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Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 8 Review: End of Faes

With (another) potential apocalypse looming, the midseason finale was the equivalent of a coy Magic 8 Ball: Reply hazy try again; Ask again later; Better not tell you now. The start of a Doccubus reunion (maybe), the death of a fan favorite (maybe), a possible deal with the devil (maybe) and an urge to move to Canada where the midseason premiere is only a few precious months away (definitely). On Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 8 , Bo and the gang make saving the world a black tie affair, because nothing says functionality like a backless sequin evening gown.But, one thing is for sure, the know how to party like the world's going to end. Try the clam dip, I hear it's fantastic.   Read More...   //

Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 7 Review: Here Comes the Night

The end is near, Faeniacs. But before the midseason finale, we have a cataclysmic turn of events that brings emotions front and center. After a devastating storm leaves our favorite Fae in the dark, suppressedfeelings find a way of coming into the light. Those oracles weren't lying! From Bo and Lauren's rekindled romance and Dyson's "wolves mate for life" love, to Tamsin's school girl crush and a new, unlikely lurve interest for Vex, on Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 7 , Eros is the word (in more ways than one).   Read More...   //

Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 6 Review: Clear Eyes, Fae Hearts

Give me an F. Give me an A. Give me an E. Team Fae for the win when Bo and Tamsin go undercover as cheerleaders to solve a crime, save the day AND win the big game. Seems about right. And a whole lot more fun than watching Bo slowly turning into a cat. Did Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 6 bring it? Don't you worry, it's already been broughten .   Read More...   //

Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 5 Review: It's Your Lucky Fae

Happy Birthday, Bo! Nothing like waking up with a gift from Hades to kick off the festivities. But at least he remembered. In true Fae fashion, Bo's big day takes a backseat to trouble on Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 5 . The episode continues dealing with the missing bodies from elevator crash, but intertwines this serious business with a plot involving a wacky cat talisman that is slowly turning Bo into a thirty-something feline version of 80's Teen Wolf. It's odd to see an oracle gouge her own eyes out in the same space as a grown woman cleaning herself by licking the back of her hand, but when it comes to Lost Girl , I wouldn't have it any other way.   Read More...   //

Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 4 Review: When God Opens a Window

A few rules of roommate etiquette: Replace what you borrow, don't leave dirty dishes too long in the sink, and when you say your going back for extra weapons during aFaebattle, don't get sidetracked by sex. Luckily forTamsin, she has a lot of other positive qualities. Like a willingness to share! Clothes, food... Tad . Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 4 gives us more Tamsin and Bo goodness, a revelation about Dyson's past and the much-anticipated return of our favorite Mesmer!   Read More...   //

Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 3 Review: Big in Japan

Bo's been through a lot lately. She traveled to Valhalla, saved Kenzi from an eternity in a luxury hotel, sacrificed herself, found out she was the daughter of Hades, hooked up with her stepmom and returned to the world of the living, only to lose Kenzi once more. Any psychiatric professional worth their salt can tell you that all that stress will take a toll on a person's drive to do A LOT of things. Alas, I am not a medical professional, so don't take my word for it, but suffice it to say, when you're a succubus and it's your sex drive at stake, there is more at risk than a few cold showers.   Read More...   //

Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 2 Review: Like Hell Pt.2

What is it with shows this week?!? Disappointment and loss runs rampant on the boob tube and Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 2 is no exception. Mackenzie Malikov has left the building. That's right, Kenzi, the beloved Russian gypsy with a ferocious fashion sense, scimitar sharp one-liners and a ferventloyalty matched by none gone. For good.   Read More...   //

Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 1 Review: Like Hell, Pt. 1

When Kenzi sacrificed herself at the end of Lost Girl Season 4 , we knew Bo would do whatever necessary to save her bestie, to save her heart. In Lost Girl Season 5 Episode 1 ,we see we were right. No obstacle, no enemy, no warning and no Valkyrie would get in her way. Yet, Tamsincertainly tried to thwart her and you had to wonder why. Now we know, in part, that Tamsin didn't want Bo to see the monster she is when she's home.   Read More... //

Lost Girl's scorched Earth season finale was terrible, but promising

Lost Girl 's season has finally ended. What do you do when your plot makes no sense and you can't figure out how to fix it? Just kill your way out of it. Read More... //

Lost Girl Review: Bo's Heart Sacrificed

Well ... that's one way to end a season.  Lost Girl  Season 4 Episode 13  was a heartfelt finale with touching moments between Bo and her friends, but beyond that it was severely lacking. Major plot points ended without much, if any, lasting impact. Massimo was the biggest disappointment. He killed Hale, ate the Origin seed and was revealed to be Evony's son. Then, Massimo killed Rainer which ended the epic love story with Bo. After  the build up of the Una Mens and the Origin seed, it ended with a whimper. When Bo impaled Massimo with the sword, the power appeared to dissipate.    Read more:  //