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The Coke Ad in Mad Men: What You Need to Know to Understand the Finale

  So, after seven seasons of speculation about what peak Don Draper would jump from, the show ends with ... a Coke ad? Unsurprisingly, Matt Weiner and company gave us an ending we'll be debating for years, but the final moments make more sense if you know a bit about the iconic ad Don may or may not have dreamt up in a hippie colony in November 1970. Coca-Cola's "Hilltop" commercial was actually conceived of by a McCann-Erickson ad man but as far as we know Bill Backer, the creative director on the account, wasn't wrestling with the fallout from stealing another man's identity, he just had a really terrible flight.   Read More... //

See Mad Men's Series-Ending Finale Montage

  Before Don Draper bought the world a Coke, Mad Men gave us one final look at where its major characters ended up. Peggy's getting a shoulder massage, Roger's in Quebec, and Trudy Campbell's living her best life. Sadly, we don't find out who died on a space-cruise , but our money's on Pete.   Read More...   //

'Mad Men' Series Finale: Tim Goodman on a Masterful and Difficult Achievement

THR's chief TV critic looks at how creator Matt Weiner serviced all the major characters with mostly upbeat but not saccharine endings, while deftly concluding Don Draper's seven season existential crises in a moving, believable and creative way.   Read More... //

Don and Betty's Final Scene Together

  Throughout the series, Don and Betty's relationship has been complicated, to say the least. But still, somewhere, underneath all the pain, there has always been an affection between them. Their final scene together was able to capture all of that in one phone call.   //

Don and Peggy's Final Mad Men Scene Together

  How many emotional moments have Don Draper and Peggy Olson shared over the years? On Sunday night's Mad Men finale, they got one more: Don, lost and delirious in California, reached out to Peggy, the last person he had left. It wasn't the first time Don had used Peggy as his lifeline, and here he laid all his sins on the table. Everyone had a good cry!   //

Mad Men Finale Alert Takes Over AMC Sister Stations During Telecast

As promised, AMC blocked out all sister stations BBC America, IFC, Sundance Channel and WEtv during tonights series finale of Mad Men . The image above is what showed during the East Coast broadcast of the final episode on BBC America, with variations on the others, while we watched the Mathew Weiner created seriesmake that great advertising pitch in the sky. Mountain and Pacific time zones can expect the same thing soon. While an obvious ratings pitch for the //

Mad Men Live Stream: Cast, Executives Gather to Bid Farewell to Series

Worried about withdrawal from Mad Men, the AMC TV hit that is ending with Sunday nights finale?We have just the remedy. The cast and creators of the drama set in the world of 1960s advertising agency will take part in a two-hour special interview. It begins at 2 p.m. at the TV Academy in Los Angeles and is hosted by Debra Birnbuam, Variety; TV executive editor,   Read More... //

'Mad Men': A tribute to 11 characters no longer with the show

Because "Mad Men" has tracked a decade in the life of its characters, that has inevitably meant not every character who began the show will be there at the finish.The series has cycled through a few dozen characters over the years. Some have died, some have been fired and others were just passing through. Here are 11 of the most important, entertaining and downright fun characters no longer haunting the halls of Sterling Cooper.RELATED: 'Mad Men's' Matthew Weiner doesn't necessarily believe in happy endingsBert CooperLast seen: "Waterloo" (Season 7, episode 7)The "Cooper" in Sterling Cooper, Bert (Robert Morse) cut an enigmatic figure in the office. He could at times seem on the edge of senility, but a killer instinct was never far from the surface. Cooper dies a happy man following the Apollo 11 moon landing, and the stage veteran even gets a song-and-dance number as his sendoff.Sal RomanoLast seen: "Wee Small Hours" (Season 3,... //

'Mad Men's' Matthew Weiner doesn't necessarily believe in happy endings

"Mad Men" creator Matthew Weiner certainly hopes people enjoy the series finale of his show on Sunday (May 17). But anyone expecting a "happy ending" might be left hanging."I will quote Don Draper: 'Happiness is the moment before you need more happiness,'" Weiner toldZap2itand other reporters at a "Mad Men" press junket in March. "The minute you stop and look at whether you're happy or not, it evaporates."That, of course, has been a running theme throughout the show's seven seasons. It's come back to the forefront in the past couple of episodes as Don (Jon Hamm) has set off on an aimless road trip that has shed many of the trappings of his old life. While that may put him in a better place at the end, Weiner's primary goal is serving the story.RELATED: 'Mad Men' fan theories: Still time for Pete to be eaten by a bear"I don't think it's my job necessarily to... //

Mad Men: 15 Great Roger Sterling Quotes

With Mad Men coming to a close, here's a look back at rollicking Roger's best quotes, quips, wisdom, and wit.   Read More... //