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Lincoln Heights Review: "Relative Unknown" (Season 4, Episode 7)

What I liked about this epi Grandpa Sutton: I was wondering what happened to him and why we hadn't seen him on the show. He was cool and funny, as usual, and I was glad he told Eddie the truth about how he was treating Tay. Tay's singing Trey Songz singing Charles telling Cassie "I'll probably just go wherever you go" and "If I'm with you, all my wishes have been granted": Aww...that was so sweet-cute : ) Grandpa Sutton & The Rev Cookin' In the Kitchen: Uh-oh Pops! Ya got a lil' game don't ya? I thought it was funny that Travis actually went to Grandpa Sutton's old stomping ground on 18th & True St. to play cards with Pinky & Z. The playing cards part was blah, but I chuckled when he knocked on the door and asked for them. What I didn't like about this epi The writing: was not as interesting as usual Charles's dad: He's just an a**hole...anything else I say will basically sum up to that... The fact that Charles didn't charge his deadbeat father more money: What did he do to deserve a discount? He kept rubbing in the fact that he didn't consider Charles a son by calling Travis "my son," and when Charles tried to take up for Travis, basically telling him to butt out of it because it was "a family affair." And then he had the nerve to try to give Charles advice by saying he didn't value himself enough and should have charged more. Hmm, well I wonder why he has low self-esteem Daddy Deadbeat...maybe it's because you don't want him and acted like he didn't exist most of his life you a**hole (I guess I had to let it out anyway, lol). He was right though, Charles should have charged his a** $1000 and walked away. The fact that Charles actually smiled and shook that deadbeat's hand at the end: He didn't deserve it...'nuff said. Eddie & Cassie's Control Issues: Eddie : I think this is the first time Eddie has gotten on my nerves. I mean, I can understand wanting to have father & son time, but to guilt your son into doing it is just a bit much. He's young, gifted & black...recognize. Also, I know Grandpa Sutton has done some dirt in the past, but to call him out in front of everyone, without knowing what had transpired, was disrespectful and uncalled for. Grandpa should have taken the belt out on him... Cassie : I understand being focused on your future and being concerned about your significant other not having goals, but come on...as much as Charles & Cassie have been through, why give him an ultimatum like that ? And she knows Charles is just experiencing the whole brotherly thing, so I think she should have understood that he wanted to look out for his lil' bro. If he hadn't been there, Travis would have ended up being a statistic. Trey Songz acting: I guess he's a singer, and not an actor, so ok then... Landy: I'm sorry...just not feelin 'em...yet. Maybe they'll grow on me, but the whole thing just seems forced. Final Thoughts So all in all, this was a great big filler epi, with regards to dialogue, but I suppose there was movement in various storylines, seen in the following: Charles and Cassie applying to colleges; Eddie supporting Tay's music aspirations; Grandpa Sutton & the Rev getting together; Lizzie & Andy (sigh...see the above paragraph); and the most significant of all: Jenn's being rushed to the hospital :O Jenn's situation seems serious and will probably be a driving element in the remainder of this season's epis. I wonder what's wrong with her, and I hope the final three epis will be good...that is all.