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'Mad Men' Moment - Roger Sterling Can't Shake World War II (VIDEO)

Roger Sterling is a guy who has a lot on his shoulders, not the least of which is the fact that he feels like he's becoming increasingly irrelevant to mostly everyone in his world. His daughter sees him as a wallet, his ex wife hates his philandering, and his current wife doesn't think much of him. Even Joan is looking at him with more pity than love these days. But Roger feels the world pass him by the most in the offices of Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce. And on last night's 'Mad Men' (Sundays at 10PM ET on AMC), evidence of that hit him square in the face: the rest of his partners taking a meeting with Honda, a meeting he wasn't invited to. To Read More Click Here .

Top Moments of the Week: Intrigue on True Blood, Mad Men and... Hot in Cleveland?

Television was a place of intrigue this week. Top Chef set the tone with a CIA-themed challenge. Bachelor Pad showed us a classic double-cross. Ari fell victim to a well-executed bluff on Entourage . The Jersey Shore girls tried their hand at skullduggery. Hot in Cleveland threw Elka in the slammer for her covert ops. And True Blood revealed a madman's plan for world domination. Welcome to Top Moments: Cloak and Dagger Edition. 10. Best-Timed Exit: On Top Chef , the cheftestants are asked to disguise a dish to serve to members of the CIA, including director Leon Panetta. During the rather subpar dinner, Panetta pulls the ultimate spy move: He excuses himself abruptly after he is handed a note by the waiter. Maybe he's off to investigate Pea Puree-gate? 9. Best Double-Cross: As the house becomes divided on Bachelor Pad , Gia has all the power when she wins immunity. She sets in motion a plan to oust the "cool kids," even promising Craig M. she'll give him a rose on her 3-on-1 date. But as soon as she lays eyes on bad-boy Wes, she goes back on her word and gives the rose to him instead, leading Craig M. to be voted out. To Read More Click Here .

'Mad Men' Moment: Peggy and Pete Share a Glance (VIDEO)

Even though this week's 'Mad Men' (Sundays at 10PM ET on AMC) had a bit of a meandering manner to it -- outside Allison's righteous knickknack throw at Don, that is -- the last fifteen minutes brought up why dramas like this show and others of its ilk suck viewers in. You never know when an event that's going on in the show's present can dredge up an incident from the show's past. Emotions can still be raw, and when they bubble to the surface, the knowing viewer can nod along with the character, feeling what they felt. To Read More Click Here .

Top Moments: Breaking the Rules with Dance, Talent and Chicken Cutlets

Top Chef filleted Rule No. 4: Be graceful in defeat. The Early Show trampled Rule No. 6: Don't add insult to injury. And Jersey Shore made a mockery of Rule No. 9: When a fake boob-thing pops out of a girl's top, try to be sort of cool about it. Only America's Got Talent remembered the most important rule of all, Rule No. 1: Don't assume stuff about people. Welcome to Top Moments, breaking-the-rules edition. 9. Sorest Losers: Top Chef's Kenny responds to his team's loss by throwing winning team member Alex under the bus. Kenny's teammate Kevin, meanwhile, deals with defeat by throwing a fit in the stew room. Maybe they can make a salad of sour grapes? 8. Grade-A Cliffhanger: On the summer season finale of Pretty Little Liars, Hanna finally learns the identity of the mysterious A. But as she goes to tell the others who A is, she's hit by a car. To Read More Click Here .

MAD MEN Season 4 Episode 4 ''The Rejected'' - Preview

Check out a sneak peek of the upcoming episode of MAD MEN Season 4 Episode 4 The Rejected which airs on Sunday August 15 at 10pm on AMC. Episode Synopsis: An edict from Roger and Lane puts Pete in a personal dilemma. Source & Preview

NBC to Temporarily Pull Jimmy Fallonâ??s Mad Men Emmy Spoof

So much for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce Fallon! NBC plans to pull three Mad Men-inspired promos produced by Emmy host Jimmy Fallon until after voting closes on Aug. 17. The Late Night host unveiled three spoofs of the AMC drama early Thursday in which he steps into the shoes of ad man Don Draper. The videos feature series star and first-time Emmy nominee Christina Hendricks in the actual Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce office as she apprises Fallon of his plans for the day. On the schedule: Meetings, drinks with a client, oh, and this little awards show called the Emmys (to which Fallon chokes on his cigarette smoke). However, because there are no plans to give similar treatment to the five other best drama series nominees, the promos will not air online or on TV until after Aug. 17. (Much like the equal time rule in presidential campaign, it's considered unfair to give airtime to one party and not the other). NBC's retraction was first reported by The Hollywood Reporter. Mad Men is nominated for 17 Emmys. The 62nd annual prime-time Emmy awards will air live Sunday, Aug. 29 at 8/7c on NBC. Source Here

Mad Men: Vincent Kartheiser Gets a Promotion

"There's only one Don Draper," Vincent Kartheiser says, "and when you work alongside somebody like that, you make your peace with being a beta male." Kartheiser is talking about his Mad Men character, Pete Campbell, the ambitious WASP who has never quite matched the profile of his ad-agency superior, played by Jon Hamm. But that dynamic might shift. "Pete got a promotion, he's feeling more comfortable with his status, and he knows more about who he is," Kartheiser says. "His angst is down and his confidence is up." To Read More Click Here .

Jimmy Fallon as 'Mad Men' in Emmys Promo

One of the first few promos released days before the 62nd Annual Primetime Emmy Awardssees host Jimmy Fallon dressing up as Don Draper. Making the effort to look like the central character of "Mad Men", Fallon wore vintage suit and pulled his cigarette as soon as he arrived at the office. He also tapped Christina Hendricks to be in her office manager role, Joannie. "Mad Men" is the most nominated drama this year, earning 17 nods including for Best Drama, Best Actor for Jon Hamm and Best Actress for January Jones. The prizes will be handed out on August 29 in a ceremony held at Los Angeles' Nokia Theatre. NBC will air it live starting 8 P.M. ET/ 5 P.M. PT. To Read More Click Here .

'Mad Men' Moment: Don Says Goodbye (VIDEO)

There are very few people on the planet who know who the real Don Draper is. In fact, there aren't many people on the planet who know that the real Don Draper is actually dead, and the person using his name is actually a guy named Dick Whitman. Anna Draper is one of those people. The relationship between Anna and Dick Whitman is one of the most unique ones on television. He took Don's name after coming home from the war; she took him in, and they took care of each other. As a result, he's been able to take care of her as he's continued to carry the Draper name to New York, got married, started a family, and got a painful divorce (which was precipitated by Betty finding out the truth... more on that later). Now the Draper name is proudly on the door of an up-and-coming ad agency. They have a love for each other that's hard to describe, but easy to see. To Read More Click Here .

Is a Baby on the Way for Mad Men's Joan?

Christina Hendricks fans, take heart. Joan is back! Although the Emmy-nominated standout had a noticeable lack of screen time during Mad Men's third season, Hendricks promises a juicy season ahead for Sterling Cooper Draper Pryce's fiery office manager. "At the end of Season 3, there's a grand announcement from Joan's husband that he's joined the Army. You will see a continuation of that story and watch that unfold a bit," she tells Indeed, Sunday's episode finds Joan and her husband, Greg (Sam Page), considering starting a family, despite not knowing when he will ship out to basic training. Joan's visit to the doctor reveals some intriguing tidbits about her past, but it also shows Joan again putting on a happy face when she is perhaps anything but. To Read More Click Here .