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‘Lost Girl’ Season 4: Is it a Curse to Have a Killer Kiss?

Bo needs sex to survive…but that survival can only be fun for her. Such is the life of a succubus, as portrayed in the latest  Lost Girl  season four trailer at least. In it, we see Bo feeding on plenty of people–some to survive, some for lust, some just because–in order to keep her strength up for world saving and destiny chasing. The sexy, spooky teaser sums up Bo’s dilemma nicely, while giving away nothing about what’s ahead for her when the series returns to Canada this November. Artsy teasers are fun, but hopefully the next one will drop a few more hints about season four. In the meantime, bask in the Bo-ness of it all below. Read More... //

‘Lost Girl’ Season 4 Teaser: Bo’s Back…Or Is She?

After being whisked away last season by “The Wanderer” (maybe), Bo is back in a new teaser for  Lost Girl ‘s fourth season. At least she’s back in body, but the Bo sauntering through the teaser set to a folksy cover of “The Wanderer,” suggests Bo might not be Bo. At the very least, she could be embracing her darker fae impulses. Her smile after a bit of soul-sucking suggests is downright chilling. Check out the moody teaser below. What do you think lies ahead for Bo this season? Read More... //

Lost Girl Cast Members Debate Mario vs. Luigi, Geek Out at Comic-Con

Mario versus Luigi. World of Warcraft levels. And, yes, okay, a bit of Lost Girl Season 4 talk. At Comic-Con last weekend, we caught up with Kris Holden-Ried, Ksenia Solo and Zoie Palmer on the red carpet of a party in honor of Assassin's Creed IV: Black Flag. And while the trio did tease what's ahead on their Syfy hit (no sex, no fighting... all sarcasm, we believe), most of the discussion centered on video games: What did they play as a kid? What do their enjoy now? And, seriously, who would they choose: Mario or Luigi? Watch and learn now: //

'Lost Girl' Begins Production on Season Four

The 13 all-new episodes will premiere on Syfy in early 2014. Read More... //

Syfy Will Launch Its First Ever Mobile Game with "Lost Girl: The Game"

Said release is timed with tonight's third season finale of the series. Read More... //

Lost Girl: Emily Andras on Mythology, Monogomy and More

Lost Girl  is down to its last episode of the season and it's sure to be a doozy. The Lost Girl season 3 finale, "Those Who Wander," picks up seamlessly from last week's " Hail, Hale ." Lauren, Dyson and Aife are imprisoned at Isaac's lab, while Bo contends with a wounded Tamsin. Kenzi is in the Morrigan's custody at the Dal. And Trick is locked in a car trunk. The final two episodes could easily have been aired back-to-back as a two-hour finale. Read More... //

Is Lost Girl going to start a race war?

Lost Girl gives us the big windup before the season finale, as Hale’s inauguration turns into the inciting incident for a full-scale race war. //

Lost Girl offers some tantalizing mysteries along with the Dawning

The Dawning finally dawns on Lost Girl , as Bo trips through some sloppy metaphors and gets back to her human roots while discovering her inner Galadriel. Read More... //

‘Lost Girl’ Season 4 Announced

The Canadian series  Lost Girl  that has become a sci-fi hit on both sides of the border has been renewed for a fourth season by its home network  Showcase. But have no fear  US fans as the folks over at Syfy are picking up the show as well. ‘Lost Girl ’ is currently midway through its third season, earning giant ratings in Canada  and performing moderately well here in the States. In fact, the series – which follows supernatural seductress Bo (series lead Anna Silk), a tough yet loveable Succubus who feeds off sexual energy – has become a cornerstone series for Showcase and a top-rated specialty drama in Canada. READ MORE...

Linda Hamiliton To Guest Star On ‘Lost Girl’

Terminator’s Linda Hamilton has booked a guest stint on  Lost Girl ,  Entertainment Weekly  has shared. Hamilton will play  the character Acacia. Her alter ego is described as "a tough, sexy and ruthless assassin who has enjoyed a storied and deadly career." The long time actress is slated to show up in the Syfy series’ March 23rd episode in a long awaited appearance. The Mary Bartowski depicter’s stint comes off the heels of her role in the NBC spy series ‘Chuck’ last year as the title character’s mother. Hamilton is best known for her work in the TV series  ‘The Line’ where she played the role of Carol. She has also starred in ‘Terminator Salvation’, Showtime’s ‘Weeds’, ‘Bad Behavior’ and the television  movie ‘Home by Christmas’. READ MORE...