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Matthew Weiner Shows Mad Men Finale Clip To Conan

Mad Men creator Matthew Weiner visited Conan tonight, and brought with him a clip from the finale. But first, Conan asked him what is the strangest finale theory hes heard to date."I'm not going to dismiss it because want people to watch the show, but the strangest theory I hear is this D.B. Cooper theory, Weiner said. D.B. Cooper is the name given to a man who famously hijacked a plane near Seattle in November 1971, extorted $200K in ransom and parachuted away //

'Mad Men': Did We Just Witness (or Miss) Don Draper's Last Face-to-Face Moments With Favorite Characters?

With only two episodes left and Don on the road (to California?), he's a long way from characters that fans love. Will we see him say his goodbyes, or will the series opt for a more realistic approach to life going on?   Read More... //

'Mad Men's' Peggy Olson is the coolest chick in the room: You've come a long way, baby

Move out of the way, Don Draper -- Peggy Olson is the person everyone wants to be on "Mad Men." On Sunday (May 3) night's episode of the AMC series, "Lost Horizon," Peggy finally achieved cool-girl status, which is quite an accomplishment when thinking about where she started on the series. Looking back to Season 1, Peggy was a timid secretary with lofty dreams who was constantly bogged down by the rules she thought everyone had to play by.Come Season 7, she's figured out who she is -- a fierce woman who knows what she wants -- and isn't afraid to rule the advertising world like she always knew she could. Specifically, she's a woman who can strut into her new office building while wearing sunglasses -- indoors! -- and letting a cigarette casually hang from her lips. (Cue all of the jealous gasps of desire.)RELATED: 2015 TV season finale calendar: 'Mad Men,' 'Scandal'... //

'Mad Men': Tim Goodman on Don's Knee-Jerk Plan, Joan's Sexism War and Shangri-La in "Lost Horizon"

No way that Don Draper who thrives on being the man with a plan, the man in charge, the creative core could live out his days within the narrow, rat-maze hallways of McCann-Erickson.   Read More... //

Matt Weiner on Mad Men and Don Drapers Failed Pitch

Im not just gonna take these last seven episodes and do the greatest hits.   Read More... //

Mad Men Postmortem: Can Don Draper Survive His Latest Crippling Loss?

The McCann Erickson takeover may be the final nail in the coffin for Don Draper at this late stage of the series.   Read More... //

Mad Men Q&A: Jared Harris on Directing This Weeks Episode and Playing Lane Pryce

Its quite rare that you get a legitimate excuse to move the camera on the show, says the former castmember.   Read More... //

Jason Reitman hosting 'Mad Men' live read, finale screening

The end is near for Mad Men , and Jason Reitman is honoring the conclusion of AMCs drama with a live reading of a classic episode. Film Independent and AMC have announced a combination live reading and screening on Sunday, May 17, to be held at the Theatre at Ace Hotel in Los Angeles. For... //

'Mad Men': Tim Goodman On Pairing Up And Partnering Off As Change Announces Its Arrival

The professional part of 'Mad Men' is pretty much over. The personal part has a last act -- and the one person outside looking in is Don Draper.   Read More... //

'Mad Men': 11 Times Joan Harris was a Total Badass

Joan has been one of the most interesting characters to watch evolve on Mad Men . In some ways, she's stayed exactly the same, but in others she's grown quite a bit. Through it all, her quick-wit, fierce independence and refusal to take crap from anybody have always been forces in her that drove her to success. Here are 11 times her badass-ness came to light.   Read More... //