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Bobby Flay Had An Affair With January Jones, Says Estranged Wife

Bobby Flay's divorce is getting messy. His estranged wife, actress Stephanie March, filed court documents claiming to have proof that the celebrity chef had "at least" three affairs. One of the wom... //

Christina Hendricks Mad Men Exit Interview: Joan Always Spoke The Truth

As Joan Harris (ne Holloway) Christina Hendricks became one of the most-loved characters on AMC's Mad Men. With her artfully-drawn portrait of a dynamic woman in a male-dominated workplace, Hendricks seemed made for the role, bringing depth and complexity to Joan's biting charm. Hendricks says, "Joan would say these very severe and harsh things to people around her, and I thought, 'oh, God, she's a terrifying woman,' but then I kept getting all this positive feedback.  Read More... //

Mad Men Exhibition at the Museum of the Moving Image Extended

Originally scheduled to close June 14th, this comprehensive "Mad Men" exhibit will now run through the end of the summer.   Read More... //

Mad Mens January Jones On Remembering Betty: Its Like A Friend Has Passed Away

With Mad Men over and Betty Draper's illness ensuring she's unlikely to appear in any potential spin-offs, January Jones is a free agent. Currently starringin Good Kill opposite Ethan Hawke, Jones is back in wifely territory again. The movie, directed by Andrew Niccol, explores the drone program and the impact of PTSD on a family. In saying goodbye to eight years of Mad Men , Jones ispleased with the way things wrapped up for Betty, as she says, "I loved the way Betty's //

Matthew Weiner Discusses 'Mad Men' Finale: Watch the Live Stream

The AMC drama signed off Sunday after seven seasons.   Read More... //

Jon Hamm explains his take on 'Mad Men' final scene

If youll take a teeny time-out from dissecting theend of Mad Men with your friends and howDon Draper seemed to gofrom having a smile on his faceto having a Coke and a smile, the man who actually played the enigmatic ad execfor seven seasonsis ready to offer his interpretation of...   Read More... //

The First and Last Appearances of Mad Mens Most Memorable Characters

  Last night we bid farewell to Mad Men . To mark the occasion, Vulture assembled a virtual scrapbook of the shows 50 most memorable characters, documenting the evolution of each ones arc during the series seven seasons. Join us for a trip down memory lane ...   Read More...   //

Mad Men Series Finale: Hollywood Says Goodbye to Don Draper

The Mad Men series finale aired on Sunday and fans immediately took to social media to beg for more. Famous fans of the cigarette-smoking, alcohol-guzzling advertising gurus were also quick to chime in, voicing their support for the series finale as well as throwing in a few humorous quips to boot. See how Hollywood stars including Adam McKay , Patton Oswalt and Fault in Our Stars author John Green felt about Don Drapers farewell below.   Read More.... //

Mad Men Cast: Whats Next for Your Favorite Actor?

Find out the next projects for Jon Hamm, Elisabeth Moss, Christina Hendricks, and the rest of the Sterling-Cooper gang.   Read More.... //

'Mad Men': Real story behind its very last scene

The following piece contains spoilers about the series finale of Mad Men. Mad Men ended in perhaps the only way it could: with Don Draper buying the world a Coke. After spending the better part of the finale in the throes of depression, Don woundup at a retreat...   Read More... //