Mabe in America Episode Guide

Tom Mabe sees things a little differently than most people. Part troubleshooter/part troublemaker, he goes after things that make people mad and has a lot of fun doing it. Mabe in America is Mabe's hilarious take on everyday life through hidden camera pranks and his amusing, spot-on commentary. Known for plotting revenge on telemarketers with his comical phone antics, Mabe and his crew are reeking havoc on unsuspecting passersby with pranks that include preying on common pet peeves such as annoying loud cell-phone talkers and Bluetooth users as well as reactions to incompetent doctors and lazy ambulance drivers. Mabe is a nationally recognized comedian whose CDs include Prank It Up and Revenge on the Telemarketers. He makes a living delivering jokes about junk e-mail, bad customer service, high gas prices and anything else that ticks off Americans. Mabe has been dubbed the "troubleshooter-troublemaker" and "comic with a cause" by several national magazines and TV shows.

Episode Guide

8 episodes

  • 8 episodes
    8 episodes
    • s1e8Shoplifters, Ambulance Drivers and Photo-booth
      September 26, 2008
    • s1e7Porto-John, In-Store Promotions, Mall Massage Operators and Toxic Lake
      September 26, 2008
    • s1e6Photo-booth, Shoplifters, and a Free Sample Give-away
      August 8, 2008
    • s1e5Live Newscasts, Baby Monitors, and a Porta-John
      August 1, 2008
    • s1e4Door-to-door Salesmen, Security Cameras, and Incompetent Doctors
      July 25, 2008
    • s1e3In-store Promotions, Angry TV Reporters, Annoying Bluetooths, and Campaign Ads
      July 18, 2008
    • s1e2Cell-phone Eavesdroppers, Fast Food Drive-thru, and Mall Massage Operators
      July 10, 2008
    • s1e1Trespassers, Ambulance Drivers, and Good Samaritans
      July 4, 2008