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As Mad Men Ends, the Woman Behind the Costumes Is Just Getting Started

Janie Bryant, who is responsible for the endlessly faithful midcentury-modern looks on Mad Men, seeks a new era to dress up.   Read More... //

Mad Mens Matthew Weiner on Fan Criticism and This Weeks Betty and Glen Arc

  With fans, critics, and self-proclaimed Mad Men analysts dissecting every character , detail , and moment of the shows final episodes, Matthew Weiner says hes all for the close reads but people arent necessarily getting it right. I dont work in a symbolic universe. Its a story being told. Every episodes a story, explained Weiner when we caught him last night at the Time 100 Gala (he was honored in 2011). Read on as Weiner clarifies his thinking.  Read More... //

'Mad Men': January Jones didn't find the Glen/Betty scenes 'creepy'

Lots of Mad Men fans were taken aback by the return of Glen Bishop during Sunday nights episode, The Forecastbut not star January Jones. The 37-year-old actress plays Betty Francis (formerlyDraper) on the AMC series, and shared a sexually-charged scene with the teenager.According to...... //

'Mad Men' finale countdown: Don't send Sally off this way

"Mad Men"creator Matthew Weiner has said of the last seven episodes of the series,"each one of them feels like the finale."As the show winds to a close,Zap2itexamines the most finale-like moment of each episode.The "Mad Men" scene that got the biggest reaction on social media Sunday night (April 19) was Glen Bishop's attempt to make Betty his back-home girl before he shipped off to Vietnam. It even earned the official "talked about scene" designation from AMC.The moment between Glen (creator Matthew Weiner's son Marten) and Betty (January Jones) was likely the last viewers will see of him. It brought a relationship that started way back in Season 1 full circle, and it demonstrated some emotional growth on Betty's part. But even though Glen is going off to war, it's Sally's (Kiernan Shipka) future that's the most worrying at the moment.RELATED: 'Mad Men': Megan officially becomes an ex-Mrs. Draper"The Forecast" was the first showcase for Shipka... //

January Jones on Bettys Career Plans and Why Shes More Modern Than We Think

  January Jones has kept busy postwrapping Mad Men with credits in Fox's TheLast Man on Earth and the forthcoming film Good Kill , which premiered last night at the Tribeca Film Festival. But with three episodes to go before Mad Men s series finale, we still have Betty Francis on our minds. We caught Jones at the Good Kill premiere to discuss Bettys venture back to school and what she wants most for Betty.    Read More... //

'Mad Men': Tim Goodman On the Patterns Getting Clearer As the End Nears

New people are entering the lives of the "Mad Men" characters, serving as sign posts about possible changes or the lack thereof ahead.   Read More... //

'Mad Men' recap: 'New Business'

The show takes us backto a place that feels very familiar.   Read More... //

'Mad Men': In defense of Betty Draper Francis

January Jones makes her first appearance as Betty Draper Francis on Season 7b of "Mad Men"on Sunday (April 12). In other words, expect to soon see a bunch of "Ugh, Betty is the worst" comments on social media.Betty is hardly the most sympathetic character on the show, granted. The fact that she's consistently been casually cruel to daughter Sally (Kiernan Shipka) -- who probably is the show's most sympathetic character -- has also colored fans' perception of Betty. But Betty (and by extension, Jones, who gets more than her share of flak for her character's actions) isn't so much a bad person as one who's stuck."I'm so sick of defending her," Jones tells Zap2it and a handful of other reporters at the final "Mad Men" press junket. "I think she does a pretty good job, considering. I think people who have a hard time or dislike Betty, it's because they see themselves in her."RELATED: 'Mad... //

'Mad Men' star Jon Hamm's cruel fraternity hazing stunt surfaces

Jon Hamm, star of AMC's hit drama "Mad Men," was part of a violent hazing stunt at his University of Texas-Austin Sigma Nu fraternity that led to the fraternity being permanently disbanded and criminal charges for several members who were involved in the incident, according to a lawsuit obtained by the Associated Press. The criminal records show that Hamm and his fraternity brothers struck pledge Mark Allen Sanders with a paddle dozens of times, punched him in the kidney, led him around by his genitals using a claw hammer and set his pants on fire, according to Star Magazine, who first reported the story. The incident started because Sanders had not memorized things he was supposed to have memorized.RELATED: Jon Hamm talks about 'Mad Men' endingSanders said in the lawsuit that he needed medical attention for his injuries and he withdrew from school after the incident. The civil lawsuit was eventually dropped, but four fraternity... //

'Mad Men' Star Jessica Pare Examines Megan, Manson References and Fighting in French

"Speaking as a woman and an actress, there are a lot of dudes like that out there," she says of her awkward onscreen encounter with Harry Crane.   Read More... //