their lives change forever. Kristoffer Polaha talked about how he got involved with Life Unexpected, what's in store for Baze in the upcoming episode, and much more. So enjoy the interview below. To Read More Click Here .

'Life UneXpected' Star: Lots of Sexual Tension, Life Lessons

Life UneXpected may not offer the usual Gossip Girl-like brew of sex and intrigue like the most recent additions to the cabler's lineup (90210, Melrose Place, etc), but star Kristoffer Polaha assures prospective viewers that the upcoming series has a lot of sexual tension, too. Not that it needs it to survive, of course. "I think there's a lot of unresolved sexual tension that's going to be stretched out for hopefully seasons to come," the North Shore star admits to The Trades. Polaha, 32, plays 30-something Nate "Baze" Bazile on Life UneXpected, who got Cate (Shiri Appleby) pregnant in high school. Fast forward 16 years and this little girl shows up at the door, forcing the two to make tough decisions in their lives, like an unwelcome guest. Needless to say, the sexual tension is there between the two - especially since Cate has a boyfriend (Kerr Smith). To Read More Click here .

Life UneXpected: Episode Stills from Series Premiere

On January 19, The CW will make a bold move: The network will put one of its most buzzed-about shows, Gossip Girl, on hiatus. In its place, it will premiere Life UneXpected. This new drama is receiving rave reviews from critics that compare it to classic CW programs such as Gilmore Girls. We've seen the pilot and we'll review it shortly. For now, allow us to back up these lofty claims: the Life UneXpected cast is as wonderful as the spelling of the show's title is stupid. Britt Robertson, Kristoffer Polaha, Shiri Appleby and Kerr Smith anchor a series with heart and humor, emotion and drama. It centers around Lux (Robertson), a 15-year old foster child that needs the signature of her birth parents (Polaha and Appleby) in order to be legally emancipated. But the plan doesn't go as smoothly as Lux had hoped. Take a look at a few photos from the pilot episode below, and prepare for the next, great CW drama... Source & More Photos